Cleveland Clinic Foundation Jobs

A total of 288 Cleveland Clinic Foundation jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $100,649
Salary Range: $23,254

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Pediatric Thoracic Surgeon3$1,071k
Orthopaedic Sports Medicine Surgeon1$600kNA
Associate Staff And Attending Cerebrovascular Surg1$480kNA
Pediatric Surgeon4$463k
Orthopaedic Spinal Surgeon1$360kNA
Kidney Transplant Surgeon1$350kNA
Associate Professor Radiology2$333k
Vascular Surgeon1$325kNA
Radiation Oncology Physician2$314kNA
Obstetrics Anesthesiologist1$300kNA
Staff Cardiologist1$300kNA
Anesthesiologist Cardiothoracic Anesthesia1$275kNA
Anesthesiologist Pain Management1$275kNA
Pediatric Anesthesiologist1$270kNA
Staff Physician Neurological Surgery1$260kNA
Gastroenterologist Hepatologist1$250kNA
Chief Of Neurosurgery1$250kNA
Cardiologist Faculty Position1$240kNA
Center Head Hemorrhagic Stroke Care Path Outcome1$240kNA
All Other Physician And Surgeon3$237k
Staff Neonatologist1$235kNA
Staff Physician Oncologist1$235kNA
Physician And Surgeon All Other28$231k
Psychiatrist Specializing In Pain Medicine1$230kNA
Anesthesiologist Pain Management Physician1$230kNA
Physician And Surgeon1$230kNA
Colorectal Surgeon2$228k
Family And General Practitioners9$217k
Medical Oncologist1$215kNA
Transplantation Surgeon2$210k
Pulmonary Care Critical Care Medicine Physician2$210kNA
Staff Physician Vascular Medicine2$208k
Director Intestinal Transplant Program1$205kNA
Associate Staff Scientist1$200kNA
Pediatric Cardiac Surgeon1$200kNA
Associate Staff Radiologist2$198kNA
Pediatrician Neonatologist1$195kNA
Cardiovascular Pathologist2$192kNA
Pulmonary Critical Care Physician1$190kNA
Hematologist Oncologist2$188k
Cardio Thoracic Anesthesiologist1$185kNA
Internist General53$173k
Physician Palliative Medicine Specialist1$170kNA
Transplant Surgeon1$170kNA
Diagnostic Pathologist1$170kNA
Staff Pathologist1$170kNA
Assist Prof Of Pediatric Gast Molecular Bio1$160kNA
Pediatric Neurologist1$160kNA
Obstetrician Gynecologist1$160kNA
Physician Nephrologist1$160kNA
Pulmonologist Intensivist1$160kNA
Staff Rheumatologist1$156kNA
Physician Specialist In Women S Health1$155kNA
Physician Internist1$155kNA
Physician Neurologist1$154kNA
Associate Staff Physician5$153k
Pediatric Gastroenterologist2$153k
Physician Surgeon All Other1$150kNA
Associate Staff In Psychiatry1$150kNA
Medical Doctor Internal Medicine1$150kNA
Staff Surgeon1$150kNA
Internist Hospital Medicine3$148k
Staff Physician40$148k
General Surgeon2$148k
Associate Staff Pathologist1$144kNA
Staff Psychiatrist1$142kNA
Pediatrician General8$141k
Rheumatologist Spine Specialist1$140kNA
Associate Staff Dept Of Cardiovascular Medicine1$140kNA
Associate Staff Physician Family Medicine1$140kNA
Family General Practice1$140kNA
Hospitalist Internal Medicine2$136k
Clinical Associate Physician1$133kNA
Internal Medicine Physician3$133k
Hospitalist Physician3$133k
Medical Physicist2$131k
Hospitalist Physician Internal Medicine1$130kNA
Associate Director Allogen Laboratory1$130kNA
Assistant Staff Director Of Allogen Laboratory1$130kNA
