Chevrontexaco Jobs

A total of 129 Chevrontexaco jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $81,077
Salary Range: $50,000

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Executive VP Business Development1$500kNA
Drilling Engineer Cl 261$141kNA
Drilling Advisor1$128kNA
Engineering Manager1$123kNA
Slurry Engineer1$120kNA
Tombua Landana Subsea Pipeline Engineer1$118kNA
Senior Business Analyst1$118kNA
Development Analyst1$117kNA
Economic Analyst1$115kNA
Subsea Controls Engineer1$115kNA
Strategic Sourcing Business Analyst1$111kNA
Process Engineering Advisor1$110kNA
Senior Facilities Engineer2$108k
Foreign Law Consultant1$106kNA
Credit Analyst1$105kNA
Financial Analyst Comp S Acct Policy Ext Rep1$105kNA
Senior Flow Assurance Specialist1$105kNA
Subsea Specialist1$105kNA
Supply Chain Specialist1$105kNA
Senior Analyst3$105k
Senior Geophysicist1$100kNA
Technology Management Analyst1$100kNA
Business Development Coordinator1$98kNA
Control System Coordinator1$97kNA
Senior Research Geologist1$97kNA
Basin Modeler1$96kNA
Structural Naval Architect Engineer1$96kNA
Research Petrophysicist1$95kNA
Advisor Drilling Engineer1$95kNA
Consulting Structural Geologist1$95kNA
Appraisal Geophysicist1$93kNA
Exploration Geophysicist1$93kNA
Financial Analyst2$93k
Internal Communications Manager1$92kNA
Commercial Negotiations Representative1$92kNA
Lead Research Chemist1$91kNA
Civil Structural Engineer Gorgon Downstream1$90kNA
Lead Research Geologist1$90kNA
Lead Environmental Engineer1$90kNA
Senior Process Engineer1$90kNA
Venture Analyst1$90kNA
Vessel Manager1$87kNA
Repair Superintendent1$87kNA
Senior Planning Engineer1$87kNA
3d Seismic Interpreter Structure Spec Geologist1$85kNA
Facility Enigneer1$85kNA
Exploration And Production Researcher1$85kNA
Lead Research Scientist6$84k
Procurement Business Analyst2$84kNA
Business Analyst5$84k
Reservoir Simulation Consultant1$83kNA
Senior Modeling Engineer Chemical Engineer1$83kNA
Lead Research Engineer1$83kNA
Research Engineer2$82kNA
Analyst Planning And Optimization1$81kNA
Lead Chemical Engineer1$81kNA
Coordinator Finance And IT Community Engagement1$81kNA
Research Scientist16$81k
Flow Assurance Engineer1$81kNA
Global Category Analyst2$80kNA
Research Chemist1$80kNA
Reservoir Modeling Specialist3$80k
3d Seismic Interpreter Scructure Spec Geologist1$80kNA
Strategic Sourcing Specialist1$80kNA
IT System Systems Analyst1$80kNA
Exploration Geologist2$79k
Stratigraphic Specialist1$79kNA
Research Geophysicist2$78k
Structural Geologist1$78kNA
Application Analyst I Programmer Analyst1$78kNA
Business Analyst Business System1$78kNA
Research Earth Scientist1$78kNA
Reliability Engineer1$77kNA
Reservoir Simulation Engineer11$76k
Programmer Analyst1$76kNA
Senior Scientist Materials Solid Oxide Fuel Cells1$74kNA
Petroleum Geologist1$74kNA
Health Productivity Advisor1$74kNA
Storage Design Engineer1$73kNA
Environmental Engineer3$73k
Business System Analyst1$72kNA
System Analyst1$72kNA
Materials Engineer1$71kNA
Exploration Manager1$71kNA
Reservoir Engineer5$71k
Application Analyst Downstream Division1$70kNA
Sap Security Analyst1$70kNA
Planning Analyst1$70kNA
Industrial Hygiene Safety Specialist1$70kNA
Deepwater Geologist1$70kNA
Project Controls Engineer1$70kNA
Operations Representative1$70kNA
Information Technology Professional2$69k
Software Delivery Infrastructure Specialist1$69kNA
Workover Engineer Petroleum Engineer1$69kNA
Research Technical Cl I3$69k
Petroleum Engineer12$69k
Earth Scientist7$69k
Planning Engineer2$68k
Drilling Representative2$68k
Process Engineer3$68k
Drilling Engineer1$68kNA
Information Technology Business Analyst1$67kNA
Instrument Electrical Engineer1$67kNA
Programmer Analyst Tech Career Ladder 111$66kNA
Business Planning And Financial Analyst1$66kNA
Web Application Developer1$66kNA
Development Geologist1$65kNA
Completion Engineer2$65k
Health Environment Safety Compliance Specialist1$65kNA
Facilities Engineer9$63k
Application Analyst5$63k
Facility Engineer1$62kNA
System Administrator2$61k
Project Engineer II1$61kNA
Associate Technology Development1$60kNA
Electrical Engineer1$60kNA
Infrastructure Analyst1$58kNA
System Analyst Information Tech Professional1$56kNA
Database Administrator1$53kNA
International Employee Development Specialist1$52kNA
Health And Safety Specialist1$50kNA
Project Engineer2$50kNA