Cargill Jobs

A total of 230 Cargill jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $78,730
Salary Range: $10,416

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Latam Business Development Director1$172kNA
Managing Director1$150kNA
Us Power Trader1$145kNA
Starch Product Line Manager2$136k
North America Senior Natural Gas Analyst1$135kNA
Pi Xi Consultant1$135kNA
General Manager1$130kNA
Director Finance And Liquidity Group1$130kNA
Global Strategic Lead Premix2$125kNA
Junior Trader1$125kNA
Equity Derivatives Trading Associate1$125kNA
Financial Manager4$123k
Director Portfolio Manager1$120kNA
Director Finance Liquidity1$120kNA
Carval Investors Associate1$120kNA
Utility Equity Analyst1$120kNA
Securities Commodities And Financial Services Sales Agents2$119k
Process Designer Record To Report1$118kNA
VP Emerging Markets7$117k
Senior Manager Toxicology Global Scientific And R1$117kNA
Fsc Operational Excellence Lead1$116kNA
Business Development Manager1$115kNA
Trader Structuring1$115kNA
Sap Application Security Advisor1$115kNA
Director Financial Analyst2$115k
Treasury Analyst1$112kNA
Physical Power Trader1$111kNA
General And Operations Manager1$110kNA
Emission Reduction Project Specialist1$110kNA
Trading Associate1$110kNA
Global Credit Analyst1$110kNA
Senior IT Consultant Application Dev And Support1$110kNA
Senior IT Consultant Application Dev Support1$110kNA
Solution Analyst Supply Chain Planning1$110kNA
Senior IT Consultant Application Development And1$109kNA
Marketing Manager4$109k
Regulatory Affairs Manager Toxicology Specialist1$108kNA
Transportation Storage And Distribution Manager1$107kNA
Director Finance And Liquidity2$107k
Business Analyst Project Team Leader4$105k
Value Investment Credit Strategies Associate1$105kNA
Director Analyst Financial Analyst1$105kNA
Senior Process Consultant And Program Office1$105kNA
Senior Marketing Analyst1$104kNA
Project Team Leader2$103k
Senior Crude Trader1$102kNA
Financial Analyst7$101k
Research Analyst1$100kNA
Procure To Pay Process Designer1$100kNA
Senior Process Analyst Management Analyst1$100kNA
Latin American Sales Manager1$100kNA
Junior Investment Manager1$100kNA
Global Credit Strategies Associate1$100kNA
Senior IT Analyst5$100k
Manager Business Development1$100kNA
Organizational Effectiveness Consultant1$99kNA
Natural Gas Advisor1$98kNA
Database Administrator1$96kNA
Business Analyst29$95k
Senior Technical Analyst Business Intelligence2$95k
Business Analyst Sbd1$95kNA
Regional Controller1$94kNA
Solution Analyst2$93kNA
Purchasing Manager1$93kNA
Staff Chemist1$92kNA
Computer Software Engineer Application2$92k
Nutrition Manager1$91kNA
Senior Food Scientist1$90kNA
Process Designer Plan To Produce Supply Chain Pl1$90kNA
Soy Germ Oil Marketing Manager2$90kNA
Site Quality Manager1$90kNA
Global Trading Specialist Client Services Lead1$90kNA
Technology Deployment Manager Poultry1$88kNA
Global Strategy Manager1$88kNA
Computer System Analyst3$88k
Senior Desk Futures Broker1$87kNA
Business Development Analyst1$85kNA
Senior Technical Analyst1$85kNA
Food Scientist Technologist1$84kNA
Food Scientist And Technologist1$84kNA
Research Chemical Enginner1$84kNA
Senior IT Analyst Computer System Analyst1$83kNA
Territory Manager Central America And Mexico1$83kNA
Senior Biotechnologist2$82k
General Supervisor Casting3$81k
Research Chemical Engineer2$81k
Latin American Legal Specialist6$81k
Chemical Engineer2$81k
Product Manager5$80k
Merchant II3$79k
Q A Specialist Supervisor1$79kNA
Senior Credit Analyst4$79k
Merchant Manager3$78k
Latin American Marketer Derivative Sales1$78kNA
Technology Development Manager Aquaculture1$78kNA
Supply Chain Analyst1$77kNA
Senior Chemical Engineer2$76k
Quality Assurance Analyst1$76kNA
Design Consultant Indirect Tax2$75k
Sales Manager3$75k
Market Intelligence Business Analyst1$75kNA
First Line Supervisor Manager Of Non Retail Sales Worker1$75kNA
Web Technical Lead IT Analyst1$75kNA
Senior Pricing Analyst1$74kNA
