Cellco Partnership Jobs

A total of 112 Cellco Partnership jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $90,179
Salary Range: $47,237

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Marketing Program Director1$180kNA
Strategist Product Management Development1$141kNA
Associate Director IT1$140kNA
Dir Market Product Planning Intl Relations1$134kNA
IT Director1$130kNA
Electronics Engineer Except Computer1$129kNA
Principle Member Of Application Staff2$126kNA
Director Wireless Data System1$123kNA
Senior Oracle Database Administrator1$119kNA
Senior Member Of Technical Staff System Engineer1$116kNA
Software Engineer Manager IT1$115kNA
Device Development Manager1$115kNA
User Experience Design Manager1$115kNA
Associate Director Product Dev Management1$115kNA
Computer Software Engineer Application2$111kNA
Mts Network Engineer2$111k
Information Security Analyst Web Developer And Computer Network Architect1$110kNA
Mts Software Engineer1$109kNA
Senior Engineer Pd1$109kNA
Manager Of Technology1$107kNA
Programmer Manager Senior Consultant1$107kNA
Manager IT9$107k
New Technologies Portfolio Manager1$106kNA
Senior Consultant Fp A1$105kNA
System Engineering Manager1$105kNA
Computer And Information System Manager1$104kNA
Director Of Product Management1$103kNA
Member Of Technical Staff Senior Engineer Network1$103kNA
Manager Marketing2$102k
Consumer Multimedia Product Manager1$101kNA
Associate Director Manager IT1$101kNA
Software Engineer Application1$100kNA
Senior Consultant Data Analytics1$99kNA
Engineer Pd1$98kNA
Computer System Analyst6$98k
Senior Member Of Technical Staff9$98k
Member Of Technical Staff2$98k
Manager Network Engineering1$97kNA
Senior Operations Engineer Cds1$97kNA
Member Technical Staff IV1$97kNA
Software Developer Application12$97k
Engineer Senior Member Of Application Staff5$96k
Manager Reporting Analytics1$96kNA
Manager Database Marketing1$96kNA
Senior Manager Of Application Staff1$96kNA
Client Server Consultant Senior System Analyst1$96kNA
Senior Member Of Application Staff20$96k
Product Development Manager1$95kNA
Manager Open Development2$95kNA
Mts IV Consultant Syst Engineering2$95k
Principal Member Of Technical Staff5$94k
Mts IV Consultant System Engineering19$94k
Member Of Technical Staff IV4$93k
Senior Member Application Staff4$93k
Computer Software Engineer1$93kNA
Senior Qa Engineer1$93kNA
Senior Member Of Technical Staff System Admninis1$92kNA
Marketing Manager3$92k
Senior Member Of Technical Staff Syst Egineering1$91kNA
Client Server Consultant2$91k
Engineer Senior Member Of Technical Staff1$91kNA
Member Technical Support IV Consultant IT Quality1$90kNA
Member Of Technical Staff III11$90k
Mts III Consultant System Engineering13$90k
Consultant Database Marketing1$90kNA
Mts Network Performance6$89k
Senior Software Engineer4$89k
Senior System Analyst IT1$89kNA
Manager Product Development1$88kNA
Senior Business System Analyst1$88kNA
Senior System Analyst21$88k
Mts Network3$88k
Senior Member Of Techincal Staff1$87kNA
Member Technical Staff III1$87kNA
Senior Programmer Analyst Senior System Analyst4$86k
Member Of Technical Staff Network6$85k
Senior Technical Analyst5$85k
Director Financial Analysis1$84kNA
Data Maintenance Engineer1$83kNA
Mts Senior Engineer Network3$83k
Senior Programmer Analyst IT4$82k
Senior Progammer Analyst1$82kNA
Software Engineer5$82k
Senior Engineer Network1$81kNA
Network System And Data Communications Analyst1$81kNA
Senior Programmer Analyst30$81k
Senior Client Server Developer Analyst3$81k
Senior Programmer Analyst Senior Member Of Application6$80k
Rf Engineer IV1$79kNA
Rf Engineer2$77k
Engineer Data2$76k
Senior Information Analyst6$74k
Rf Engineer II1$74kNA
Senior Rf Engineer1$71kNA
Consultant Business Operations1$69kNA
System Performance Engineer1$69kNA
Programmer Analyst4$69k
Senior Analyst Equipment Metrics Reporting3$64k
Member Of Technical Staff Technology1$63kNA
Enigneer Rf1$63kNA
Radio Frequency Engineer1$61kNA
Senior Analyst Marketing1$61kNA
Wireless Data Engineer1$60kNA
Senior Member Of Technical Staff System Adminis1$60kNA
Senior Client Server Analyst1$56kNA
Marketing Consultant3$54k
Client Server Developer Analyst II1$52kNA
Analyst Reporting Analysis1$52kNA
Engineer I Rf1$49kNA
Consultant Marketing1$47kNA
Marketing Analyst Adp1$47kNA