Chevron Jobs

A total of 537 Chevron jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $111,253
Salary Range: $11,000

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Hes Global Information System Manager1$388kNA
Latin America Exploration Manager1$369kNA
Senior Clastic Stratigrapher1$319kNA
General Manager Procurement And Contract Support1$314kNA
Senior Counsel1$308kNA
Foreign Legal Consultant1$308kNA
Brazil Exploration Manager1$299kNA
VP Global Downstream Procurement2$289kNA
Team Leader Marine Operations Consulting Service3$288k
Senior Staff Petrophysicist1$284kNA
Drilling And Completion Manager Lead1$268kNA
Planning And Portfolio Analyst2$263k
Senior Drilling Engineer2$262k
Drilling And Completions Category Management Lead1$258kNA
Geolog Support Leader1$255kNA
Sabine Pass Lng Asset Manager3$238k
Senior Global Policy Govnt Public Affairs Repre1$237kNA
Senior Decision Analyst2$235k
Lead Operations Advisor2$233k
Lead Earth Scientist1$232kNA
Financial Manager1$228kNA
Seismic Data Analysis Specialist2$227k
Itsm Architecture Team Lead2$227kNA
System Completion Manager1$227kNA
Senior Geologist3$226k
Manager Conventional Opportunities1$210kNA
Deepwater Drilling Advisor1$206kNA
Nojv Drilling Manager1$205kNA
Assurance Interface And Risk Team Lead1$202kNA
Senior Business Development Advisor2$195kNA
Mechanical Engineering Team Lead1$194kNA
Research Petrophysicist Digital Core Specialist2$193k
Brand And Identity Advisor1$186kNA
Drilling Completion Software Engineer1$180kNA
Management Of Change Advisor1$177kNA
Oeag Project Coordinator2$177kNA
Formation Evaluation Specialist3$176k
Operational Excellence Advisor Auditor1$176kNA
Wheatstone Tax Advisor1$176kNA
Business Development Advisor Carbon Ventures1$175kNA
Team Leader Seal And Trap1$173kNA
Operation Rep Spare Parts Preservation Specialist1$173kNA
Industrial Hygiene And Safety Specialist1$171kNA
Research Petrophysicist2$169k
Construction Manager2$169kNA
Facility Engineering Supevisor1$165kNA
Staff Research Scientist Structural Geology Nume1$164kNA
Project Engineer Inlet Processing Domgas2$163k
Deepwater Drilling Engineer1$162kNA
Advisor Modeling And Simulation1$162kNA
Instrument Control Engineer1$161kNA
Geolog Support Lead1$161kNA
Operations Specialist2$159kNA
Clastic Research Stratigrapher Sedimentologist1$158kNA
Senior Reservoir Engineer1$156kNA
Staff Process Engineer1$155kNA
Lead Earth Scientist Southern Malongo Area Develo1$155kNA
11 3121 Human Resources Manager1$155kNA
Civil And Structural Engineer2$155k
Staff Research Engineer1$155kNA
Senior Geochemist1$153kNA
Artificial Lift Specialist2$153k
Staff Architect1$153kNA
Staff Petroleum Engineer2$152k
Oils Planning Engineer1$151kNA
Dwep Commercial Coordinator1$151kNA
Alaska Finance Team Leader1$150kNA
Technical Lead Geolog Support Petrophysicist1$150kNA
Instrument And Control Maintenance Specialist Ki1$149kNA
Planning Portfolio Analyst1$149kNA
Mechanical Engineer Static Equipment2$149k
Block 14 Senior Development Geologist1$148kNA
Natural Sciences Manager2$148k
Instrumentation Controls Engineer2$148kNA
Operation Representative Spare Parts Preservation1$147kNA
Industrial Engineer1$147kNA
Policy Government And Public Affairs Advisor1$145kNA
