Bridgewater Associates Jobs

A total of 122 Bridgewater Associates jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $120,776
Salary Range: $45,000

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Senior Manager Client Services1$1,000kNA
Computer Software Engineer System Software2$288k
Senior Investment Analyst1$200kNA
Technology General Manager Infrastructure1$200kNA
Bcp Program Manager1$200kNA
Program Manager1$200kNA
Senior Management Associate Management Associate2$195kNA
Operations Research Analyst1$176kNA
Senior Database Administrator2$173k
Senior Management Associate8$169k
Computer And Information System Manager7$169k
Data Operations Manager1$164kNA
Portfolio Strategist1$162kNA
Technology General Manager1$160kNA
Client Advisor2$159kNA
Analytics Operations Manager1$159kNA
Senior Analyst1$159kNA
Technology Manager1$156kNA
Swat Development Mgnr Trading Technologies1$155kNA
Security Architecture Manager1$155kNA
Head Of Research Data Governance1$155kNA
Night Trading Associate1$154kNA
Senior Investment Associate Lead Portfolio Analy1$154kNA
Associate Strategist1$154kNA
Senior Investment Associate13$152k
Front Office Transformation Architect1$151kNA
Chief Information Security Officer1$151kNA
Manager Engineering1$151kNA
Technology Development Manager1$151kNA
Strategist Analyst1$150kNA
Senior Investment Associate In Client Service Anal1$150kNA
Investment Associate Junior Idea Generator1$150kNA
Technology Manager Client Services1$150kNA
Comp Info System Manager1$150kNA
Financial Analyst4$147k
Senior Management Associate Research1$143kNA
Financial Manager2$143k
Global Macro Analyst Client Service1$143kNA
Trading Associate2$142k
Senior Project Manager1$137kNA
Senior Management Associate Project Portfolio Ma1$137kNA
Research Associate Government Action1$136kNA
Senior Account Management Associate Trade Generatio2$132k
Senior Technology Architect1$131kNA
Senior Sharepoint Administrator2$130k
Management Analyst2$128kNA
Management Associate Client Service1$128kNA
Senior Account Management Associate2$122k
Project Manager2$122k
Technology Associate14$121k
Storage Administrator2$121k
Senior Technology Support Associate1$120kNA
Senior Critical Infrastructure Run Associate1$120kNA
Technology Architect1$120kNA
Software Developer Application4$117k
Delivery Technologist1$114kNA
Trading Data Analyst1$114kNA
Computer Software Engineer Application2$112k
Client Service Associate1$111kNA
Senior Account Management Associate Trade Genera1$111kNA
Quality Assurance Lead2$110k
Software Developer System Software1$110kNA
Computer System Analyst3$109k
External Communications And Pr Team Lead1$109kNA
Public Relations Manager1$109kNA
Network Associate1$108kNA
Senior Network Administrator1$108kNA
IT Senior Procurement Associate1$105kNA
Procurement Associate1$105kNA
Database Administrator4$101k
Programming Technology Associate2$101k
Investment Associate12$100k
Senior IT Infrastructure Administrator1$99kNA
Network And Computer System Administrator1$99kNA
Application Support Associate2$98k
IT Infrastructure Administrator1$98kNA
Analytics Operations Lead1$98kNA
Quality Assurance Engineer5$97k
Software Developer10$97k
Management Associate9$97k
Technology Developer1$95kNA
IT Procurement Associate1$95kNA
Junior Idea Generator1$93kNA
Senior Software Developer1$93kNA
Critical Infrastructure Support Associate1$93kNA
Technology Project Portfolio Analyst1$92kNA
Execution Strategy Project Associate2$89k
Software Developer In Account Management1$88kNA
Investment Associate In Account Management1$87kNA
Research Associate1$87kNA
Operations Internal Auditor2$87k
Investment Associate In Research2$85k
Technology Support Associate In Core Tech1$85kNA
Technical Support Associate1$85kNA
Computer Security Specialists1$84kNA
Security Shared Services Associate2$84kNA
Technology Support Associate Account Management1$83kNA
Application Support Engineer Trading1$83kNA
Technology Associate Architecture2$82k
Management Associate In Core Management1$81kNA
Software Developer Client Service1$80kNA
Software Developer Trading1$80kNA
Application Support Developer1$80kNA
Computer Support Specialist1$77kNA
Senior Infrastructure Technologist3$76k
Process Analyst2$75k
Technology Support Associate10$73k
Product Integration Engineer1$72kNA
Application Support Lead1$72kNA
Client Services Reporting Associate2$71k
Application Support Engineer1$65kNA
Computer And Information Scientist Research1$64kNA
Network Operations Center1$63kNA
IT Customer Service Incident Request Associate1$62kNA
Research Analyst1$61kNA
Chinese Markets Analyst2$60k
Account Management Associate1$58kNA
Junior Trading Associate1$57kNA
Public Relations Specialist1$50kNA
Communications Associate2$48k