Cnh America Jobs

A total of 160 Cnh America jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $78,256
Salary Range: $45,000

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Senior Director Business Operations1$180kNA
Director Accouting1$165kNA
Director Accounting1$165kNA
Financial Manager1$151kNA
Architectural And Engineering Manager1$129kNA
Engineering Manager System1$125kNA
Engineering Manager Hydraulic System1$125kNA
North America Parts And Service IT Lead1$124kNA
Manager Supply Chain Management1$118kNA
Telematics Product Marketing Manager1$114kNA
Project Manager1$111kNA
Software Developer Application1$108kNA
Commodity Manager4$107k
Software Developer System Software1$106kNA
Director Parts Services Purchasing North Ameri1$103kNA
Electrical Engineer1$102kNA
Financial Specialist I1$100kNA
Financial Specialist II1$100kNA
Tax Planning Manager Latin America1$100kNA
Business Intelligence Pmo Manager1$100kNA
Manager Supply Chain And Logistics1$98kNA
New Product Quality Specialist4$97k
Commodity Specialist1$97kNA
Project Engineer II Combines1$96kNA
Senior Software Engineer1$96kNA
Global Project Manager Low Cost Country Sourcing1$95kNA
Manager Sales And Operations Planning1$94kNA
Senior Materials Engineer1$92kNA
Engineering Manager1$91kNA
Sap Project Manager1$90kNA
Electrical System Architecture Engineer1$90kNA
Quality Engineer New Product Development1$90kNA
E Commerce Strategic Planner1$90kNA
Industrial Production Manager1$90kNA
Advanced Manufacturing Engineer Assembly1$89kNA
Manufacturing Engineering Manager2$88kNA
Noise And Vibration Engineer1$88kNA
Manager Transportation Management System1$88kNA
Manager Network Design1$87kNA
Manager Human Resources1$87kNA
Retail Analytics Manager1$86kNA
Mechanical Engineer8$86k
Project Engineer Hydraulics1$86kNA
Logistics Manager1$86kNA
Manager Distribution Operations3$86kNA
Senior Corporate Financial Analyst3$85kNA
Computer Software Engineer Application2$85k
Embedded Software Engineer Hay Forage Product L1$85kNA
Global Sourcing Manager1$85kNA
Software Engineer Team Lead1$85kNA
Product Technical Specialist1$84kNA
Platform Controller1$83kNA
Wire Harness Project Engineer Combines1$83kNA
World Class Manufacturing Site Leader1$83kNA
Financial Specialist2$83k
Marketing Credit Manager1$82kNA
Production Scheduling Analyst1$82kNA
Auto Guidance Project Engineer1$82kNA
Global Business Development Project Manager Case1$81kNA
Project Engineer Drivetrain Engineering1$81kNA
Computational Fluid Dynamics Analyst Engineer1$80kNA
Manager Engineering1$80kNA
Logistics Specialist1$80kNA
Sourcing Manager1$80kNA
World Class Manufacturing Plant Support1$80kNA
Specialist Planning Process Industrial Logistics1$79kNA
Specialist Planning Process Industrial Logistic1$79kNA
Project Engineer Engine Portfolio Management1$78kNA
Embedded Software Design Engineer Driveline1$78kNA
Project Engineer Hydraulics Cylinders1$78kNA
Design Project Engineer2$78kNA
Senior Financial Analyst9$78k
Project Engineer Computational Fluid Dynamics3$78k
Product Quality Planning Specialist1$77kNA
Finance Manager3$77k
Embedded Controls Software Engineer2$76kNA
Value Analysis Cost Engineer1$76kNA
Innovation Project Engineer III2$76kNA
Commodity Buyer5$75k
Electrical Design Engineer Harness1$75kNA
Senior Design Engineer System Simulations1$75kNA
Engineer Analyst System Modeling1$75kNA
Global Sourcing Process Manager1$75kNA
Design Engineer Cab1$75kNA
Senior Trade Finance Specialist1$75kNA
Manager Distribution2$75k
Design Engineer Combine Headers1$74kNA
Software Engineer2$74k
Electrical Component Design Engineer1$73kNA
Manufacturing Engineering1$73kNA
Commercial Finance Specialist1$73kNA
Design Engineer Wheel Loaders1$73kNA
Design Engineer Power And Signal Distribution1$73kNA
Design Engineer Heavy Castings1$73kNA
Logistics Specialist Network Design1$72kNA
Computational Fluid Dynamics Engineer2$72kNA
Purchasing Agents Except Wholesale Retail And Farm Products1$72kNA
Display System Engineer Eh Sa1$72kNA
Design Engineer Digital Prototyping And Simulatio1$72kNA
System Integration Engineer1$72kNA
Global Sourcing Specialist2$72k
Meeting Events Project Manager1$72kNA
World Class Manufacturing Specialist5$70kNA
Design Engineer Sprayers1$70kNA
Parts Decision Support Specialist1$70kNA
Logistic Specialist1$70kNA
Design Engineer Structural Analysis2$70k
Inbound Outbound Distribution Analyst2$69k
Design Engineer Hydraulics2$69kNA
Auditor I1$69kNA
Computer System Analyst1$69kNA
Industrial Engineer6$69k
Supply Chain Specialist2$69k
Product Development Reliability Engineer Pqp Speci1$68kNA
Design Engineer13$68k
Software Engineer Model Based1$68kNA
Logistics Decision Support Specialist1$68kNA
Purchasing Manager1$68kNA
Specialist Inventory Planning Logistics2$68k
Specialist Ship Direct Parts Inbound2$67kNA
Project Engineer II1$67kNA
Embedded Software Design Engineer1$67kNA
Materials Engineer4$67k
Hydraulic Engineer1$66kNA
Design Engineer Mechatronics System1$66kNA
Commercial Financial Specialist1$66kNA
Manufacturing Engineer3$66k
Application Analyst II3$65k
Current Product Management Manager5$65kNA
Instrument Cluster System Engineer1$65kNA
Specialist Parts Inbound Operations1$65kNA
Manager Leadership And Organization Development1$65kNA
Ssl Design Engineer II1$65kNA
Structural Finite Element Analyst1$65kNA
Operations Sas Data Support1$65kNA
Product Development Purchasing Specialist1$65kNA
Junior Test Engineer1$64kNA
Specialist Decision Support1$64kNA
Design Engineer Cab Competency2$64k
Manager Product Marketing2$63kNA
Platform Specialist1$63kNA
Production Control Analyst1$62kNA
Human Resources Manager Constr Equip Na Com1$62kNA
Project Engineer Structural Analysis1$61kNA
Global Product Marketing Specialist1$61kNA
Design Engineer II3$61k
Electrical And Electronic Pasd Engineer Nar Tract1$60kNA
Design Engineer I1$60kNA
Business Process Expert Sap Project Revenue Cycl1$60kNA
Structural Analysis Engineer1$57kNA
Analyst Global Fp A Internal Reporting1$57kNA
Purchasing Platform Specialist1$56kNA
Commodities Buyer1$56kNA
Engineer III Electrical Electronics2$55kNA
Senior Industrial Engineer3$54kNA
Engineer Digital Mock Up1$54kNA
Quality Engineer1$53kNA