Citadel Investment Group Jobs

A total of 275 Citadel Investment Group jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $115,341
Salary Range: $45,000

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Head Of Global Energy2$390k
Head Of Glogal Energy1$300kNA
Managing Director Citadel Securities1$300kNA
Manager Of Statistical Arbitrage IT1$250kNA
Chief Operating Officer Citadel Prime Services1$250kNA
Head Of Fundamental Power Research1$250kNA
Head Of Crude And Refined Products1$250kNA
Managing Director Fixed Income Arbitrage1$240kNA
Executive Director1$225kNA
Director Business Unit Control1$200kNA
Senior Energy Trader1$200kNA
Director Capital Markets2$200kNA
Director Canadian Gas Trading1$200kNA
Head Of Quantitative Research Capital Structure1$200kNA
Head Of Quantitative Alpha Generation1$200kNA
Head Of Alpha Generation Long Short1$200kNA
Business Architect For High Frequency Trading Tech1$190kNA
Manager Of High Frequency Fixed Income IT1$185kNA
Head Of Natural Gas Power Quantitative Strategie1$180kNA
Senior Software Engineer For Front Office Application2$180kNA
Dir Bus Process Analysis Front Office Trading2$175kNA
Senior Quantitiative Researcher1$175kNA
Murex Team Leader1$175kNA
Global Equities European Consumer Analyst1$175kNA
Senior Stock Volatility Trader1$175kNA
Quantitative Analyst High Frequency Trading1$175kNA
Financial Manager3$172k
Quantitative Researcher Global Portfolio Optimiza1$170kNA
Portfolio Finance Domain Expert1$170kNA
Head Of Power Transmission Trading2$163k
Business Process Manager1$162kNA
Equity Trading Team Lead1$160kNA
Quantitative Researcher In Options1$160kNA
Senior Associate Quantitative Research1$160kNA
Associate Financial Engineer1$155kNA
Director Citadel Securities2$153k
Ge Analyst Global Resources1$150kNA
Head Of Quantitative Research1$150kNA
Ge Associate1$150kNA
Quantitative Researcher Global Portfolio Opt1$150kNA
VP Fixed Income Arbitrage1$150kNA
Senior Quantitative Research Professional1$150kNA
Senior Sybase Dba Database Developer1$150kNA
Senior Analytic Developer1$150kNA
Analyst Emerging Markets1$150kNA
Analyst Equity Capital Markets2$150k
Director Consumer Staples Sector Portfolio Mgr1$150kNA
Pan Asian Macro Trader2$150kNA
VP Financial Engineering1$150kNA
VP Senior Application Developer6$148k
Risk Manager4$148k
Biotech Analyst4$146k
Senior Associate Meteorologist2$145k
Senior Associate Credit Application Development1$145kNA
Senior Software Developer2$145k
Quantitative Analyst5$143k
Team Lead In Fundamental Equities Treasury IT1$140kNA
Non Agency Mortgage Trader1$140kNA
Vp Senior App Developer1$135kNA
VP Investment Strategy Development1$135kNA
V P Senior Application Developer2$135kNA
Portfolio Manager Securitized Products Group3$133k
Junior Risk Analyst2$131k
Director Fixed Income Technology1$130kNA
Front Office Senior Developer1$130kNA
Short Term Directional Fx Trader1$130kNA
Chief Executive1$130kNA
Quantitative Researcher Statistical Arbitrage1$130kNA
Senior Associate Front Office Application Developmnt1$130kNA
Senior Associate Programmer Analyst1$130kNA
Senior Application Developer11$129k
Senior Developer Development Tools2$128k
Quantitative Research Associate4$126k
Senior Software Engineer9$126k
Financial Analyst7$126k
Quantative Research Analyst Junior Trader1$125kNA
Power Quantitative Research Analyst2$125kNA
Junior Quantitative Analyst Gpc1$125kNA
Quantitative Researcher Rates2$125kNA
Pioneerpath Capital Industrials Analyst1$125kNA
Power Trader1$125kNA
Head Of Market Affairs1$125kNA
