Citgo Petroleum Jobs

A total of 100 Citgo Petroleum jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $81,803
Salary Range: $32,000

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
VP Of Legal Affairs1$316kNA
Senior Advisor2$183k
Financial Market Support Services Senior Analyst2$180kNA
Senior Executive Advisor1$175kNA
General Mngr Communications Relations Corp S1$167kNA
Senior Financial And Marketing Advisor2$135k
Projects Manager Social Program3$129k
Public Relations Manager1$127kNA
Public Affairs Manager3$123k
Senior Process Engineer2$119k
Corpus Christi West Plant Group Leader1$118kNA
Project Cost Control Supervisor1$117kNA
Group Leader Technical Support2$116k
Senior Trader3$116k
Manager International Relations1$115kNA
Project Controls Supervisor6$110k
Senior Financial Analyst1$102kNA
Computer System Analyst3$99k
Financial And Bank Operations Advisor3$96kNA
Business Development Technical Marketing Manager1$95kNA
Multi Client Account Manager1$95kNA
Business Development And Technical Marketing Mgr1$95kNA
System Maintenance Analyst2$93k
Senior Information Analyst12$93k
Refinery Lp Analyst1$93kNA
Executive Office Manager3$91kNA
Corporate Staff Executive Manager3$91kNA
Cost Engineer1$91kNA
International Program Manager1$91kNA
Commercial Pilots1$90kNA
Corporate Process Technology Engineer2$87k
Senior Strategic Planner3$87k
Economic Analyst2$86k
Electrical Engineer1$86kNA
Senior Financial And Marketing Manager1$85kNA
Research Geophysicist1$85kNA
Environmental Advisor1$84kNA
Industrial Product Marketing Scheduler1$83kNA
Technology Engineer2$81kNA
Environment Engineer2$81k
Process Engineer7$81k
Information Analyst21$80k
Network And Computer System Administrator2$79k
Operations Process Engineer11$78k
Cc Electrical Engineer1$78kNA
Terminal Engineer4$78k
Instrument Engineer4$77k
Treasury Analyst Corporate Finance1$76kNA
Controller Financial Analyst General Accounting3$76k
Lubes Financial Analyst1$75kNA
Associate Electrical Engineer1$75kNA
Reliability Engineer1$74kNA
Analyst Energy And Initiatives1$74kNA
Maintenance Engineer2$73k
Audit Administration Coordinator1$72kNA
Associate Chemical Engineer2$71k
Bank Operations Manager1$70kNA
Contract Controller1$70kNA
System Security Analyst6$69k
Process Design Engineer2$69kNA
International Banking Analyst2$69k
Associate Chemical Process Enginer1$68kNA
Marketing Manager1$68kNA
Associate Instrumentation Engineer2$68k
Associate Process Engineer11$68k
Controller S Accounting Analyst1$67kNA
Pricing Analyst1$67kNA
Financial Analyst Controller S Financial Analyst1$66kNA
International Information Analyst3$66k
Intrusion Detection System Analyst1$66kNA
Credit Analyst1$65kNA
System Secruity Analyst1$65kNA
Chemical Engineer1$64kNA
Derivatives Trader Senior Trader1$64kNA
Transportation Storage And Distribution Manager1$64kNA
Civil Engineer1$64kNA
Supply And Marketing Specialist2$64k
Pricing Data Specialist1$63kNA
Information Analyst Dba1$62kNA
Project Engineer2$62k
Finance Coordinator1$60kNA
Terminal Equity Inventory Analyst2$60kNA
Technical Analyst4$60k
Market Analyst3$57k
Associate Engineer4$57k
Industrial Products Marketing Scheduler1$57kNA
Associate Financial Analyst2$55k
Financial Analyst8$54k
Analyst Administrator Dba3$53k
Treasury Analyst1$52kNA
Operations Research Analyst1$51kNA
Brand Marketing Analyst3$50k
Operation Research Analyst1$50kNA
Business Group Supply Chain Coordinator4$49k
Business Analyst1$47kNA
International Lubricants Analyst3$44k
Spa Director1$40kNA
Executive VP2$32kNA