Charlotte Salary, NC

A total of 9,235 real salary data found within 10 miles of Charlotte, NC.

Salary Average: $70,358
Salary Range: $12,000

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TitleEmployerSalaryLocation / Date / Further Info
Premier Field EngineerMicrosoft$870kCharlotte, NC (06/2008)
Senior ConsultantDassault Systemes Services$703kCharlotte, NC (11/2006)
Clinical Fellow Minimally Invasive SurgeryCharlotte Mecklenburg Hospital Authority$591kCharlotte, NC (11/2012)
PresidentContinental Tire North America$529kCharlotte, NC (03/2005)
CardiologistNovant Health Presbyterian$500kCharlotte, NC (04/2009)
Director Product DevelopmentContinental Tire North America$432kCharlotte, NC (01/2003)
Programmer AnaylstArusan Systems$432kCharlotte, NC (12/2005)
Special Counsel Capital Markets DepartmentCadwalader Wickersham Taft$350kCharlotte, NC (02/2008)
Special Counsel Capital Markets DepartmentCadwalader Wickersham Taft$325kCharlotte, NC (02/2008)
Clinical Fellow Minimally Invasive SurgeryCarolinas Healthcare System$316kCharlotte, NC (02/2010)
Thoracic SurgeonCarolinas Healthcare System$308kCharlotte, NC (03/2007)
Managing MemberNoonday Asset Management$300kCharlotte, NC (10/2007)
Physician Critical Care MedicineCarolinas Healthcare System$282kCharlotte, NC (05/2010)
Medical TechProfessional Medical Billing$279kCharlotte, NC (05/2004)
Chief Financial OfficerWachovia$260kCharlotte, NC (08/2004)
Senior VP And ActuaryTransamerica Life Insurance$256kCharlotte, NC (06/2009)
President The AmericasGlobe Express Services$250kCharlotte, NC (05/2011)
Physician And Surgeon All OtherOrthocarolina$250kCharlotte, NC (11/2009)
Engineering DirectorWood Brothers Jtg Racing$250kHarrisburg, NC (12/2007)
PhysicianOrtho Carolina$250kCharlotte, NC (03/2007)