Citicorp North America Jobs

A total of 246 Citicorp North America jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $100,139
Salary Range: $33,000

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Re Engineering Process Senior Group Manager1$400kNA
Managing Director1$400kNA
Global Head Of Mobile Strategy1$400kNA
Director Trader1$300kNA
Director Corporate Salesperson1$250kNA
Corporate Strategist1$250kNA
Northeast Power Trader1$250kNA
Corporate Strategiest1$250kNA
Director Sales Unit Head2$225k
Securities Commodities And Financial Services Sales Agents2$213k
Director Market Manager3$186k
IT Area Manager1$180kNA
Senior Structurer2$175kNA
Model Scoring Analyst Senior Manager1$175kNA
VP Commodities1$175kNA
Power Markets Analyst1$175kNA
Director Fx Trader1$175kNA
VP Trader1$175kNA
VP Salesperson1$175kNA
VP Northeast Commodities Power1$175kNA
Global Market Manager1$175kNA
VP Foreign Exchange Trading1$175kNA
Quantitative Analyst1$175kNA
Director Foreign Exchange Sales1$175kNA
VP Foreign Exchange Salesperson2$163k
Model Scoring Analysis Senior Manager4$161k
P A Senior Manager1$155kNA
Investment Associate2$155k
Modeling Scoring Analysis Senior Manager1$150kNA
VP Sales Person2$150k
Risk Analyst2$143k
Associate Global Fixed Income2$143k
VP Senior Transmission Analyst2$143k
Associate Sales Trading1$140kNA
Associate Northeast Commodities Power1$140kNA
Cash Power Trader1$140kNA
Senior Application Engineer1$135kNA
VP Senior Financial Analyst1$134kNA
Application Development Senior Manager5$133k
Counterparty Risk Analyst1$130kNA
Regulatory Risk Senior Manager1$130kNA
Project Director1$130kNA
Credit And Portfolio Risk Manager1$128kNA
Financial Manager3$125k
Associate Salesperson1$125kNA
Associate Relationship Management1$125kNA
VP Foreign Exchange1$125kNA
Program Manager1$125kNA
Vp Foreign Exchange Sales1$125kNA
Financial Analyst VP Gts Division1$125kNA
Relationship Manager Vp1$125kNA
Credit Portfolio Risk Manager1$125kNA
Senior Business Analyst Product Manager1$125kNA
Foreign Exchange Risk Advisor1$125kNA
Fundamentals Analyst1$125kNA
Vp Export Agency Finance1$125kNA
Model Scoring Analyst Manager1$125kNA
Senior Project Manager1$124kNA
Procurement Manager1$123kNA
Model Scoring Analysis Manager2$123k
Global Sourcing Manager Global Consulting Categor1$122kNA
VP Project Manager1$120kNA
Testing Technical Specialist1$120kNA
Information Technology Project Technical Lead1$120kNA
Building Operations Manager VP1$120kNA
Application Development Manager2$117k
Associate S T Fi1$117kNA
Testing Senior Analyst2$115k
Relationship Associate2$115kNA
Modeling Scoring Analysis Manager3$115k
Senior Database Administrator1$112kNA
Associate M A Strategy1$112kNA
Trading Support Specialist1$112kNA
Computer Software Engineer Application10$111k
Trade Support Specialist1$110kNA
Model Validation Quantitative Analyst1$110kNA
Infrastructure Technology Specialist1$110kNA
Associate Fx Investor Sales Desk1$110kNA
Senior Quality Analyst2$110kNA
Associate Investment Officer1$110kNA
Application Development Technical Specialist8$109k
Corporate Banking Associate14$109k
Project Leader19$108k
Application Support Intermediate Analyst1$108kNA
Global Brand Manager1$107kNA
Computer System Analyst3$107k
Product Manager4$107k
Application Support Senior Analyst5$106k
Technical Specialist Avp1$105kNA
Credit Risk Specialist2$105kNA
Project Manager Avp1$105kNA
Associate Grb1$105kNA
Application Development Senior Technical Specialist2$105k
Software Developer Application2$105k
IT Business Technical Specialist3$104k
IT Business Unit Senior Analyst1$103kNA
Product Specialist1$102kNA
Information Security Specialist1$101kNA
Modeling Scoring Analysis Analyst8$101k
Investment Banking Associate1$100kNA
Commodities Associate1$100kNA
Siteminder Engineer1$100kNA
Associate Global Banking1$100kNA
Associate Capital Markets1$100kNA
Credit Analyst5$99k
Application Development Senior Programmer Analyst7$99k
Senior Application Support Analyst2$99k
Associate Officer Legal Support1$98kNA
Associate Global Commodities S T3$98k
P A Analyst1$98kNA
Senior Business Analyst6$98k
Senior Technical Specialist5$97k
Model Scoring Analysis Analyst12$97k
Information System Security Manager1$97kNA
Risk Quantitative Analyst3$96k
Technical Specialist21$95k
Quantitative Associate1$95kNA
Associate Derivatives Marketing1$95kNA
Technical Advisor1$94kNA