Marketing Manager1$145kNA
Compensation Analyst1$145kNA
Headquarters Planning Analyst1$145kNA
Lng Marketing Coordinator1$145kNA
Global Category Specialist1$144kNA
Business Analyst Asset Manager1$144kNA
Mooring System Engineer1$142kNA
Team Leader Seal Trap1$142kNA
Geological Numerical Modeler1$142kNA
Development Geophysicist2$140kNA
Reservoir Engineering Team Lead1$139kNA
Global D C Hes Advisor1$139kNA
Deepwater Commercial Coordinator1$139kNA
Americas Region Hr Coordinator Business Partner1$138kNA
Senior Flow Assurance Engineer1$138kNA
Staff Research Scientist4$137k
Living Quarters Building Site Manager1$137kNA
Linear Programming Modeler Analyst1$137kNA
Management Analyst1$137kNA
Business Analyst Global Upstream Supply Chain M1$136kNA
Operations Geologist1$136kNA
Compensation And Benefits Manager1$136kNA
Advisor Petroleum Engineer Simulation1$135kNA
Mcabu Drilling Completion Hes Advisor1$135kNA
Geoscientist Except Hydrologist And Geographers1$135kNA
Senior Research Scientist Flow Assurance4$135k
Lead Contracts Advisor1$134kNA
Operational Excellence Advisor1$134kNA
Reservoir Engineer Co2 Wf Team1$133kNA
Jack S Malo Power And Controls Engineer1$133kNA
Finance Team Lead1$133kNA
Senior Facilities Engineer2$133k
Staff Research Geophysicist3$132k
Lead Earth Scientist Southern Malongo Area Dvlpmt1$132kNA
Staff Offshore Structural Engineer1$132kNA
Staff Scientist2$132k
Project Quality Manager1$132kNA
Rpfs Specialist Technical Geophysicist2$131k
Jack S Malo2$131kNA
Linear Programming Modeling Engineer1$130kNA
Research Geophysicist Senior Scientific Engineering P1$130kNA
Eor Consultant1$130kNA
Lead Reservoir Simulation Engineer4$130k
Geologic Geophysical Operations Geologist1$129kNA
Team Lead Procurement3$129kNA
Geophysicist Geophysical Reservoir Surveillance4$129k
Process Safety Management Specialist1$129kNA
Engineering Manager2$129k
Business Planning Engineer1$128kNA
Greater Takula Area Development Geologist1$128kNA
Process Risk Engineer1$127kNA
Seismic Processing Geophysicist1$127kNA
Global Category Lead3$127kNA
Lead Facilities Engineer Flow Assurance1$127kNA
Jack S Malo Power And Control Engineer1$126kNA
Staff Analyst1$126kNA
Operations Advisor1$126kNA
Senior Research Scientist4$126k
Heavy Oil Reservoir Engineer1$125kNA
Physician Assistant1$125kNA
Waterflood Engineer1$125kNA
Carbon Management Advisor3$125k
Geophysics Researcher Multiphysics Inversion1$125kNA
Specialist Model Development1$125kNA
Lead Research Geophysicist3$124k
Electrical Engineer Jsm Subsea2$124kNA
Solution Architect2$124k
Solutions Architect2$124k
Production Engineer Well Reliability1$124kNA
Lng Commercial Advisor Analyst1$123kNA
Hull And System Engineer1$123kNA
Petroleum Geologist Basin Modeler1$123kNA
Lead Petroleum Engineer1$122kNA
Mcabu Drilling And Completion Hes Advisor1$122kNA
Drilling Information Technology Architect1$122kNA
Project Manager Automation And Electrical1$122kNA
Well Abadonment Engineer1$121kNA
On Site Dual Gradient Drilling Advisor1$121kNA
Category Specialist Project Valves And Line Pipe1$121kNA
Geophysical Software Developer2$121k
Purchasing Manager1$121kNA
Foreign Law Consultant1$120kNA
Computer Software Engineer Application2$120k