Quantitative Researcher Global Equities Derivative1$125kNA
Healthcare Analyst Fundamental Equities2$125kNA
Quantitative Trader Options1$125kNA
Oms Developer1$125kNA
Developer Energy Managment IT1$125kNA
Analyst Global Resources2$125kNA
Associate Event Driven Strategies1$125kNA
Associate Programmer Analyst2$125k
Quantitative Researcher20$124k
Senior Developer12$124k
Asian Options Market Maker1$123kNA
VP Investment Banking2$123k
Crude And Refined Products Trader2$123k
Fixed Income Mbs Senior Developer3$122k
Computer Software Engineer System Software14$122k
Computer Software Engineer Application18$121k
Middle Office Developer1$120kNA
Developer Global Interest Rate Products1$120kNA
Global Equities Analyst2$120kNA
Market Data Engineer1$120kNA
Quantitative Developer5$120k
Quantitative Developer Global Interest Rate Produ1$120kNA
Associate IT Developer1$120kNA
Sales And Research Developer1$120kNA
Mortgages Trader1$120kNA
Mortgage Credit Analyst1$120kNA
Developer Securitized Products1$120kNA
Citadel Execution Services Marketing Manager1$118kNA
Power Ftr Associate1$115kNA
Developer Energy Management IT1$115kNA
Senior System Developer1$115kNA
Options Quantitative Researcher2$115kNA
Senior Developer Global Middle Back Office1$115kNA
Application Developer Mortgage Backed Securites1$115kNA
Application Developer Mortgage Backed Securities1$115kNA
C Server Side Architect Developer1$115kNA
Senior Developer Clearing Dot Net1$115kNA
Senior Associate Data Developer Analyst1$115kNA
Senior Associate Applicaton Developer1$115kNA
Senior Associate Application Developer1$115kNA
Senior Associate Quantitative Research Fixed Income6$114k
Operations Research Analyst12$114k
Vp Real Estate Gaming Leisure Lodging1$112kNA
Senior Software Developer Global Architecture4$111k
Business Operations Specialists All Other1$110kNA
Application Developer Structured Credit1$110kNA
Global Equities Associate Financials Sector1$110kNA
Quantitative Researcher Rates Trading2$110kNA
Senior Software Developer Structured Credit IT1$110kNA
Fixed Income Analyst1$110kNA
Quantitative Researcher Statistical Fixed Income1$110kNA
Senior Associate Fixed Income Development1$110kNA
Associate Front Office Application1$110kNA
Financial Engineer Portfolio Construction1$110kNA
Quantitative Software Developer1$110kNA
Instrument Service Senior Developer2$110kNA
Relative Value Credit Quantitative Analyst1$110kNA
Senior Developer Risk Monitors2$108k
Energy Quantitative Research Analyst2$108k
Technology Specialist4$106k
Quantitative Research Analyst4$106k
Developer Credit2$105k
Options Developer1$105kNA
Senior Developer Back Office Technology1$105kNA
Software Engineer5$105k
Senior Trading System Developer3$104k
Senior Developer Application3$103k
Financial Engineer14$103k
Senior Associate Fixed Income Developer2$103k
Application Developer6$103k
Computer Software Engineer2$102k
Associate Financial Engineering1$100kNA
Quantitative Researcher Volatility Tr Arbitrage1$100kNA
Quantitative Energy Research Trading Assc1$100kNA
Analyst Associate Global Equities1$100kNA
Quantitative Research Professional1$100kNA
Quantitative Researcher Principal Strategies Grp2$100kNA
Analyst Fundamental Credit1$100kNA
Quantitative Researcher High Frequency3$100k
Quantitative Researcher Ftr1$100kNA
Quantitative Research Analyst Equity Derivatives1$100kNA
Senior Associate Database Developer1$100kNA
Quantitative Researcher Structured Credit Trading1$100kNA
Execution Trader1$100kNA
Correlation Trading Assistant1$100kNA
Crude And Refined Products Quanititative Analyst1$100kNA
