Brightstar Jobs

A total of 150 Brightstar jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $97,764
Salary Range: $12,458

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Executive VP Reverse Buy Back Logis1$600kNA
Senior VP Human Resources1$350kNA
Chief Marketing Officer2$350kNA
President Of Viva Movil1$315kNA
President Supply Chain Solution1$290kNA
VP Of Operations And Supply1$275kNA
VP Retail Services1$240kNA
VP General Manager1$225kNA
Senior Director Chief Information Officer1$220kNA
Senior Director Chief Information Officer Erp Le1$220kNA
Senior Director Chief Technology Officer Latam1$220kNA
Junior Staff Accountant2$209k
Director Global Strategic Sourcing1$200kNA
Global Subject Matter Expert Device Management1$200kNA
Oem Business Director Latam1$183kNA
VP Of New Business Development Latam1$180kNA
VP Of Operations And Supply Chain1$180kNA
VP Of International Business Developme1$175kNA
Director Supply Chain Solutions1$175kNA
VP Strategy Business Development2$173k
Sales Manager2$164k
Director Of Finance For Iscs1$160kNA
Key Account Manager1$160kNA
Financial Analyst4$158k
General Manager Lg Products1$150kNA
General Manager Accellular1$150kNA
General Manager1$150kNA
Regional Director Device Management Latam1$150kNA
General Manager Accellular Division1$150kNA
Director Product Marketing2$150k
Director Strategy Consulting Svcs Retailer O1$145kNA
Director Of Continuous Improvement Latin America1$145kNA
Marketing Director Latam1$140kNA
Manager Strategic Sourcing1$135kNA
Solutions Architect Business Transformation1$132kNA
Retail Service Director Of Kam Latam1$130kNA
Apple Commercial Director1$130kNA
Senior Business Service Manager1$130kNA
Director Of New Business Development Merges Acqu1$125kNA
Director New Business Devlpmt Mergers Acquistns1$125kNA
Director Of New Business Development M A1$125kNA
Senior Business Development Manager1$121kNA
Senior Business Mgr Commercial Strategy Retail Oper1$120kNA
Director Special Projects1$120kNA
Treasurers Controller And Financial Officer1$120kNA
Senior Business Development Manager Latam1$120kNA
Senior Manager Human Resources For Latam Services1$115kNA
Director Financial Planning System Analysis1$110kNA
Marketing Manager7$108k
Regional Program Manager Latam1$103kNA
Operations And Logistics Director1$100kNA
Director Of Products Solutions Operations1$100kNA
Director Supply Chain Operations1$100kNA
Senior Director Of Integrated Supply And Logistics Se1$96kNA
Senior Dir Integrated Supply Logistics1$96kNA
Senior Director Of Integrated Supply And Logistics1$96kNA
Analytical Modeller1$95kNA
Senior Analyst Integrated Supply Chain Solutions1$95kNA
Purchasing Governance Process Manager Latam1$95kNA
Manager Financial Operations1$95kNA
Logistics Director4$92k
Marketing Manager Demand Generation2$92kNA
Biz Talk Developer1$90kNA
Business Manager1$90kNA
Director Of Logistics2$87k
New Business Development Manager3$87k
Senior Engagement Manager1$86kNA
Industrial Production Manager3$86k
Senior Internal Auditor1$85kNA
Manager Demand Planning1$85kNA
Senior IT Auditor1$85kNA
Performance Management Manager1$84kNA
Supply Chain Director1$84kNA
Director Of Accessories4$84k
Electronics Engineer Except Computer1$84kNA
Sales Engineer2$82k
Industrial Engineer3$81k
Product Mgr Original Equipment Manufacturer1$80kNA
Manager Business Solutions2$80kNA
Business Development Manager3$80k
Senior Program Manager1$76kNA
Quality Assurance Director1$75kNA
Forecasting Analyst1$75kNA
Marketing Manager Viva Movil1$74kNA
Project Manager2$74k
Fulfillment Manager2$74k
Senior Manager New Business Development1$72kNA
Operations Manager1$72kNA
Financial Manager1$72kNA
Engineering Manager3$70k
Organizational Development And Training Manager2$70kNA
Senior Manager Product Engineer1$69kNA
Procurement And Inventory Manager1$66kNA
Senior Product Manager1$65kNA
Marketing Operations Manager2$65kNA
Regional Sales Manager For Bright Content1$65kNA
Operations Manager Global Marketing1$65kNA
Supply Chain Optimization Manager2$65k
Director Strategic Sourcing3$65k
Senior Business Analyst1$63kNA
Lab Odm Certification Manager1$63kNA
Logistics Manager International Sales And Marketi1$62kNA
Product Manager7$61k
Regional Sales Engineer Carribean1$60kNA
Manager Of Production And Operating Worker1$60kNA
Project Management Analyst2$60kNA
Product Manager Motorola Product Management2$60kNA
Marketing Product Analyst1$60kNA
Product Engineer Supervisor1$60kNA
General Manager Brightstar Subsidiary1$60kNA
Regional Sales Manager Caribbean1$60kNA
Regional Sales Manager1$60kNA
Wireless Sales Manager4$60k
Production Manager4$59k
Human Resources Manager1$57kNA
Field Engineer4$56k
Telecom Solutions And Infrastructure Product Manag1$56kNA
Financial Analyst Credit And Insurance Coordinator1$55kNA
Manager Lab1$54kNA
Cost Accountant1$54kNA
Part Numbers And Bom Manager2$53kNA
Senior Financial Analyst Accounts Payable Allowanc1$53kNA
Regional Inventory Management Coordinator2$52k
Contract Manager And Performance Analyst2$52k
Software Application Developer1$51kNA
Network Engineer3$51k
Homologation Engineer1$51kNA
Senior Financial Analytst1$50kNA
Inventory Operations Research Analyst1$49kNA
Customer Communication Specialist1$49kNA
Senior Regional Sales Coordinator Latin America2$48kNA
Product Specialist Motorola1$48kNA
Product Engineer2$45kNA
Financial Analyst Credit Coordinator1$45kNA
Operations Coordinator1$43kNA
Quality System Management Coordinator1$42kNA
Computer Integrated Manufacturing Engineer1$40kNA
Process Engineer1$40kNA
Inventory Coordinator1$40kNA
Production Supervisor2$39k
Subsidiaries Coordinator1$36kNA
Materials Coordinator2$36kNA
Marketing Specialist1$35kNA
Graphic Designer1$33kNA
Regional Coordinator Andean Region1$30kNA
Fulfillment Coordinator2$30kNA
Inbound Logistics Analyst1$28kNA
Assistant Regional Sales Coordinator1$28kNA