Senior Analyst1$120kNA
Geomechanical Reservoir Simulation Engineer1$120kNA
Global Category Lead Consulting1$120kNA
Global Category Specialist Business Managed Serv1$120kNA
Application Support Technical Analyst1$120kNA
Business Manager Budgets Planning And Complian1$120kNA
Hr Erp Business Analyst1$120kNA
Lead Research Scientist Flow Assurance2$120kNA
Senior Planning Engineer1$120kNA
Quantitative Market Analyst3$119k
G G Operations Geophysicist2$119k
Field Drilling Operations Engineer1$119kNA
Uwt Reservoir Management Program Manager1$119kNA
Marine Engineer And Naval Architect1$119kNA
Health Environmental Specialist Technical Cl 101$119kNA
Senior Naval Architect4$119k
Completion Engineer5$118k
Rpfs Geophysicist Quantitative Interpreter2$118kNA
Commericial Coordinator1$118kNA
Project Controls Analyst2$118k
Mineralogist And Geochemist2$118k
Subsea Gis Analyst1$118kNA
Research Scientist Petroleum Engineer2$118kNA
Earth Scientist Cl 362$118k
On Site Dual Gradient Advisor1$117kNA
Senior Research Scientist Struc Geo Num Model1$117kNA
Technical Team Mgr Prod Chem And Application1$117kNA
Business Development Specialist1$117kNA
Technical Team Leader Analytical Chemist2$117k
Senior Research Geophysicist1$117kNA
Foraminiferal Biostratigrapher1$116kNA
Indirect Channel Marketing Specialist Americas Ma1$116kNA
Rm Analyst Information Technology Professional1$116kNA
Commercial Representative1$116kNA
Senior Geophysicist1$116kNA
Research Technical Cl I3$116k
Category Manager Production Operations1$116kNA
Eor Specialist1$116kNA
Contracts Advisor2$116k
Senior Scientific Engineering Professional1$115kNA
Fpso Marine Consultant1$115kNA
Executive Communications Manager1$115kNA
Fpso Marine Operations Advisor1$115kNA
Global Benefits Advisor2$114k
Process Research And Development Engineer1$114kNA
Geoscientists Except Hydrologists And Geographers12$114k
Senior Development Geologist1$114kNA
Basin Modeler3$114k
Senior Scientific Professional3$114k
Category Manager2$113k
Research Geophysicist19$113k
Finance Manager1$113kNA
Project Controls Advisor1$113kNA
Research Scientist Geochemist2$113kNA
Intellectual Property Coordinator1$113kNA
Reservoir Simulation Developer1$113kNA
Geomechanics Research Scientist1$113kNA
Geoscientists Except Hydrologists1$113kNA
Decision And Quantitative Analyst1$113kNA
Drilling And Completion Engineer1$113kNA
Petroleum Engineering Research Scientist3$113k
Atomic Spectroscopy Analytical Chemist1$112kNA
Senior Research Engineer6$112k
Supervisor Regional Category Specialist1$112kNA
Velocity Modeling Geophysicist3$112k
Aos Planner1$112kNA
Marine Advisor2$112k
Earth Modeling R D1$112kNA
Drilling Engineer16$111k
Research Geologist4$111k
Math Modeling Analyst1$111kNA
Planning Analyst4$111k
Mechanical Engineer11$110k
Category Specialist6$110k
Global Gas Commercial Skills Development Analyst1$110kNA
Senior Engineer Instrumentation And Control1$110kNA
Marine Engineer1$110kNA
Senior Facility Engineer1$110kNA
Lead Research Scientist7$110k
Intersect Workflow Commercialization Engineer1$110kNA
Petroleum Geophysicist1$110kNA
Petroleum Engineer110$109k
Oe Msp Advisor1$109kNA
Exploration And Production Research Scientist1$109kNA
