Canal Fulton Salary, OH

A total of 375 real salary data found within 10 miles of Canal Fulton, OH.

Salary Average: $90,399
Salary Range: $27,000

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TitleEmployerSalaryLocation / Date / Further Info
Programmer AnalystRapidigm$60kOrrville, OH (08/2003)
E Commerce ManagerThe J M Smucker$68kOrrville, OH (09/2003)
International Marketing AnalystThe J M Smucker$34kOrrville, OH (11/2003)
Programmer AnalystRapidigm$59kOrrville, OH (02/2004)
Assistant ControllerTechnocast$50kOrrville, OH (04/2004)
International Customer Service SpecialistThe J M Smucker$32kOrrville, OH (05/2004)
Staff PsychiatristThe Counseling Center Of Wayne And Holmes Counties$140kOrrville, OH (06/2004)
International Marketing AnalystThe J M Smucker$32kOrrville, OH (07/2004)
Programmer AnalystRapidigm$59kOrrville, OH (08/2004)
Process MetallurgistBekaert$47kOrrville, OH (08/2004)
Programmer Analyst IIIgate Mastech$56kOrrville, OH (09/2004)
Senior Financial AnalystThe J M Smucker$60kOrrville, OH (09/2004)
Industrial EngineerThe Will Burt$44kOrrville, OH (10/2004)
ControllerRoss Sand Casting Industries$50kOrrville, OH (02/2005)
Programmer Analyst IIIgate Global Solutions An Igate$61kOrrville, OH (03/2005)
Computer Software Engineer ApplicationRapidigm$56kOrrville, OH (04/2005)
Senior Technology ConsultantManugistics$70kOrrville, OH (06/2006)
Programmer AnalystSoftwareart$60kOrrville, OH (07/2006)
E Commerce ManagerThe J M Smucker$80kOrrville, OH (08/2006)
Senior Project EngineerJlg Industries$61kOrrville, OH (05/2006)