Chesapeake Salary, OH

A total of 423 real salary data found within 10 miles of Chesapeake, OH.

Salary Average: $104,687
Salary Range: $15,579

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TitleEmployerSalaryLocation / Date / Further Info
IT Associate SeniorMarshall University Research$43kHuntington, WV (02/2009)
Physician Hematologist OncologistUniversity Physicians Surgeons$300kHuntington, WV (02/2009)
Gastroenterologist Assistant Professor Of MedicineUniversity Physicians Surgeons$325kHuntington, WV (03/2009)
Resident Physician Pgy IIIUniversity Physicians And Surgeons$47kHuntington, WV (04/2009)
Physician Resident PhysicianUniversity Physicians And Surgeons$47kHuntington, WV (05/2009)
Postdoctoral Research AssociateMarshall University Research$42kHuntington, WV (05/2009)
EndocrinologistUniversity Physicians And Surgeons$170kHuntington, WV (05/2009)
RheumatologistUniversity Physicians And Surgeons$190kHuntington, WV (05/2009)
Physician PsychiatristHhc River Park$170kHuntington, WV (06/2009)
Postdoctoral AssociateMarshall University Research$37kHuntington, WV (06/2009)
Endocrinologist PhysicianUniversity Physicians Surgeons$165kHuntington, WV (03/2010)
Hematologist Oncologist PhysicianUniversity Physicians Surgeons$300kHuntington, WV (06/2010)
Physician And Surgeon All OtherUniversity Physicians Surgeons$200kHuntington, WV (06/2010)
Staff Pain PhysicianPain Care$350kHuntington, WV (10/2009)
Program Development SpecialistMarshall University Research$46kHuntington, WV (12/2009)
Urgent Care PhysicianOhio Valley Physicians$146kHuntington, WV (01/2010)
Research TechnicianMarshall University Research$27kHuntington, WV (04/2010)
System Integration SpecialistMarshall University$43kHuntington, WV (05/2010)
GeriatricianMarshall University$150kHuntington, WV (05/2010)
Infectious Diseases PhysicianMarshall University$165kHuntington, WV (05/2010)