Dwep Field Engineer1$109kNA
Software Developer Application1$109kNA
Subsea Intervention Engineer1$109kNA
Reservoir Engineer58$109k
Research Earth Scientist1$109kNA
Decision Analysis Advisor2$108k
Research Scientist37$108k
Human Resource Coordinator Business Partner Ameri1$108kNA
Petroleum Engineer Operations1$108kNA
Operations Planning Engineer1$108kNA
Geologist Basin Modeler1$108kNA
Relief System Engineer3$107k
Operations Earth Scientist1$107kNA
Subsea Pipeline Engineer4$107k
Lead Research Development Engineer1$107kNA
Senior Process Engineer1$107kNA
Subsea Engineer1$107kNA
Clastic Stratigrapher3$107k
Lead Research Engineer15$107k
Development Geologist6$107k
Advanced Process Control Engineer4$107k
Facilities Engineer Subsea1$107kNA
Earth Scientist Reservoir Modeling Team1$106kNA
Eartj Scoemtost Reservoir Modeling Team1$106kNA
Lead Reseach Scientist1$106kNA
Subsea Pipeline Specialist2$106k
Senior Research Scientist Flow Assurance Specialist1$106kNA
Natural Science Manager2$106k
Enhanced Oil Recovery Consultant1$105kNA
Petroleum Engineer Waterflood3$105k
Global Category Lead Procurement2$105k
Production Modeling Engineer1$105kNA
Subsea Construction Installation Engineer1$105kNA
Simulation Mathematician1$105kNA
I E Lead Design Engineer1$105kNA
Research Geoscientist1$105kNA
Lead Engineer1$105kNA
I Field Engineer2$105k
Global Gas Analyst2$105kNA
Lead Research Chemist5$105k
Reservoir Simulation Engineer52$104k
Riser Engineer3$104k
Aviation Research Specialist Logistics1$104kNA
Cl 36 Earth Scientist1$104kNA
Earth Modeling Specialist1$104kNA
Solutions Consultant1$104kNA
Specialist Global Partnerships And Program1$104kNA
Petroleum Engineer Cl III11$104k
Reservoir Modeling Specialist1$104kNA
Project Manager2$103k
Technical Team Leader3$103k
Marine Architect2$103k
New Venture Explorationist1$103kNA
Prc Contracts Advisor1$103kNA
Earth Scientist37$103k
Subsea Controls Specialist5$103k
Chemical Engineer14$103k
Junior Flow Assurance Specialist3$103k
Lead Chemist1$103kNA
Simulation Engineer6$102k
Chevron Corporation1$102kNA
Reservoir Modeling Engineer2$102kNA
Lead Engineer Sequestration1$102kNA
Market Research Analyst5$102k
Learning And Organizational Development Advisor1$102kNA
Facilities Engineer33$102k
High Performance Computing Hpc Professional1$102kNA
Coordinator Finance IT2$101kNA
Intervention Engineer2$101k
Research Scientist Rock Mechanics1$101kNA
Senior Staff Chemist1$101kNA
Technologistfluid Catalytic Cracking1$101kNA
Exploration Geologist2$101k
Mechanical And Piping Engineer2$100k
Environmental Specialist4$100k
Structural Geologist Numerical Modeler1$100kNA
Senior Environmental Engineer1$100kNA
Drilling Engineer Adp1$100kNA
Petroleum Geologist1$100kNA
Drill Site Manager5$100k
Completions Engineer2$99k
Scientific Engineering Professional3$99k
Materials Engineer5$99k
Health Environment Safety1$99kNA
Field Drilling Engineer1$99kNA
Research Engineer38$99k
Remediation Project Manager3$99k
Flow Assurance Engineer1$98kNA
Production Engineer15$98k
Petroleum Engineer Well Test Engineer1$98kNA
Earth Sciences Developer1$98kNA
Development Geologist Geophysicist1$98kNA
Operations Research Analyst6$98k
Tta Decision Analyst1$98kNA