Clinical Associate Associate Professor1$125kNA
Associate Staff2$124k
Internist Hospitalist2$120k
Medical Scientist Except Epidemiologists4$120k
Infectious Disease Physician2$116k
Rheumatologist Faculty Position1$110kNA
Pediatric Cardiologist3$109k
Clinical Associate15$106k
Assistant Staff Genomic Medicine Institute1$101kNA
Bariatric Surgeon1$100kNA
Outcomes Research Specialist1$95kNA
Biochemist And Biophysicists1$92kNA
Radio Chemist1$91kNA
Biological Scientist All Other2$90k
Physician Infectious Disease Specialist1$90kNA
Assistant Staff Epidemiology Outcomes Research1$90kNA
Medical Scientist23$87k
Assistant Staff Research1$85kNA
Assistant Research Staff1$85kNA
Medical And Health Services Manager2$84k
Physician Assistant1$82kNA
Assistant Staff Scientist6$81k
Clinical Associate Staff Physician1$80kNA
Clinical Counseling And School Psychologist1$80kNA
General Practice Physician1$80kNA
Director Of Scientific Computing2$80k
Project Manager1$77kNA
Director Of International E Health1$75kNA
Lab Director Biomechanics Lab1$75kNA
Operations Research Analyst1$74kNA
Treasurers Controller And Chief Financial Advisors1$74kNA
Physician Chief Resident1$74kNA
Computer System Analyst1$73kNA
Staff Scientist5$73k
Senior Ivf Technologist1$70kNA
Biomedical Engineer Research Program Manager2$69k
Lead System Coordinator1$69kNA
Chief Resident Physician2$68k
Chief Resident1$68kNA
Physical Therapist1$67kNA
Chief Resident Pediatrics1$67kNA
Data And Research Program Manager1$67kNA
Staff Research Scientist1$66kNA
Project Manager Research Engineer1$65kNA
Department Manager Financial Analyst1$65kNA
Senior Financial Analyst1$65kNA
Clinical Associate Chief Resident1$63kNA
Project Scientist25$61k
Programmer Analyst II1$60kNA
Graduate Physician Trainee Pgy VIII2$60k
Assistant Staff Biostatistician2$60k
Life Science Research Associate1$60kNA
Medical Research Scientist2$60k
Software Developer Application1$59kNA
Senior Research Engineer5$59k
Project Staff Medical Scientist2$59k
System Analyst II1$59kNA
Graduate Physician Trainee Pgy VII3$58kNA
Graduate Physician Trainee Pgy72$58kNA
Computer Software Engineer System Software1$58kNA
Graduate Trainee Physician VII1$58kNA
Resident Physician Postgraduate Year VII1$58kNA
Colorectal Surgery Database Software Analyst1$57kNA
Statistical Analyst1$57kNA
Biomedical Engineer3$57k
Graduate Physician Trainee Pgy62$56kNA
Graduate Physician Trainee Pgy VI8$56k
Database Administrator1$56kNA
Graduate Physician Trainee Pgy VI VII2$56k
Graduate Trainee Physician VI1$55kNA
Graduate Trainee Physician Pgy VI VII1$55kNA
Clinical Scholar1$55kNA
Research Supervisor Andrology Laboratory1$55kNA
Clinical Fellow1$55kNA
Graduate Physician Trainee Pgy V IX1$54kNA
Graduate Physician Trainee Pgy54$54k
Statistical Programmer Analyst1$54kNA
Graduate Physician Trainee Pgy V7$54k
Department Analyst II1$54kNA
Statistical Research Programmer1$54kNA
Graduate Trainee Physician Pgy IV VII1$54kNA
Graduate Physician Trainee Pgy IV VII2$54kNA
Graduate Trainee Physician Pgy51$53kNA
Resident Physician Postgrad Year V1$53kNA
Graduate Physician Trainee Pgy V VI1$53kNA
