Cameron International Jobs

A total of 226 Cameron International jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $77,780
Salary Range: $26,000

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Director Sales Marketing1$172kNA
Architectural And Engineering Manager1$133kNA
Senior Manager Financial Planning And Analysis1$130kNA
Technical Manager2$128k
Scm Senior IT Analyst1$125kNA
Senior Business Process IT Analyst Supply Chain1$125kNA
Regional Treasury Manager1$123kNA
Project Engineering Manager1$120kNA
Project Manager International1$118kNA
Petroleum Engineer1$116kNA
Senior Business Process Lead Sap Qtc1$116kNA
Sales Engineer1$115kNA
Mii Developer Lead1$114kNA
Mii Development Lead1$114kNA
Principal Engineer4$114k
Computer Software Engineer System Software1$110kNA
Post Fat Testing Specialist1$110kNA
Senior Project Planner Scheduler1$109kNA
Computer System Analyst6$109k
Senior Business Process Analyst3$109k
Sales Engineer Technical Services1$109kNA
Ess Mss Enterprise Specialist1$109kNA
Quality Technical Reviewer1$109kNA
Industrial Production Manager4$108k
Sap Consultant1$107kNA
Senior Fico IT Analyst2$107k
Marketing Manager2$106k
Senior Business Process Lead Sap Vistex2$106k
Controls Electrical Engineer1$106kNA
Advanced Engineer2$106k
Senior Project Engineer1$105kNA
Computer Software Engineer Application1$105kNA
Flow Assurance Engineer1$104kNA
Materials Manager I1$103kNA
Engineering Transformation Project Lead1$102kNA
Global Value Engineering Lead1$102kNA
Corporate Development Manager1$101kNA
Manager Research And Development1$101kNA
Project Manager III4$101k
Sub Sea Control System Engineer Manager1$101kNA
Senior Engineering Product Specialist1$100kNA
Lead Project Development Engineer1$100kNA
Interface Engineer1$100kNA
Quality Manager1$100kNA
Senior Mechanical Engineer Mud Pump1$100kNA
Senior Sourcing Specialist1$99kNA
General And Operations Manager4$99k
Engineering Manager6$99k
Senior Application Engineer1$99kNA
Manager Financial Planning And Analysis1$98kNA
Engineering Manager R D1$97kNA
Senior Developer1$97kNA
Supply Chain IT Analyst1$96kNA
Area Sales Manager Latin America3$96k
Enterprise Technical Specialist Manufacturing2$96k
Business Process Ptr IT Analyst1$95kNA
IT Sap Lead1$94kNA
Technical Services Engineer1$94kNA
Senior Business Process Lead7$93k
Senior IT Lead2$92k
Computer And Information System Manager1$92kNA
IT Lead1$92kNA
Enterprise Specialist1$91kNA
Testing Services Lead1$91kNA
Sap Basis Lead1$91kNA
Technical Consultant1$91kNA
Gv Business Group Manager1$90kNA
Business Group Manager III1$90kNA
Senior Mechanical Design Engineer1$90kNA
Project Manager Aftermarket1$90kNA
Six Sigma Black Belt Leader1$89kNA
Principal Project Planner1$89kNA
Supervisor Master Scheduling And Planning1$88kNA
Project Operations Manager1$88kNA
Industrial Engineer26$88k
Senior Stress Analyst2$88k
General And Operational Manager1$87kNA
Senior Project Coordinator1$87kNA
Business Process Lead1$86kNA
Process Engineer2$86k
Field Service Manager1$86kNA
Construction Manager1$86kNA
Senior Project Manager2$86kNA
Senior Engineer13$86k
Project Manager II3$86k
Senior Designer3$85k
Chemical Engineer2$85k
Senior Tax Specialist International Compliance1$85kNA
Budget Analyst1$85kNA
Reliability Risk Engineer1$83kNA
Senior Process Engineer1$82kNA
Business Operations Specialists All Other1$82kNA
Accounting Manager1$82kNA
Senior Product Engineer2$82k
Design Engineer1$82kNA
Materials Manager2$82k
Lead Customer Service Representative1$81kNA
Senior Mechanical Engineer2$80kNA
Project Manager Artificial Lift System1$80kNA
Senior Project Planner1$80kNA
Industrial Product Manager1$80kNA
Project Manager Internal Audit3$80k