Temblor Thermal Area1$98kNA
Reliability Engineer8$98k
Structural Geologist2$98k
IT Professional3$97k
Drilling Completions Engineer2$97kNA
Global Sales Analyst1$97kNA
Modeling And Simulation Engineer3$97k
System Analyst4$96k
Rpfs Geophysicist Earth Science Cl 361$96kNA
IT Professionals1$96kNA
Fundamental Analyst1$96kNA
Decision Analyst1$96kNA
Lead Engineer I C1$96kNA
Marine Operations Advisor1$96kNA
Contract Administrator1$95kNA
Facilities Engineer Subsea Controls Specialist1$95kNA
Electrical Enigineer1$95kNA
Commercial Analyst2$95k
Emerging Technology Analyst1$95kNA
Process Research Engineer3$95k
Junior Flow Assurnace Specialist1$95kNA
Storage Design Engineer1$95kNA
Senior Modeling Engineer1$95kNA
Brazil Asset Evaluation Geoscientist1$95kNA
Advanced Production Engineer1$95kNA
Seismic Interpreter1$95kNA
Application Programmer Analyst3$95k
Research Chemist7$95k
Reservoir Simulation Consultant2$95k
Supply Analyst2$95k
Reservoir Simulation Enginer1$95kNA
Lean Sigma Facilitator Reservoir Engineer1$94kNA
Lead Research Scientist Flow Assurance Specialis1$94kNA
Research Scientist Technologist1$94kNA
Business Analyst11$94k
Quantitative Analyst2$94k
Machinery Engineer2$93k
Earth Scientist Biostratigrapher1$93kNA
Project Engineer4$93k
Subsea Project Engineer1$93kNA
Business Analyst Procurement29$93k
Social Performance Advisor1$93kNA
Asset Development Engineer3$92k
Environmental Project Manager1$92kNA
Research Basin Modeler1$92kNA
Biofuels Process Engineer1$92kNA
Asset Development Petroleum Engineer5$92k
Psm Coordinator1$92kNA
Carbonate Stratigrapher3$92k
Information Technologist5$92k
Bench Test Development Engineer1$92kNA
Houston Clinic Supervisor Nurse Practitioner1$92kNA
Next Gen Trainer1$92kNA
Nextgen Trainer1$92kNA
Houston Clinic Supervisor1$92kNA
E P Research Scientist1$91kNA
Programmer Analyst Gas Support Team1$91kNA
Hes Advisor1$91kNA
Horizon Engineer Well Site Manager1$91kNA
Analyst Global Gas Commerical Skills Development1$91kNA
Civil Structural Engineer Gorgon Downstream2$90kNA
Planning Engineer4$90k
Financial Analyst1$90kNA
IT Business Analyst1$90kNA
Structural Geologist Numerical Moderler1$90kNA
Process Research Development Engineer1$90kNA
Patent Liaison Chemist2$90k
Lead Process Engineer1$90kNA
Occupational Health Safety Specialist3$90k
Procurement Business Analyst5$90k
Petroleum Engineer Research Scientist1$90kNA
Reservoir Quality Analyst1$90kNA
Decision Support Analyst4$89k
Facilities Engineer Class V2$89k
Engineer Global Quality Assurance1$89kNA
Global Category Analyst1$89kNA
Mechanical Engineer Tribologist1$89kNA
Facility Engineer2$88k
Test Engineer Fuels1$88kNA
Processing Geophysicist2$88k
Process Engineer11$88k
Geoscientist Except Hydrologists And Geographers1$88kNA
Technical Infrastructure Central Support Team Lead1$88kNA
Information Technology Professional4$88k
Pgpa Advisor1$88kNA
R D Research Team Leader1$88kNA
Reservoir Properties Geophysicist2$87k
Technical Analyst3$87k
Drilling And Completions Engineer1$87kNA
Environmental Scientist3$87kNA
Environmental Engineer1$87kNA
Technologist Fcc Catalyst Testing1$87kNA
Analyst Procurement2$87k
Instrument Engineer Big Foot1$87kNA
Banzala Reservoir Simulation Engineer1$87kNA
