Cedars Sinai Medical Center Jobs

A total of 183 Cedars Sinai Medical Center jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $65,083
Salary Range: $28,080

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Administrative Dietitian Patient Food Services3$311k
Staff Physician Gastroenterology1$285kNA
Staff Physician I4$193k
Director Of Information System Operations1$164kNA
Outpatient Clinical System Manager1$160kNA
Nurse Practitioner1$145kNA
Director Hr Information System Operations1$140kNA
Pharmacy Program Coordinator1$128kNA
Change Release Team Lead1$125kNA
Physician Informatics Specialist1$122kNA
Network System Engineer1$120kNA
Administrative Staff Physician I1$120kNA
Eis Technology Team Leader1$120kNA
System Administration Team Lead Eis1$119kNA
Staff Pharmacist II1$117kNA
Application Specialist II1$117kNA
Peoplesoft System Administrator2$115k
Internist General1$115kNA
Senior Programmer Analyst Computer System Analyst1$112kNA
Senior Application Specialist2$111k
Middle East Medical Coordinator1$111kNA
Senior Programmer Analyst4$110k
Senior Electronic Mail Administrator2$110k
Application Specialist II Epic Security1$110kNA
Computer And Information System Manager1$110kNA
Eis System Administrator1$109kNA
Network And Computer System Engineer1$109kNA
Programmer Analyst Epic Bridges1$107kNA
Senior Application Specialist Programmer Analyst1$107kNA
Research Scientist II9$107k
Hla Immunogenetics Assistant Director1$105kNA
Senior Eis System Administrator1$105kNA
Technology Transfer Marketing Associate1$105kNA
Research Scientist III5$104k
Application Specialist II Outpatient Clinical Sy1$103kNA
Eis Application Specialist II2$103k
Senior IT System Engineer1$102kNA
Clinical Program Coordinator2$101k
Peoplesoft Admin Network Comp System Admin1$100kNA
Eis Application Specialst II1$100kNA
Staff Physician1$100kNA
Database Administrator2$100k
System Integrator1$99kNA
Patient Safety Supervisor1$99kNA
Change Control System Analyst2$96k
Senior Project Coordinator Computer Info System Mgr1$95kNA
Staff Pharmacist5$95k
Pharmacist I1$95kNA
Medical And Health Services Manager1$93kNA
Application Specialist II Outpatient System1$93kNA
Programmer Analyst Enterprise Information System1$92kNA
Network And Computer System Administrator1$89kNA
Database Analyst Programmer1$87kNA
System Administrator Software Environments1$85kNA
Associate System Integrator1$85kNA
System Analyst Change Release1$85kNA
Network Computer System Administrator2$85k
Database Analyst1$85kNA
Radiation Therapist1$83kNA
Patient Safety Administration Associate1$83kNA
Research Scientist I Faculty1$82kNA
Enterprise Information Services Report Analyst3$82k
Programmer Analyst Informatica1$81kNA
Senior Biostatistician I1$81kNA
Research Scientist2$81k
Occupational Therapist II1$80kNA
Intern Pharmacist1$80kNA
Senior Administrative Services Associate1$80kNA
Business System Analyst1$80kNA
Pharmacy Resident1$80kNA
Performance Improvement Fac Oper Rsch Analyst1$79kNA
Analyst II1$79kNA
Information System Training Specialist1$78kNA
Research Biostatistician III1$77kNA
Research Specialist2$77k
Compliance Officer1$76kNA
Clinical Laboratory Scientist III1$76kNA
Programmer Analyst13$76k
Cancer Center Chaplain1$75kNA
Research Informatics System Administrator1$75kNA
Irb Analyst1$74kNA
Senior Biostatistician3$74k
Aim Programmer Analyst2$72kNA
Genetic Services Coordinator1$72kNA
