Brown University Jobs

A total of 156 Brown University jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $55,445
Salary Range: $23,718

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Institutional Research Coordinator2$234k
Associate Medical Physicist2$137k
Economics Teacher Postsecondary6$127k
Associate VP Technology Partnerships1$120kNA
Associate Professor Of Economics1$114kNA
Professor Of Literary Arts1$103kNA
Assistant Professor Of Biostatistics1$96kNA
Lead Storage Administrator1$94kNA
Assistant Professor In Economics2$93kNA
Assistant Professor Of Economics6$93k
Health Specialties Teacher Postsecondary1$92kNA
Assistant Professor In Medical Science3$87k
Assistant Professor Of Comuunity Health1$85kNA
Assistant Professor Of Community Health5$84k
Assistant Professor50$82k
Research Nurse Supervisor1$80kNA
Associate Professor3$80k
Assistant Professor Of Medical Science3$80k
Psychology Teacher Postsecondary1$76kNA
Assistant Prof Medicine Bioengineering Research1$75kNA
Assistant Prof Medicine And Bioengineering Research1$75kNA
Application Scientist Specialist1$75kNA
Assitant Professor Of Medicine And Bioengineering1$75kNA
Senior Lecturer1$74kNA
Chemistry Teacher Postsecondary1$74kNA
Assistant Professor Of Applied Math1$74kNA
Assistant Professor Of Research3$73k
Computer System Analyst Non R D1$73kNA
Senior Research Associate20$73k
Senior Programmer Analyst3$72k
Senior Lecturer In Modern Greek Studies1$71kNA
Scientific Programmer Biostatistician1$70kNA
Associate Professor Of Egyptology1$69kNA
Senior Lecturer In Modern Greek1$69kNA
Anthropology And Archeology Teacher Postsecondary1$68kNA
Assistant Professor Of Africanan Studies1$68kNA
Postdoctral Fellow1$68kNA
Assistant Professor Of Engineering6$68k
Assistant Professor In Chemistry2$67k
Assistant Professor Of German Studies2$67k
Assistant Prof Of Sociology1$66kNA
Senior Programmer Statistical Analyst2$66k
Foreign Language Literature Teacher Postsecondary1$65kNA
Foreign Language Teacher Postsecondary1$65kNA
Web Application Developer1$65kNA
Assistant Professor Of English2$65kNA
Assistant Professor Of Education1$65kNA
Research Analyst Programmer2$65k
Assistant Professor History Of Art Architecture1$64kNA
Visiting Professor2$64k
Prager Assistant Professor2$63k
Lecturer In French Studies1$63kNA
Assistant Professor Of Physics5$63k
Assistant Professor In Sociology1$62kNA
Tamarkin Assistant Professor1$62kNA
Visiting Assistant Prof Of Compartive Literature1$62kNA
Assistant Professor German1$61kNA
Visiting Professor In Applied Math1$61kNA
Foreign Language And Literature Teacher Postsecondary1$61kNA
Lecturer In Arabic1$60kNA
Assistant Professor Of Psychology1$60kNA
Assistant Professor Of French1$60kNA
Assistant Dean Of The College1$60kNA
Research Engineer4$59k
Assistant Professor Of Medicine5$59k
Lecturer In Language Studies Arabic1$58kNA
Visiting Assistant Prof Of Comparative Literature1$58kNA
Assistant Professor Of Comparative Literature2$58kNA
Investment Analyst3$58k
Research Scientist1$57kNA
System Manager1$56kNA
Postdoctoral Fellow7$55k
Lecturer Of Hispanic Studies1$55kNA
Assistant Professor In Physics1$55kNA
Sas Programmer Analyst2$55kNA
Research Instructor1$55kNA
Gis And Computing Manager2$55k
Visiting Assistant Professor3$55k
Assistant Professor In Applied Mathematics1$54kNA
Visiting Assistant Professor Of Applied Math1$54kNA
Assistant Director For Political Theory Project2$53k
Instructor Of Surgery1$52kNA
Research Associate In Ecology And Biology1$52kNA
Data Analyst2$51k
Instructor Of Medicine1$51kNA
Lecturer In Chinese Language1$51kNA
Lecturer Of Chinese Language1$51kNA
Instructor Of Medical Sciences Research1$50kNA
Assistant Professor For Applied Mathematics1$50kNA
Assistant Professor Of Psychology Research1$50kNA
Visiting Assistant Professor Of East Asian Studies1$50kNA
Instructor Of Medicine Research2$50kNA
Biochemist And Biophysicists1$50kNA
Investigator In Neuroscience Research1$50kNA
Associate University Chaplain1$48kNA
Investigator Research1$48kNA
Computer Programmer2$48k
Postdoctoral Researc Associate1$47kNA
Resarch Associate1$47kNA
Postdoctoral Research Associate In Computer Scienc3$47k
Visiting Assistant Professor Of French Studies1$46kNA
Foreign Language Literature Teacher1$46kNA
Assistant Professor Of Physics Research2$46k
First Year Resident1$46kNA
Research Associate35$45k
Laboratory Manager In Geological Sciences1$45kNA
Laboratory Coordinator1$45kNA
Project Coordinator1$45kNA
Project Manager1$45kNA
Lecturer In East Asian Studies3$44k
Postdoctoral Research Associate221$44k
Postdoctoral Research Associate In Pathology1$44kNA
Gis Analyst Programmer1$43kNA
Senior Research Assistant1$43kNA
Postdoctoral Research Associate Neuroscience1$43kNA
Research Associate In Engineering2$43k
Postdoctoral Reserach Associate3$42k
Research Fellow In Medicine Infectious Diseases2$42kNA
Postdoctoral Research Associate In Applied Math1$42kNA
Research Associate In Biomedical Engineering1$42kNA
Postdoctoral Research Associate Medical Science2$42kNA
Postdoctoral Research Associate In Medical Science1$42kNA
Postdoctoral Research Associate In Engineering8$42k
Postdoctoral Research Associat1$41kNA
Postdoctoral Research Fellow In Medicine1$41kNA
Research Fellow In Medicine1$41kNA
Research Fellow11$41k
Postdoctoral Research Associate Geology2$41k
Postdoctoral Research Associate In Neuroscience2$41k
Postdoctoral Research Associate In Physics2$41k
Postdoctoral Research Asscociate1$40kNA
Ceramic Enginneering Research Associate1$40kNA
Postdoctoral Research Associate Engineering4$40k
Iacuc Manager1$38kNA
Acuc Manager1$38kNA
Research Associate Department Of Surgery1$37kNA
Postdoctoral Research Fellow4$37k
Visiting Lecturer In French Studies1$37kNA
Research Fellow Surgical Research1$36kNA
Postdoctoral Research Associate In Medicine1$36kNA
Postdoctoral Research Associate Sociology1$35kNA
Postdoctoral Research Associate In Chemistry1$34kNA
Cellular And Biochemical Research Associate1$34kNA
Postdoctoral Liver Research Associate1$34kNA
Research Associate Liver Research1$34kNA
Research Assistant10$34k
Research Assistant Psychology1$33kNA
Senior Librarian Associate8$33k
Animal Care Coordinator1$32kNA
Outreach Coordinator2$31kNA
Program Associate1$24kNA