Sales Manager Latin America1$80kNA
Civil Engineer1$79kNA
Welding Engineer II1$79kNA
Mechanical Engineer46$78k
Enterprise Business Leader Black Belt V1$78kNA
Operations Manager2$78k
Manager Operations1$77kNA
Account Manager Unit I2$77k
Instrument And Electrical Engineer III1$77kNA
Project Quality Manager1$77kNA
Engineer III19$77k
Logistics Manager II1$77kNA
Engineer II Surface Division2$76kNA
Project Manager III Aftermarket1$76kNA
Research Engineer II1$76kNA
Senior Material Planner1$76kNA
Project Manager10$75k
Contracts Manager2$75kNA
Controller I1$75kNA
Production Control Manager1$74kNA
Supply Chain Manager2$74kNA
Application Engineer II1$74kNA
Electrical Engineer2$74k
Operations Supervisor1$74kNA
Senior Engineer Product Specialist1$73kNA
Global Demand Manager1$73kNA
Product Engineer III2$72k
Senior Metallurgist1$72kNA
Product Engineer II2$71k
Materials Engineer3$71k
Ee Busines Leader Black Belt IV1$71kNA
Stress Analyst II3$71k
First Line Supervisor Manager Of Production And Operating Worker1$70kNA
Manager Internal Audit1$70kNA
Engineering Analyst1$70kNA
System Engineer1$70kNA
Treasurers Controller And Chief Financial Officer1$70kNA
Project Coordinator3$70k
Engineering Product Specialist II1$70kNA
Supply Chain Specialist II1$69kNA
Supervisor Of Materials1$69kNA
Accountant And Auditor3$69k
Business Development Analyst1$69kNA
Manager Global Supply Chain1$69kNA
Quality Engineer4$68k
Six Sigma Business Leader Black Belt V2$68k
Production Supervisor4$68k
Marine Engineer And Naval Architect2$68k
Research Engineer2$68k
Engineer II38$68k
Senior Accountant2$68kNA
Six Sigma Black Belt II2$68k
Analytical Engineer II1$67kNA
Six Sigma Black Belt7$67k
Sourcing Specialist1$67kNA
Product Engineer7$67k
Project Scheduler2$66k
Industrial Engineer Supervisor1$66kNA
R D Engineer1$66kNA
Product Engineering Specialist1$66kNA
Six Sigma Business Leader Black Belt III1$66kNA
Project Analyst2$65k
Engineering Specialist II2$65k
Mechanical Drafters1$65kNA
Manager All Other1$64kNA
Senior Financial Specialist1$64kNA
Instrument Engineer I1$64kNA
Manufacturing Engineer13$64k
Project Coordinator II1$64kNA
Instrument And Electrical Engineer II1$64kNA
Quality Engineer II3$64k
Mechanical Engineer III1$64kNA
Purchasing Manager1$63kNA
Application Engineer3$63k
Software Control Engineer1$63kNA
Six Sigma Business Leader Black Belt IV2$63kNA
Project Engineer3$62k
Project Engineer I1$62kNA
Project Risk Analyst1$61kNA
Technical Translator1$60kNA
Quality Analyst I1$60kNA
Reliability Engineer2$60k
Six Sigma Business Leader Black Belt1$60kNA
Six Sigma Black Belt III1$60kNA
Engineer I27$60k
Senior Project Accountant1$59kNA
Material Data Engineer1$59kNA
Mechanical Engineer II2$59kNA
Six Sigma Business Leader1$59kNA
Manufacturing Engineer II6$59k
Manufacturing Engineer I11$59k
Subsea Connector Engineering Supervisor1$58kNA
Quality Assurance Engineer2$58k
Electronics Engineer Except Computer1$58kNA
Contract Administrator III2$58k
Product Design Engineer1$57kNA
Production Planning And Expediting Clerk1$56kNA
Instructional Designer Developer1$56kNA
Senior Materials Planner1$56kNA
Business System Analyst1$55kNA
Engineer I Project1$54kNA
Production Planner1$53kNA
Operations Research Analyst1$51kNA
Industrial Process Engineer1$51kNA
Senior Market Sales Reprensentative1$51kNA
Senior Market Sales Representative1$51kNA
Designer I1$51kNA
Business Analyst1$50kNA
Fp A Analyst1$50kNA
Grdp Financial Analyst2$50k
Financial Analyst1$48kNA
Accountant II2$47k
Senior Production Planner1$42kNA
Project Accountant1$42kNA
Senior Hsse Coordinator1$41kNA
Sales Analyst1$39kNA
Field Service Technician1$39kNA
Customer Service Coordinator1$26kNA