Clinical Laboratory Scientist I2$71kNA
Research Scientist I40$70k
Genetics Services Coordinator1$70kNA
Physical Therapist III1$70kNA
Resarch Scientist I1$69kNA
Operations Research Analyst Performance Improv Fac1$68kNA
Clinical Research Coordinator1$68kNA
Clinical Research Coordinator II2$67k
Programmer Analyst Report Specialist1$67kNA
Research Program Coordinator2$66k
Data Report System Analyst1$66kNA
Biostatistician III2$65k
Associate Interface Analyst Developer1$65kNA
Clinical Laboratory Scientist II1$64kNA
Medical Clinical Laboratory Technician1$63kNA
Research Associate Transplant Immunology1$63kNA
Clinical Fellow3$63k
Computer System Analyst Non R D5$62k
Clinical Lab Scientist Medical Technologist II2$61k
Clinical Dietitian III1$61kNA
Clinical Dietician III2$61kNA
Senior Research Bioanalyst1$60kNA
Resident Surgery Yr61$60kNA
Resident Orthopaedics Yr VI1$60kNA
Irb Analyst Management Analyst1$60kNA
Afp Screening Program Coordinator1$60kNA
Physician In Training Yr71$59kNA
Decision Supprt Analyst Operations Rsch Analyst1$59kNA
Research Biostatistician3$59k
Medical Scientist Except Epidemiologists7$58k
Project Scientist36$58k
Colon And Rectal Surgery Fellow1$58kNA
Internal Medicine Resident Yr71$58kNA
Resident Neuroradiology Yr71$58kNA
Clinical Research Coordinator I2$57k
Research Associate III21$57k
Industry Relations Associate1$57kNA
Research Associate IV1$57kNA
Decision Support Analyst Operations Rsch Analyst1$56kNA
Clinical Laboratory Scientist4$56k
Research Biostatistician I2$56k
Resident Urology Yr61$56kNA
Industrial Hygienist3$56kNA
Physician In Training9$56k
Physician In Training Pulmonary Critical Care1$55kNA
Physician In Training Cardiology1$55kNA
Physician In Training Neurosurgery2$55k
Software System Engineer1$55kNA
Construction Cost Analyst1$54kNA
Resident Surgical Pathology Yr51$53kNA
Resident Nulear Medicine Yr51$53kNA
Resident Nuclear Medicine Yr51$53kNA
Pulmonary Critical Care Resident Yr51$53kNA
Resident Surgery Yr51$53kNA
Resident Internal Medicine Yr51$53kNA
Resident Anatomic Pathology1$53kNA
Business Process Analyst1$53kNA
Operations Research Analyst2$52k
Physical Therapist I1$51kNA
Resident Nephrology Yr IV1$51kNA
Research Biostatistician II4$50k
Resident Psychiatry Yr42$50k
Resident Pathologist Yr41$50kNA
Resident Cardiology Yr41$50kNA
Research Associate5$50k
Post M D2$50kNA
Research Biostatistician II Social Scientist1$49kNA
Resident Surgical Critical Care Yr31$49kNA
Resident Internal Medicine Yr32$49kNA
Internal Medicine Resident Yr11$48kNA
Clinical Dietitian II1$48kNA
Postdoctoral Scientist7$48k
Resident Internal Medicine Yr II1$47kNA
Resident Internal Medicine Yr21$47kNA
Resident Pathology Yr II1$47kNA
Resident Surgeon Yr41$47kNA
Pulmonary Critical Care Resident Yr41$47kNA
Resident Surgery Yr I2$46kNA
Clinical Research Associate1$46kNA
Scientific Researcher Infectious Disease Immuno1$45kNA
Scientific Researcher Infections Disease Immuno1$45kNA
Resident Surgery Yr13$45k
Postdoctoral Researcher93$43k
Research Associate II39$43k
Resident Internal Medicine Yr15$42k
Resident Psychiatry Yr11$42kNA
Postdoctoral Resarcher1$40kNA
Resident Nuclear Medicine Yr22$40k
Resident Surgery Yr31$40kNA
Surgery Resident1$38kNA
Research Associate I30$37k
Medical Scientist1$36kNA
Post Doctorial Researcher2$36k
Research Assocaite I1$34kNA
Reserch Associate I1$32kNA
Early Intervention Specialist I1$28kNA