California Research Manager Salary

A total of 24 real research manager salary data listed for California.

Salary Average: $83,367
Salary Range: $45,000

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TitleEmployerSalaryLocation / Date / Further Info
Research ManagerSynovate Motoresearch$62kEncino, CA (08/2003)
Research ManagerResearch International Usa$45kSan Francisco, CA (12/2004)
Research ManagerThe Institute For The Future$60kPalo Alto, CA (01/2005)
Research ManagerLieberman Research Worldwide$50kLos Angeles, CA (04/2005)
Research ManagerCalifornia Institute Of Technology$85kPasadena, CA (05/2005)
Research ManagerCb Richard Ellis$90kSan Francisco, CA (07/2006)
Research ManagerEvalueserve$107kSaratoga, CA (08/2006)
Research ManagerInstitute For The Future$75kPalo Alto, CA (01/2008)
Research ManagerCharles Drew University Of Medicine And Science$60kLos Angeles, CA (05/2008)
Research ManagerCb Richard Ellis$101kSan Francisco, CA (07/2008)
Research ManagerInfonetics Research$78kCampbell, CA (05/2009)
Research ManagerMarkettools$73kSan Francisco, CA (05/2009)
Research ManagerEvalueserve$128kSaratoga, CA (06/2009)
Research ManagerToyota Infotechnology Center Usa$115kMountain View, CA (03/2010)
Research ManagerInfonetics Research$73kCampbell, CA (03/2010)
Research ManagerInfonetics Research$73kCampbell, CA (03/2010)
Research ManagerPc World Communications$70kSan Francisco, CA (03/2010)
Research ManagerInfonetics Research$77kCampbell, CA (09/2010)
Research ManagerIdg Consumer Amp Smb$77kSan Francisco, CA (10/2012)
Research ManagerSymbioscience A Division Of Mars$100kDavis, CA (10/2011)
Research ManagerMars$100kDavis, CA (10/2011)
Research ManagerIntrinsiq$80kSan Mateo, CA (03/2011)
Research ManagerInfonetics Research$84kCampbell, CA (08/2011)
Research ManagerFacebook$138kMenlo Park, CA (08/2014)