Bp America Jobs

A total of 406 Bp America jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $117,465
Salary Range: $41,000

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Bp Senior Major Projects Manager1$388kNA
S Or Director1$338kNA
Construction Director2$316k
Commissioning Director4$308k
Head Of Marketing Analysis1$250kNA
Carbon Solutions Resource Projects Manager Amer1$236kNA
Construction Manager2$225k
Engineering Team Leader1$225kNA
VP Field Of The Future1$224kNA
Subsurface Storage Manager1$220kNA
Architectural And Engineering Manager1$220kNA
Deputy Project General Manager Lc Projects1$218kNA
Exploration Geologist1$210kNA
Senior Reservoir Engineer1$204kNA
Geological Integrity Lead1$204kNA
Geological Integrity Lead Engineering Manager1$204kNA
Western Hemisphere Cementing Engineer1$204kNA
Obo Operations Manager2$201kNA
Senior Trader1$200kNA
Senior Pipeline Engineer1$200kNA
Project Manager2$193k
Program Engineering Manager Northern Tier1$192kNA
Lead Engineer Northern Tier1$192kNA
Lead Engineer Team Lead1$192kNA
Senior Production Engineer2$191k
Civil Engineer Geotechnical Engineer1$190kNA
Senior Completions Engineer1$189kNA
Drilling Simulator Specialist1$185kNA
Lead Rig Engineer1$184kNA
Drilling Optimization Bit Specialist2$184k
Rotating Equipment Lead1$183kNA
Process Engineering Technical Authority1$183kNA
Subsea Bop Controls Engineer1$183kNA
Electrical Engineer Fire And Gas1$183kNA
Ea To Head Of Upstream Technology1$182kNA
Flare Relief Engineer1$180kNA
Resource Performance Analyst3$179k
Petroleum System Analyst5$178k
Co2 Storage Team Geological Integrity Lead1$175kNA
Options Trader1$175kNA
Wells Intervention Engineer1$175kNA
Pore Pressure Specialist4$175k
Wells Integrity Engineer1$175kNA
Senior Drilling Engineer2$175k
Sand Completion Engineer1$174kNA
Head Of Common Digital Solutions1$173kNA
Chemical Engineer Team Lead1$170kNA
Strategic Credit Specialist1$170kNA
Project Director3$168k
Services Integration Manager1$168kNA
Computer And Information System Manager1$167kNA
Regional Legal Tax Advisor Latin America1$165kNA
Regiional Tax Advisor1$165kNA
Senior Pore Pressure Fracture Gradient Specialist1$165kNA
Directional Survey Specialist1$161kNA
Wells Team Leader1$161kNA
Cementing Specialist Gulf Of Mexico1$160kNA
Marine Engineer Rig Delivery Engineer1$159kNA
Completions Engineer6$158k
Calciner Plant Manager1$158kNA
Fluids Specialist2$156k
Global Wells Organization Recruitment Director1$155kNA
Subsea Bop Controls Specialist1$154kNA
Maintenance And Reliability Manager1$154kNA
Pscm Team Leader Completions Interventions1$153kNA
Drilling Engineer13$153k
Seismic Acquisition Specialist1$151kNA
Well Intervention Engineer3$151k
Well Integrity Engineer1$150kNA
VP Trading Analytics1$150kNA
Operations Geologist2$150k
Rig Delivery Engineer3$150k
Geophysical Analysis Specialist1$150kNA
Engineering Manager4$148k
Petroleum Geologist1$147kNA
Sand Management Specialist2$146k
Geoscientist Petrophysics3$145k
Credit Portfolio Manager2$145k
Instruments Protective System Engineer1$145kNA
Commissioning Engineer3$145k
Subsea Engineering Team Leader1$143kNA
Eprocurement System Specialist1$142kNA
Sand Management Specialist Geomechanical Engineer1$142kNA
Sand Control Specialist Geomechanical Engineer1$142kNA
Regional Voyage Operations Manager2$141k
Petrophysicist Unconventional Gas1$141kNA