Crm Technologies Senior Manager Latin America Con1$92kNA
Program Manager Business Operations Specialist1$92kNA
IT Project Senior Analyst2$92kNA
IT Business Senior Analyst4$91k
Quality Analyst2$91kNA
Application Development Programmer Analyst II2$91k
Reporting Manager1$90kNA
Financial Accounting Lead Analyst1$90kNA
Senior Vp Cob System Administrator1$90kNA
Senior Financial Analyst1$90kNA
Senior Database Administrator Technical Specialist1$89kNA
Computer Programmer4$89k
Senior Program Analyst1$89kNA
Financial Analyst14$88k
Online Service Center Senior Analyst1$88kNA
Application Development Intermediate Programmer A4$88k
Senior Lotus Notes Developer2$87k
Senior Programmer Analyst50$87k
Specialist Senior System Programmer1$87kNA
Application Support Analyst3$86k
Application Development Programmer Analyst2$85k
Information Analyst Computer Specialist1$85kNA
Global Sourcing Manager1$85kNA
Senior Risk Analyst1$85kNA
Relationship Manager1$85kNA
Senior System Analyst1$85kNA
Relationship Analyst1$85kNA
Senior Analyst Financial Planning And Analysis1$85kNA
Business Learning Director1$85kNA
Account Manager1$84kNA
Technical Specialist Computer Specialist2$83k
Service Level Service Catalog Manager1$83kNA
Project Manager11$82k
Audit Manager1$82kNA
Solutions Manager1$81kNA
Business Planning And Analysis Intermediate Analys1$80kNA
Compensation Senior Analyst1$80kNA
Model Scoring Analyst1$80kNA
Qa Analyst1$80kNA
Manager Operations Risk Management1$80kNA
Management Associate3$80kNA
Business Analyst9$79k
Reg Cust Interface Mgt Serv Cat Coordinator1$76kNA
Technical Specialist System Analyst1$76kNA
Programmer Analyst15$75k
Securities Processing Manager1$75kNA
Associate Program Manager1$75kNA
Infrastructure Senior Manager1$75kNA
Testing Intermediate Analyst1$75kNA
Credit Portfolio Analyst III1$75kNA
Information Security Business Analyst2$75kNA
Sourcing Manager1$74kNA
Operations Manager Assistant V P1$73kNA
Manager Of Information System Cssa2$73k
Financial Reporting Lead Analyst1$71kNA
Model Analyst1$71kNA
Corporate Banking Analyst10$71k
Assistant VP Financial Analyst3$70k
VP Senior Specialist1$70kNA
Investment Banking Analyst1$70kNA
IT Business Analyst II1$70kNA
IT Graduate Associate1$70kNA
Commodities Analyst1$70kNA
Computer Software Engineer System Analyst1$70kNA
Computer Software Engineer System Specialist1$70kNA
Securities Processing Senior Manager1$70kNA
Application Developer Programmer Analyst1$69kNA
Senior Business Analyst I3$68k
System Process And Projects Implementation Manag1$67kNA
Regional Reporting Senior Analyst1$66kNA
Production Support Manager3$66k
IT Analyst12$66k
Real Estate Specialist1$65kNA
Avp Project Manager Institutional Reporting1$65kNA
Associate Product Specialist1$65kNA
Web Designer Developer1$65kNA
Assistant VP Senior Specialist1$64kNA
Computer And Information System Manager1$63kNA
System Process And Project Implementation Manag1$63kNA
Citistar Rcsa Technology1$63kNA
Solutions Supervisor1$63kNA
Financial Planning Analyst4$62k
Securities Processing Senior Supervisor1$60kNA
Analyst Ficm1$60kNA
Analyst Cb1$60kNA
Credit Portfolio Analyst1$60kNA
Regional Financial Analyst Avp1$58kNA
Leadership Development Associate2$58k
Training And Development Manager1$58kNA
Senior Analyst1$56kNA
Financial Reporting Senior Analyst1$56kNA
Solutions Senior Analyst Avp1$56kNA
Leadership Development Associate Mangmt Analyst1$55kNA
Financial Reporting Analyst1$55kNA
P2p Integration Production Support Lead1$54kNA
Support Strategy Manager Financial System Repo1$54kNA
Financial Data Standards Analyst1$54kNA
Senior Specialist8$53k
B2ncr Analyst1$52kNA
Production Support Head1$51kNA
Credit Risk Junior Analyst1$50kNA
Anti Money Laudering Qa Manager1$50kNA
Anti Money Laundering Qa Manager1$50kNA
Financial Accounting Analyst3$50k
Database Administrator1$48kNA
Accountant II1$47kNA
Section Manager Investigations1$46kNA
Client Relations Finance Manager1$46kNA
Project Manager Management Analyst1$46kNA
Securities Processing Supervisor2$45k
Supervisor Fund Accountant1$43kNA
Associate Securities Processing Analyst1$42kNA
Intermediate Associate Securities Processing Analy1$42kNA
Management Analyst1$42kNA
Accountant I1$38kNA
Operations Representative1$38kNA
Regional Financial Analyst3$38kNA
Specialist Canadian Settlements1$35kNA
Securities Processing Representative I1$33kNA