Canfield Salary, OH

A total of 348 real salary data found within 10 miles of Canfield, OH.

Salary Average: $71,131
Salary Range: $18,099

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TitleEmployerSalaryLocation / Date / Further Info
Feed Management ConsultantRenaissance Nutrition$48kSalem, OH (01/2003)
Assistant Professor EducationKent State University$44kSalem, OH (07/2004)
Instructor MathematicsKent State University$36kSalem, OH (09/2005)
Product EngineerColfor Manufacturing$55kSalem, OH (12/2005)
Senior Product EngineerCmi Efco$63kSalem, OH (03/2007)
Fuel EngineerCmi Efco$62kSalem, OH (03/2008)
Fuel EngineerCmi Efco$79kSalem, OH (03/2009)
Fluid EngineerBoc Water Hydraulics$48kSalem, OH (02/2013)
Fuel EngineerCmi Industry Americas$68kSalem, OH (03/2012)
Fuel EngineerCmi Industry Americas$68kSalem, OH (04/2012)
Sales EngineerButech$83kSalem, OH (03/2014)
Physical TherapistSilverio Physical Therapy$60kSalem, OH (04/2014)
Structural Engineering AnalystGlobex$57kCanfield, OH (03/2013)
Structural Engineer AnalystGlobex$65kCanfield, OH (04/2013)
Speech TherapistBlue Sky Therapy$67kCanfield, OH (09/2011)
Civil EngineerGlobex$79kCanfield, OH (09/2014)
Structural EngineerGlobex$60kCanfield, OH (03/2014)
Accountant And AuditorKarn Arjun Enterprise$41kYoungstown, OH (01/2009)
Software EngineerTowing Electrical Systems$45kYoungstown, OH (07/2010)
Accounting ConsultantKarn Arjun Enterprise$52kYoungstown, OH (06/2010)