Crude And Refined Products Quantitative Trader1$100kNA
Senior System Analyst1$100kNA
Global Equities IT Financial Engineer1$100kNA
Global Energy Analyst1$100kNA
Foreign Exchange Quantitative Trader1$100kNA
Senior Developer Clearing Net1$100kNA
Energy Volatility Quantitative Research Trader1$100kNA
Quantitative Trader High Frequency2$100kNA
Financial Control Manager1$100kNA
E P Analyst2$100kNA
Senior Developer Global Operations IT1$100kNA
Execution Trader Structured Credit Desk1$100kNA
Execution Trader High Frequency1$100kNA
Investment Banking Associate2$100kNA
Valuations Developer1$100kNA
Business Analyst Cts Project Management1$100kNA
Software Developer Global Architect Team1$100kNA
Options Trader Market Maker2$100kNA
Caam Junior Risk Analyst1$100kNA
Associate Sales And Marketing2$100kNA
Junior Analyst2$100kNA
Valuations Analyst2$100kNA
Investment And Trading Associate1$100kNA
Fixed Income Developer4$99k
Senior Associate Business Analyst5$97k
Developer Fixed Income3$97k
Developer Global Operations IT1$95kNA
Fundamental Research Associate1$95kNA
Voip Engineer1$95kNA
Network And Computer System Administrator1$95kNA
Junior Quantitative Analyst1$95kNA
Manager Research Data1$95kNA
Analyst Long Short1$95kNA
Financial Planning And Analysis Associate2$93k
Investment And Trading Analyst6$92k
Senior Quality Assurance Analyst2$91k
VP Correlation Trader1$90kNA
Senior Corporate Actions Specialist1$90kNA
Volp Telecom Engineer1$90kNA
VP Citadel Securities1$90kNA
Senior Associate Developer2$90k
Fixed Income Mbs Developer1$90kNA
Business Analyst1$90kNA
Bpm Solutions Developer1$90kNA
Developer Global Architecture1$90kNA
Analyst Consumer Sector1$90kNA
Developer Global Reporting1$90kNA
Developer Mortgage Backed Security1$90kNA
Analyst Pioneer Path1$90kNA
Equity Analyst1$90kNA
Risk Management Associate1$90kNA
Back Office Application Developer2$90k
Financial Technology Associate20$89k
Programmer Fixed Income Application Development1$87kNA
Investment Trading Analyst7$86k
Senior Network Engineer1$85kNA
Associate Business Unit Control1$85kNA
System Analyst1$85kNA
Backup Storage Engineer1$85kNA
Programmer Analyst2$85k
Associate Developer1$82kNA
Developer Foreign Exchange1$80kNA
Developer Mortgages2$80kNA
Developer Energy IT1$80kNA
Analyst Event Driven Strategies1$80kNA
Trading System Developer1$80kNA
Portfolio Finance Software Developer1$80kNA
Ge Associate U S Industrials1$80kNA
Financial Technoloy Associate1$80kNA
Equities Trading System Developer2$80kNA
Software Developer3$76k
Desk Support Analyst1$75kNA
Quality Assurance Analyst2$75k
Trade Support Analyst4$74k
Research Assistant3$74k
Data Domain Specialist2$73k
Associate Reconciliations And Controls1$72kNA
Associate Of Financial Control1$72kNA
Research Application Developer3$71k
Eglue Support Engineer1$70kNA
Investment Banking Analyst5$70kNA
Research Coordinator2$66k
Financial Control Analyst2$65kNA
Business Unit Control Analyst4$65kNA
Trading Assistant U S Convertible Bond Arbitrage1$65kNA
Quality Assurance Developer1$65kNA
Business Support Specialist1$62kNA
Sales Associate1$60kNA
Associate Trade Confirmations2$60kNA
Data Analyst Knowledge Management4$57k
Fund Accountant1$55kNA
Associate Research Portal Domain1$50kNA
Associate Knowledge Management1$50kNA
Financial Accounting Analyst1$50kNA
Data Analyst1$50kNA
Finance Accounting Analyst1$50kNA
Finance And Accounting Analyst1$50kNA
Associate Global Opeations1$46kNA
Associate Operations1$45kNA
Associate Global Operations3$45kNA
Associate International Purchase And Sales1$45kNA