Chrysler Group Jobs

A total of 136 Chrysler Group jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $87,868
Salary Range: $55,000

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Manager Powertrain Manufacturing Operations1$240kNA
Senior Manager Ict Processes Methods Contract1$159kNA
Senior Mgr Srcpm Bpm1$143kNA
Sccm Architect And Administrator1$130kNA
On Board Diagnostic Engine Controls Supervisor1$125kNA
Body In White Process Reliability Manager1$125kNA
Senior Professional Commodity Purchasing1$125kNA
Test Schedule Development Engineer1$120kNA
Human Resources Manager1$120kNA
Pentasap Implementation Manager1$120kNA
Advance Manufacturing Engineer3$118k
Senior Designer1$115kNA
People Development Manager1$115kNA
On Board Diagnostics Calibration Engineer1$110kNA
Electronics Engineer Except Computer1$110kNA
IT Senior Professional1$109kNA
Supervisor Engine Durability Component Test Man1$109kNA
Financial Specialist1$108kNA
Design Manager1$107kNA
Calibration Operating Strategy Lead1$105kNA
Senior Financial Analyst1$105kNA
Engine Dynamometer Development Calibration Engineer1$105kNA
New Partner Program Lead A B C D Segments Ave1$104kNA
Advance Manufacturing Engineering Manager Axle As1$104kNA
Program Manager1$102kNA
Electrified Powertrain Embedded Software Engineer1$102kNA
Manager Global Mopar Brand Motorsports1$102kNA
Powertrain Cross Functional Team Supervisor1$102kNA
Cfd Engineer Thermal Management1$101kNA
Battery Management System Controls Engineer1$100kNA
Engineering Specialist1$100kNA
Business Unit Leader1$100kNA
Product Planning Manager1$100kNA
Vehicle Safety Engineer2$100k
Heat Treat Area Manager1$99kNA
Telematics Security Technical Specialist1$98kNA
Calibration Engineer2$98k
Virtual Tool Engineer3$96k
Cae Safety Engineer6$96k
Manufacturing Engineering Manager Trim Process1$96kNA
Engine Combustion Simulation Engineer1$95kNA
Anc Product Engineer1$95kNA
Technical Specialist1$95kNA
Advanced Powertrain Engineer1$93kNA
Cfd Engineer3$93k
Central Engineering Manager1$93kNA
Industrial Engineer1$93kNA
Aerothermal Computational Fluid Dynamics Engineer1$92kNA
Cae Durability Engineer5$91k
Powertrain Cfd Engineer2$91k
Loads Analysis And Measurement Engineer1$91kNA
Cae Engineer Durability2$91k
Engine Calibration Engineer1$90kNA
Aero Thermal Engineer1$90kNA
Diesel Engine Calibration Engineer1$90kNA
Hybrid Controls Engineer2$90kNA
Mechanical Engineer17$90k
Cae Nvh Engineer2$89kNA
Advanced Software And Controls Engineer1$89kNA
Safety Cae Engineer8$89k
Quality Control Pillar Lead1$88kNA
Cae Engineer2$87k
Powertrain Calibration Engineer2$86k
Software Developer Application1$86kNA
Engine Dynamometer Development Engineer3$86k
Vehicle Safety Crash Engineering Analyst1$86kNA
Interior Product Designer1$86kNA
Hybrid Engineer Plug In Hybrid Vehicle Technology1$86kNA
Controls Engineer2$86k
Lead Consolidation Specialist1$86kNA
Product Engineer19$86k
Performance Engineer1$86kNA
Powertrain Cae Engineer4$85k
Combustion System Development Engineer1$85kNA
Powertrain Controls Development Product Engineer1$85kNA
Project Chief Interior System1$85kNA
Software Engineer2$84k
Diesel Application Engineer1$84kNA
Powertrain Development Engineer2$84k
Diesel Engine Obd Calibration Engineer1$83kNA
Computational Fluid Dynamics1$83kNA
Product Engineer Safety Impact2$83k
Nvh Engineer1$83kNA
Electrical Engineer4$83k
Powertrain Simulation Engineer2$83k
Powertrain Virtual Analysis Engineer2$83k
Powertrain Controls Engineer2$82k
Programmer Analyst1$82kNA
Driveline Controls Design Development And Validati1$82kNA
Nvh Cae Engineer3$82k
Powertrain On Board Diagnostic Controls Engineer1$81kNA
Powertrain Embedded Software Engineer6$81k
Durability Cae Science Engineer1$80kNA
Energy Champion1$80kNA
Product Engineer Electrified Powertrain1$80kNA
Engine Obd Calibration Engineer1$80kNA
Color And Materials Designer1$80kNA
Loads Analysis Engineer1$80kNA
People Development Specialist1$80kNA
Process Engineer Electrical Assembly Dept1$80kNA
Design Release Engineer2$80k
Electronic Brake Controls Functional Integrator2$79k
Embedded Software Engineer2$79k
Advanced Powertrain Controls Engineer1$79kNA
Hybrid Engineer16$79k
Product Design Engineer4$79k
Transmission Driveline System Releasing Engineer1$78kNA
Automotive Designer2$78k
Resident Engineer3$77k
Powertrain Calibration And Test Engineer1$76kNA
Liaison Engineer1$76kNA
Powertrain Torque Controls Engineer1$76kNA
Advanced Controls Engineer1$76kNA
Powertrain Hil Verification Engineer1$76kNA
Powertrain System Calibration Engineer1$75kNA
Product Engineer Body Closure System1$75kNA
Powertrain Controls Development Engineer4$75k
Powertrain Software Engineer2$74k
Body In White Product Engineer2$73kNA
Dimensional Engineering Analyst3$72k
Electronic Controls Engineer1$71kNA
Aero Thermal System Integration Responsible Engine1$70kNA
Cad Engineer1$70kNA
Powertrain Automatic Transmission System Engineer1$70kNA
Product Communications Development And Validation1$70kNA
Product Development Engineer1$70kNA
Product Stylist1$70kNA
Automotive Interior Designer4$69k
Model Controller1$65kNA
Dimensional Engineering Analyst Variation Reduct1$65kNA
Feature Planning Manager1$63kNA
Manufacturing Engineer1$61kNA
Transmission Calibration Engineer1$61kNA
District Operations Specialist1$60kNA
Product Designer1$59kNA
Fiat Brand Marketing Specialist1$55kNA