Central Care Pa Salary

A total of 13 real salary data listed for Central Care Pa.

Salary Average: $146,950
Salary Range: $48,797

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TitleEmployerSalaryLocation / Date / Further Info
Medical PhysicistCentral Care Pa$100kSalina, KS (08/2004)
Medical PhysicistCentral Care Pa$100kNewton, KS (08/2004)
Radiation OncologistCentral Care Pa$200kSalina, KS (07/2005)
Medical Oncologist HematologistCentral Care Pa$250kBolivar, MO (12/2006)
Medical OncologistCentral Care Pa$300kEmporia, KS (07/2008)
Medical OncologistCentral Care Pa$300kNewton, KS (07/2008)
Medical PhysicistCentral Care Pa$120kSalina, KS (07/2009)
Medical PhysicistCentral Care Pa$120kSalina, KS (07/2009)
Clinic ManagerCentral Care Pa$100kSalina, KS (05/2010)
LogisticianCentral Care Pa$72kSalina, KS (05/2012)
Director Of Facilities Administrative ServiceCentral Care Pa$49kSalina, KS (05/2012)
Clinic ManagerCentral Care Pa$100kBolivar, MO (10/2010)
Clinical DirectorCentral Care Pa$100kBolivar, MO (07/2011)