R D Seismic Imaging Specialist1$141kNA
Materials Corrosion Engineer2$140k
Subsea Hardware Engineer1$140kNA
Superintendent Instrumentation Maintenance1$140kNA
Pha Project Manager1$140kNA
Dynamic Displacement Upscaling Modeler1$140kNA
Lead Business Analyst2$140kNA
Project Manager Pha1$140kNA
Geoscientists Except Hydrologists And Geographers9$140k
Mar Specialist1$139kNA
Financial Analyst Performance Advisor1$138kNA
Geophysics Specialist1$137kNA
Eor Reservoir Engineer Advanced Reservoir Perform1$135kNA
Technical Authority Psm Pha Lopa1$135kNA
Equipment Specialist3$133k
Process Technology Engineering Superintendent3$132k
Geophysicist Seismic Imaging Specialist1$132kNA
Subsea Hardware Lead1$131kNA
Central Maintenance Manager1$130kNA
E Procurement System Specialist1$130kNA
Well Reliability Data Analyst1$130kNA
Chemical Engineer Researcher3$130k
Pipeline Engineer3$127k
Reservoir Engineering Specialist1$127kNA
Flowline Subsea Engineer1$127kNA
Petroleum Engineer Reservoir Engineering2$127k
Accountant Internal Control Advisor1$126kNA
Seismic Analyst4$125k
Marine Acquisition And Hse Geophysicist1$125kNA
I E Engineer2$125kNA
Inspection Engineer1$125kNA
Area Process Controls Engineer1$125kNA
Geoscientist Geoscience1$125kNA
Geoscientist Geology1$125kNA
Flow Assurance Multiphase Flow Engineer1$124kNA
Petroleum Engineer Geomechanical Wells Engineer1$124kNA
Hydraulic Fracturing Modeling Engineer1$124kNA
Lead Solution Analyst2$123k
Petroleum Engineer36$123k
Electrical Engineer4$123k
Rock Mechanics Specialist2$123k
Process Safety Engineer8$123k
Project Engineer8$122k
Regional Route To Market Manager1$122kNA
Production Engineering Project Manager1$122kNA
Management Analyst Strategy Performance1$122kNA
Geoscientist Geophysics2$122k
Credit Services Manager1$122kNA
Tubular Design Specialist1$121kNA
Process Design And Modeling Lead2$121k
Chemical Engineer Technology Analyst1$121kNA
Engineer Technology Analyst1$121kNA
Reliability Manager3$121k
Gasoline Supply Coordinator1$120kNA
Purchasing Manager2$120kNA
Subsurface Technology Engineering Challenger2$120kNA
Application Support Team Lead1$120kNA
Liu Yangyang1$120kNA
Integration Lead1$120kNA
Geophysical Modeling Analyst1$120kNA
Geoscientist Remediation Specialist1$120kNA
Operations Analyst2$119kNA
Rotating Equipment Engineer6$118k
Lead Geologist1$118kNA
Materials And Corrosion Engineer1$118kNA
High Performance Computing Computational Scientist3$118k
Subsurface Technology Engineer2$118k
Well Site Leader2$117k
Reservoir Simulation Software Developer1$117kNA
Software Engineer1$117kNA
Reservoir Engineer67$116k
Borehole Geophysicist3$116k
Health Superintendent1$116kNA
Seismic Imaging Research And Deployment1$115kNA
Market Intelligence Manager1$115kNA
Procurement And Supply Chain Management Specialist1$115kNA
Pscm System Specialist1$115kNA
Integrated Geologist1$115kNA
Geomechanic Specialist1$115kNA
Geophysics Challenger1$115kNA
Drilling Engineer Hydraulic Fracturing1$115kNA
Applied Geophysicist1$115kNA
Civil Engineer Tubular Design Specialist1$115kNA
Hr Sap Functional Analyst1$115kNA
Middleware Software Engineer1$114kNA
Middleware Product Engineer1$114kNA
Senior Project Engineer1$114kNA
Group Auditor1$114kNA
Group Business Auditor1$114kNA
Applied Geologist2$113k
Production Engineer5$113k
Subsurface And Wells Petroleum Engineer1$113kNA
