Bronx Lebanon Hospital Center Jobs

A total of 108 Bronx Lebanon Hospital Center jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $82,620
Salary Range: $23,504

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Gynecologic Oncologist1$450kNA
Assistant Professor Gastroenterologist1$300kNA
Assistant Professor Cardiologist2$275k
Director Of Echocardiography1$250kNA
Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon1$225kNA
Interventional Cardiologist1$200kNA
Physician And Surgeon All Other3$191k
Attending Physician Neurologist1$180kNA
Physician Neurologist1$180kNA
IT Software Product Development Manager2$175kNA
Obstetrician Gynecologist2$173k
Physician Hospitalist1$170kNA
Attending Physician29$167k
Attending Psychiatrist3$163k
Family And General Practitioners2$158k
Staff Physician1$155kNA
Physician Surgeon2$152k
Internal Medicine Physician2$145k
Primary Care Physician5$143k
Pediatric Pulmonologist1$135kNA
Internist General15$134k
Internist Physician1$130kNA
Internal Medicine1$130kNA
Physician Internist1$130kNA
Medical Director1$130kNA
Assistant Professor Internal Medicine1$130kNA
Internal Medicine Physician And Assistant Professo2$130kNA
Computer And Information System Manager2$127kNA
Pediatric Hospitalist1$120kNA
Attending Pediatrician1$115kNA
General Pediatrician1$115kNA
House Physician Neonatology1$115kNA
Attending Physician Pediatrician2$105kNA
Attending In Pediatrics1$105kNA
Pediatrician General9$103k
Project Manager2$90kNA
Appeals Manager1$85kNA
Clinical Application Analyst11$81k
Business Operations Reporting Analyst1$81kNA
Dentist In Postgraduate Training1$75kNA
Physician In A Post Graduate Training Progam1$71kNA
Financial Specialist1$70kNA
Physical Therapist5$69k
Chief Resident Internal Medicine1$68kNA
Operations Research Analyst4$66k
Programmer Analyst2$65k
Resident Physician84$63k
House Physician In Ophthalmology1$63kNA
House Physician In Ophtalmology1$63kNA
Physician In A Post Gradaute Training Program1$62kNA
Post Graduate Training Physician2$61kNA
Physician In A Post Graduate Training Program216$61k
Resident Pgy IV1$60kNA
Budget Analyst1$60kNA
Podiatrist In A Post Graduate Training Program1$59kNA
Dental Resident3$59k
Pgy I Surgical Resident3$58kNA
Resident Family Medicine1$58kNA
Resident Pediatric3$58kNA
Doctor Resident Post Graduate Training Program1$58kNA
Resident Pediatrics5$58k
Residnet Pediatrics1$57kNA
Dentist In A Post Graduate Training Program26$57k
Application Analyst3$57k
Medical Resident11$56k
Resident Internal Medicine1$56kNA
Dentist In A Post Gradaute Training Program1$56kNA
Family Practice Resident1$55kNA
Surgical Resident3$55k
Oprations Research Analyst1$55kNA
Resident Physician Pgy I2$55k
Pgy II Resident1$55kNA
Dentist In A Post Post Graduate Training Program1$55kNA
Management Analyst1$54kNA
Medical Resident Pgy12$54k
Resident In Ophthalmology2$54k
Senior Managed Care Associate3$54k
Pgy Resident1$53kNA
Medical Resident Resident Physician1$53kNA
Activities Coordinator2$53kNA
Pgy I Resident6$53k
Financial Analyst Specialist1$53kNA
Post Graduate Medical Resident1$52kNA
A Physician Inn A Post Graduate Training Program1$51kNA
Clinical Reseach Assistant1$51kNA
Program Manager Managing Asthma In Daycare1$50kNA
Physician Resident1$50kNA
Physician In Post Graduate Training Program4$50k
Pgy I Surgery Resident1$49kNA
Clinical Research Fellow1$48kNA
Dentist In Post Graduate Training Program1$47kNA
Pgy I Medical Resident1$47kNA
Clinical Research Assistant2$44k
Social Worker Assistant1$43kNA
Clinical Research Associate8$39k
Research Associate11$37k
Clinical Reserach Associate1$37kNA
Research Assistant2$37k