Network Syst Data Communications Analyst1$74kNA
North America Regional Senior Project Engineer2$74k
Plant Molecular Cell Biologist3$74k
Nutrition And Global Sales1$74kNA
Senior Strategic Sourcing Market Intelligence Anal1$74kNA
Senior Scientist2$74k
Associate Manager2$74k
Wal Mart Case Ready Sales Professional1$73kNA
Ethanol Engineer Supervisor1$72kNA
Web Technical Lead1$72kNA
Accounting Consultant2$72kNA
Senior Accountant1$72kNA
Senior Research Scientist4$72k
Black Belt Project Manager Trainer1$71kNA
Buyer And Purchasing Agents Farm Products1$71kNA
Dairy Specialist1$70kNA
Research Engineer Modeler1$70kNA
Research Chemist1$70kNA
Masa Product Line Technical Advisor1$70kNA
Senior Food Technologist1$70kNA
Business Consultant1$70kNA
Internal Communications Specialist2$69kNA
Research Nutritionist Statistician1$69kNA
Market Analyst Agricultural Economics1$69kNA
Corporate Environmental Engineer3$69k
Operations Research Analyst1$68kNA
Credit Analyst1$68kNA
Public Relations Specialist1$67kNA
Information Technology Business Analyst1$67kNA
Research Engineer2$67k
Senior Financial Analyst1$67kNA
Innovation Development Manager4$66k
Audit Consultant3$66k
Commodity Trading Specialist1$66kNA
Ethanol Supervisor1$66kNA
Farm And Home Management Advisors1$66kNA
Data Specialist2$66k
Merchant Assistant1$66kNA
Engineer II Project Engineer1$66kNA
Plant Pathologist4$66k
Capital Spending Analyst1$66kNA
Development Scientist1$65kNA
Japan Desk Manager1$65kNA
Investment Coordinator1$65kNA
Senior Feedlot Research Scientist1$65kNA
Technical Sales Representative1$65kNA
Postdoctoral Process Engineer3$64k
Research Scientist3$63k
Technology Development Manager1$63kNA
Trader Assistant1$63kNA
Sales Account Manager3$62k
Associate Technical Service Representative Cocoa1$62kNA
Quantitative Associate5$61k
Plant Scientist1$60kNA
Sas Data Analyst1$59kNA
Equity Analyst1$58kNA
Regional Sales Manager Trainer4$58k
Postdoctoral Research Scientist1$58kNA
Sales Rep Wholesale Manuf Except Tech1$58kNA
Steephouse Supervisor1$57kNA
Animal Scientist4$56k
Commodities Specialist2$55k
Fixed Asset Accountant1$55kNA
Market Research Analyst1$55kNA
Global Equities Trader Assistant2$55kNA
Food Scientistss And Technologist1$55kNA
Mathematical And Statistical Model Expert1$55kNA
Environmental Superintendant2$54k
Production Management Engineer1$54kNA
Purchasing Agents And Buyer Farm Products1$54kNA
Cattle Buyer II1$54kNA
Merchant Steel Products1$53kNA
Merchant I1$52kNA
Freight Merchant Freight Trading Group1$52kNA
Lab Superintendent1$51kNA
Strategic Sourcing Analyst1$51kNA
Technical Service Representative1$51kNA
International Sales Manager1$50kNA
IT Analyst1$50kNA
Formulations Tradico Specialist2$50kNA
Training Manager1$50kNA
Technical Services Supervisor1$49kNA
Operations Management Professional6$48k
Maintenance Equipment Supervisor1$48kNA
Dairy Management Consultant2$48kNA
Technical Services Professional3$48k
Product Development Food Technologist1$48kNA
International Sales Professional8$47k
Senior Forwarder1$47kNA
Production Supervisor1$47kNA
Research Development Associate1$47kNA
Food Scientist2$47k
Bilingual Junior Desk Broker1$45kNA
Product Development Associate Technologist1$45kNA
Six Sigma Manager1$45kNA
Cost Of Goods Sold Manager1$45kNA
Bilingual Junior Desk Broker IT Support1$45kNA
Hr Generalist1$45kNA
Commodity Analyst1$43kNA
Associate Accountant4$43k
Assistant Marketer1$43kNA
IT Business Associate1$43kNA
Cattle Procurement Management Professional2$43k
Paralegal Contracts And Commercial Matters1$43kNA
Sales Management Professional4$42k
Dairy Nutrition Specialist1$42kNA
International Account Manager1$41kNA
Associate Merchant1$41kNA
General Merchant1$40kNA
Operations Managment Professional1$39kNA
Laboratory Supervisor1$39kNA
Human Resources Management Professional1$39kNA
Agricultural Crop Farm Manager1$38kNA
Director Asset Backed Sec Res Mortgage Backed Sec1$15kNA
Cef Financing Manager1$13kNA
Senior Regional Trader1$10kNA