California Institute Of Technology Jobs

A total of 140 California Institute Of Technology jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $56,698
Salary Range: $21,840

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Department Head Accelerated Discovery For Jcap1$176kNA
Mathematics Teacher Postsecondary1$170kNA
Professor Of Mathematics1$155kNA
Economics Teacher Postsecondary4$143k
Mathematical Science Teacher Postsecondary2$142k
Assistant Professor Of Computing And Mathematical1$141kNA
Physics Teacher1$140kNA
Assistatn Professor1$138kNA
System Analyst1$135kNA
Atmospheric Earth Marine Space Science Teacher Postsecondary1$130kNA
Director Advancement Information System And Anal1$130kNA
System Manager1$130kNA
Biological Science Teacher Postsecondary1$128kNA
Engineering Teacher Postsecondary2$127k
Associate Professor6$125k
Computer Science Teacher Postsecondary1$125kNA
Quantitative Research Analyst1$125kNA
Senior Research Engineer2$124k
Physics Teacher Postsecondary3$121k
Emergency Management Specialist1$120kNA
Senior Control Engineer1$120kNA
Assistant Professor Of Economics2$120k
Assistant Professor45$116k
Assistant Professor Of Psychology1$110kNA
Senior Scientist1$110kNA
Assistant Professor Theoretical Physics1$110kNA
Assistant Professor Of Theoretical Physics1$110kNA
Senior System Engineer1$101kNA
Political Science Teacher Post Secondary1$100kNA
Philosophy Teacher1$100kNA
Physics Lecture And Research Manager1$100kNA
Application Program Analyst4$99k
Laser Engineer1$97kNA
Project Engineer1$95kNA
Appliocations Program Analyst1$95kNA
Electrical Engineer5$94k
Graphic Designer1$93kNA
Education Administrator Postsecondary2$93k
Joint Center For Translational Medicine Exec Direc3$92kNA
Computer Software Engineer System R D2$91k
Information Security Analyst Web Developer And Computer Network Architect1$90kNA
Data Warehouse Developer1$86kNA
Mechanical Engineer R D1$86kNA
Joint Center For Translational Medicine Exec Dire1$85kNA
Scientific Director1$85kNA
Grid Computing System Administrator2$85kNA
Research Manager1$85kNA
Senior Researcher3$84k
Lab Manager Scientist1$84kNA
System Engineer Developer1$83kNA
Electronics Engineer3$81k
Lab Manager And Scientist1$80kNA
Member Of Instructional Staff1$78kNA
Instrument Scientist2$77k
Computing Analyst3$76k
Computational Scientist1$75kNA
Scientific Manager1$74kNA
Network Engineer3$73k
Adaptive Optics System Analyst2$72k
Staff Scientist95$72k
Research Engineer14$72k
Application Developer6$72k
Computer Analyst1$72kNA
Research Scientist14$71k
Web Application Developer2$69k
Research Assistant Professor1$69kNA
Assistant Staff Scientist1$68kNA
Research Specialist1$65kNA
Senior Research Fellow1$65kNA
Physics Laboratory Manager1$65kNA
Network Computer System Administrator1$63kNA
Software Developer Application R D1$63kNA
Biomedical Engineer1$63kNA
Scientific Research Associate1$63kNA
Assist Staff Scientist1$62kNA
Computer Scientist1$62kNA
System Administrator1$62kNA
Computer System Analyst Non R D1$62kNA
Reserach Scientist1$61kNA
Receiver Engineer4$60k
Computer System Administrator1$60kNA
Software Developer For Grid Computing Infrastructu1$60kNA
Lecturer In History1$60kNA
Postdoctoral Scholar In Biology And Biological Eng3$60kNA
Instrument Engineer Researcher1$60kNA
Staff Engineer2$60k
Lecturer Researcher1$57kNA
Historical Editor Einstein Papers Project1$57kNA
Historical Editor1$57kNA
Associate Engineer1$55kNA
Research Laboratory Specialist1$55kNA
Instructor In Mathematics2$55kNA
Adaptive Optics Instrument Engineer1$55kNA
Lab Manager Staff Scientist1$55kNA
User Support Analyst1$54kNA
Computer Software Engineer Application1$54kNA
Software Developer5$53k
Scientific Programmer Engineer1$53kNA
Software Engineer4$51k
Lecturer And Researcher3$51k
Postdoctoral Instructor2$50kNA
Information System Programmer1$50kNA
Staff Researcher3$49k
Associate Scientist2$49k
Publications Specialist1$48kNA
Computer System Analyst1$46kNA
Scientific Research Assistant3$45k
Assistant Researcher1$45kNA
Scientific Researcher2$45kNA
Computer Support Technician2$44k
Accounts Analyst1$44kNA
Database Curator2$44kNA
Communications Specialist1$44kNA
Assistant Scientist3$43k
Medical Scientist Except Epidemiologists1$43kNA
Operations Specialist1$43kNA
Microfluidic Foundry Coordinator1$42kNA
Postdoctoral Scholar1$41kNA
Research Assistant3$41k
Research Technician2$40k
Research Associate2$33k
Reseach Associate1$32kNA