Postgraduate Physician Trainee Pgy51$53kNA
Graduate Physician Trainee V1$53kNA
Graduate Physician Trainee35$53k
Project Staff Scientist9$52k
Statistical Programmer4$52k
Graduate Trainee Physician Pgy41$52kNA
Graduate Trainee Physician Pgy IV VI1$52kNA
Computer Analyst1$52kNA
Graduate Physician Trainee Pgy IV9$52k
Programmer Analyst4$52k
Graduate Physician Trainee Pgy45$52k
Programmer Analyst I6$51k
Computer Programmer Analyst1$51kNA
Medical And Clinical Laboratory Technologist3$51k
Graduate Trainee Physician IV2$51kNA
Graduate Physician Trainee Pgy4 VII1$51kNA
Programmer Analyst Statistical Programmer1$51kNA
Graduate Physician Trainee Pgy35$51k
Image Analysis Lab Coordinator1$50kNA
Fellow Doctor137$50k
Research Staff Scientist1$50kNA
Clinical Research Coordinator1$50kNA
Medical Research Associate1$50kNA
Graduate Physician Trainee Pgy II Pgy VII1$50kNA
Research Fellow 19 1042 001$50kNA
Research Scientist3$50k
Graduate Physician Trainee Pgy III V3$49k
Graduate Physician Trainee Pgy III3$49k
Application Programmer3$49k
Graduate Trainee Physician Pgy III1$49kNA
Resident Physician Postgraduate Year III1$49kNA
Graduate Trainee Physician III2$49kNA
Research Associate93$49k
Graduate Trainee Physician1$48kNA
Graduate Physician Trainee Pgy I IV1$48kNA
Graduate Physician Trainee Pgy II III4$48k
Graduate Physician Trainee Pgy II1$48kNA
Graduate Physician Trainee Pgy II V1$48kNA
System Analyst1$48kNA
Graduate Physician Trainee Pgy23$48k
System Administrator II2$48k
Life Scientist2$48k
Biomedical Research Engineer6$47k
Graduate Trainee Physician Level Two1$47kNA
Graduate Physician Trainee II1$47kNA
Graduate Trainee Physician II1$47kNA
Research Scholar4$47k
Graduate Trainee Physician Pgy I1$47kNA
Graduate Physician Trainee Pgy I III2$47kNA
Graduate Physician Trainee Pgy11$47kNA
Graduate Physician Trainee Pgy I V1$47kNA
Research Enginer1$46kNA
Graduate Physician Trainee Pgy I8$46k
Assistant Staff Biostatistics2$46kNA
Electrical Electronic Technician Instrumentation1$45kNA
Graduate Trainee Physician Pgy11$45kNA
Graduate Trainee Physician I II1$45kNA
Graduate Physician Trainee I II1$45kNA
Graduate Physician Trainee Pgy I II1$45kNA
Graduate Physician Trainee Pgy1 II1$45kNA
Graduate Trainee Physician Level One1$44kNA
Medical Technologist16$44k
Lead Research Technologist4$44k
Biomedical Scientist1$43kNA
Graduate Trainee Physician Pgy1 To VI1$43kNA
Resident Physician161$42k
Dental Resident1$40kNA
Bioethics Counselor1$40kNA
Bioethics Fellow1$40kNA
Research Engineer4$40k
Resident Physician Fellow Doctor1$38kNA
Clinical Research Fellow13$38k
Clinical Research Trainee1$38kNA
Medical Research Fellow3$37k
Senior Research Technologist14$37k
Biological Research Technologist1$37kNA
Research Fellow65$36k
Public Relations Specialist1$36kNA
Senior Technologist1$36kNA
Postdoctoral Research Fellow23$35k
Treasury Accountant1$35kNA
Research Fellow At Center For Neurological Restora1$34kNA
Marketing Coordinator1$34kNA
Research Technologist34$33k
Medical Scientist Research Fellow1$32kNA
Research Technician9$29k
Life Science Research Technician1$27kNA
Public Relations Marketing Specialist2$26k