Citadel Jobs

A total of 99 Citadel jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $128,269
Salary Range: $50,000

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Financial Manager2$425k
Treasurers Controller And Chief Financial Officer1$225kNA
Management Analyst1$225kNA
Portfolio Manager2$220k
Portfolio Manager Oil Trading1$190kNA
Execution Desktop IT1$190kNA
Computer And Information System Manager2$185k
Director Citadel Securities1$180kNA
Credit Trading Technology Developer2$165kNA
Senior Quantitative Developer1$160kNA
Fxgt Portfolio Manager1$160kNA
Execution Financial Engineer1$155kNA
Energy Analyst2$155k
Options Trader Market Maker2$155k
Senior Architect2$155kNA
Senior Developer Rates1$155kNA
Computer Software Engineer System Software8$154k
Senior Quantitative Researcher Research Tech De1$150kNA
Senior Quantitative Researcher1$150kNA
Commodities Trader2$150kNA
Global Equities IT Financial Engineer2$150kNA
Rates Trader1$150kNA
Global Equities Financial Associate1$150kNA
Software Developer System Software1$145kNA
Quantitative Developer Global Interest Rate Produ1$143kNA
Quantitative Developer4$141k
Credit Front Office System Developer2$140kNA
Margin Lead Developer1$140kNA
Non Agency Mortgage Trader1$140kNA
Operations Research Analyst6$138k
Financial Analyst21$138k
Software Release Architect1$135kNA
High Frequency Quant Research Systematic Trading1$135kNA
Quantitative Analyst Systematic Rates1$135kNA
Software Developer Application9$132k
Senior Developer3$132k
Developer Global Interest Rate Products2$130k
Us Primary Strategies Associate1$130kNA
Risk Analyst Electronic Market Making1$130kNA
Financials Analyst1$130kNA
Developer Energy Management IT1$130kNA
Quantitative Research Analyst3$128k
Computer Software Engineer Application7$127k
Quantitative Researcher27$126k
Quantitative Analyst8$126k
Senior Software Developer3$125k
C Oems Developer1$125kNA
Quantitative Trader2$125kNA
Software Developer Global Interest Rate Products1$125kNA
Technology Analyst2$125k
Financials Associate1$125kNA
Financial Senior Associate1$125kNA
Global Equities Associate1$125kNA
Healthcare Senior Associate1$125kNA
Securities Commodities And Financial Services Sales Agents2$123k
Financial Developer1$123kNA
C Clearing Settlements Developer2$123k
Valuations Senior Developer1$120kNA
High Frequency Technology Associate1$120kNA
Quantitative Developer Equities1$120kNA
Analyst Fundamental Credit1$120kNA
Cme Analyst1$120kNA
Instrument Service Senior Developer3$118k
Developer Rates IT1$118kNA
Consumer Analyst2$115k
Financial Engineer9$111k
Senior Database Developer2$110kNA
Converts Investment Trading Associate1$110kNA
C Data Developer1$110kNA
Junior Rates Trader1$110kNA
Energy Investment Trading Associate1$110kNA
Junior Trader1$110kNA
Developer Credit1$110kNA
Developer Global Architect2$110kNA
Quantitative Software Developer4$109k
Voip Engineer3$108k
Investment And Trading Associate2$105k
Trade Support Analyst5$104k
Financial Technology Associate19$102k
Global Energy Analyst1$100kNA
Junior Options Trader2$100kNA
Economics Research Associate1$100kNA
Risk Analyst1$100kNA
Quantitative Risk Analyst3$95k
Client Support And Implementation Engineer1$93kNA
Low Touch Cash Equity Service Desk Associate1$90kNA
Database Administrator2$80k
Investment Banking Analyst2$70kNA
Cash Management Junior Analyst1$67kNA
Application Support Engineer1$65kNA
Analyst Knowledge Management1$50kNA
Technology Database Specialist1$50kNA
Finance And Accounting Analyst1$50kNA