Operational Facilities Engineer1$86kNA
Oronite Development Engineer1$86kNA
Consultant Instructional Design Training Management System1$86kNA
Consultant Instruc Design Training Mgmnt System1$86kNA
Lab Supervisor Clay Mineralogist2$86kNA
Petroweb Developer1$86kNA
Safety Specialist Industrial Hygiene3$86k
Information Management Analyst1$86kNA
Decision Support Analyst Market Research1$85kNA
Procurement Business Anlayst1$85kNA
Strategic Sourcing Specialist2$85kNA
Procurement Category Manager1$85kNA
Global Card Product And Process Specialist1$85kNA
Analyzer Engineer1$85kNA
Analyst Operations1$85kNA
Software Application Engineer1$85kNA
Global Media Analyst1$85kNA
Health And Productivity Advisor1$85kNA
IT System Systems Analyst1$84kNA
Senior Electrical Engineer1$84kNA
International Project Manager Engineer1$84kNA
Geologist Geochemist1$84kNA
Occupational Hygienist1$84kNA
Budget Analyst1$83kNA
Sap Security Analyst1$83kNA
Research Geochemist1$83kNA
Flow And Instrumentation Engineer1$83kNA
Health Environment And Safety Specialist1$82kNA
Mine Engineer2$82k
Health Environ Safety1$82kNA
Market Analyst1$82kNA
Maintenance Advisor1$81kNA
Project Manager I1$81kNA
Drill Site Engineer Manager1$81kNA
Planning Engineer Process Planning Unit1$80kNA
Petroleum Structural Geologist1$80kNA
Analyst Math Modeling Team2$80k
Process Chemist2$80kNA
Earth Scientist Deep Water Stratigraphy1$80kNA
Geographical Information System Analyst2$79k
Automation Analyst1$78kNA
Subsea Pipeline Engineering Specialist1$78kNA
Shipboard System Specialist2$78k
Junior Flow Assurance Engineer Research Scientist1$77kNA
Regional Network Performance Analyst1$77kNA
Web Application Developer1$77kNA
Reservoir Simulation Consultant Engineer1$77kNA
Engineer Product Technology1$76kNA
Application Analyst3$76k
Drill Site Engineer2$76kNA
Application Developer Analyst1$75kNA
IT Security Specialist1$75kNA
Safety Specialist3$75k
Subsea Survey Engineer1$75kNA
Subsea Specialist2$73kNA
Environmental Hydrogeologist1$73kNA
Global Supply Chain Specialist1$73kNA
Supply Chain Analyst1$73kNA
Field Control Specialist1$73kNA
Project Cost Analyst1$73kNA
Petroleum Enginer2$73k
Oronite Development Program Engineer1$72kNA
Principal Engineer System Design1$72kNA
Technical Rotation Engineer1$72kNA
Hes Specialist2$71k
Occupational Health And Safety Specialist1$71kNA
Engineer Oronite Development Program1$71kNA
Operations Representative1$70kNA
Senior Controls Engineer1$68kNA
Structural Engineer1$68kNA
Process Engineer Heat Exchangers1$68kNA
Project Engineer II1$66kNA
Facilities Engineer Cl V1$66kNA
Product Qualification Program Manager1$64kNA
Computer System Analyst2$63k
Production Operations Engineer1$62kNA
Programmer Analyst1$62kNA
Global Pgpa Representative1$62kNA
Staff Geophysicist1$61kNA
Analyst Strategic Planning Analytical1$60kNA
Associate Chemist1$60kNA
Contracts Compliance Analyst Law Clerk1$60kNA
Analyst Strategic Planning Analysis1$57kNA
Electronic Instrumentation Specialist1$56kNA
Project Engineer I1$55kNA
Lubricants Business Manager1$55kNA
Data Mining Analyst1$54kNA
Process Research Scientist1$53kNA
Research Chemist Assistant1$48kNA
Petroleum Lab Qa Quality Control Technician1$46kNA