Well Site Leader Petroleum Engineer1$113kNA
Petroleum Engineer Wells And Subsurface1$113kNA
Asset Economist1$112kNA
Us West Coast Gasoline Supply Coordinator1$112kNA
Commercial Performance Manager1$112kNA
Corrosion Engineer9$112k
Site Investigation Specialist2$112kNA
Team Lead Power Market Fundamentals1$111kNA
Civil Engineer1$111kNA
Borehole Geophysicist Specialist1$111kNA
Regional Pipeline Engineer2$110k
Bmx Integrated Asset Manager1$110kNA
Hpc Computational Scientist1$110kNA
Principal Research Engineer1$110kNA
Industrial Engineer1$110kNA
Carbonate Petrophysicist1$110kNA
Resource Geophysicist1$110kNA
Corrosion Specialist Engineer1$110kNA
Project Advisor Investment Analysis1$108kNA
Engineered Equipment Lead1$108kNA
Pore Pressure Specialist Engineer1$108kNA
Civil Engineer Floating System Engineer1$108kNA
Chemical Engineer Corrosion Engineering1$108kNA
Electrical Engineer Critical Telecommunications E1$108kNA
Chemical Engineer Process Engineering1$108kNA
Legal Advisor Altin America And Caribbean1$108kNA
Numerical Modeller2$107k
Management Analyst Commercial Performance Improve2$107k
Business Development Director3$107kNA
Rotating Equipment Mechanical Engineer1$107kNA
Corrosion Modeling Engineer3$107k
Client Relationship Hr Advisor1$107kNA
Hr Business Partner1$107kNA
Market Risk Analyst3$106k
Integration Product Engineer1$106kNA
Technologist Catalyst Laboratory Engineer2$106k
Process Engineer Technology Development1$106kNA
Asset Management Analyst1$105kNA
Civil Engineer Offshore Structural Engineer1$105kNA
Well Completions Engineer1$105kNA
Chemical Engineer Feed Flexibility Research Engin1$105kNA
Fermentation Specialist1$105kNA
Management Analyst1$105kNA
Chemical Engineer Production Chemist1$105kNA
Research Engineer Feed Flexibility Process Impact1$105kNA
Mechanical Engineer Process Safety Risk Engineer1$105kNA
Fouling Science Project Leader1$105kNA
Gulf Of Mexico Engineer1$105kNA
Surf Engineer1$105kNA
Technical Team Leader1$105kNA
Tubular Management Specialist1$105kNA
Procurement Engineering Manager1$104kNA
Operations Research Analyst4$104k
Gas Portfolio Analyst2$103k
Tubular Design Upper Completions Engineer1$103kNA
Technology Leader1$102kNA
Technology Leader Research Engineer1$102kNA
Geotechnical Engineer2$102k
Chemical Engineer1$102kNA
Pscm Specialist2$101k
Senior Industrial Hygienist1$101kNA
Natural Gas Trader1$101kNA
Subsea Processing Engineer1$101kNA
Production Chemist1$100kNA
Power Market Analyst1$100kNA
Route To Market Development Manager1$100kNA
Catalyst Lab Research Engineer1$100kNA
System Functional Subject Matter Expert1$100kNA
Pscm Specialist Subsea1$100kNA
Technical Consultant1$100kNA
Instrumentation And Controls Engineer1$100kNA
Senior Wind Resource Engineer1$100kNA
Quantitative Analyst10$100k
Risers Engineer2$100k
Fuels Research Engineer1$100kNA
Development Engineer2$100k
Business Operations Modeler1$100kNA
Subsea Riser Engineer1$99kNA
Hsse Manager1$99kNA
Financial Analyst7$99k
Client Relationship Advisor2$98k
Cdo Business Analyst2$98k
Certified Industrial Hygienist1$98kNA
Nondestructive Ndt Engineer1$98kNA
Supplier Quality Specialist1$98kNA
Instrumentation And Control Engineer1$97kNA
Facility Engineer1$97kNA
Discovery Coordinator1$97kNA
Operations Engineer2$97k
Research Manager Properties Evaluation1$97kNA
Research Manager1$97kNA
Materials Management Analyst2$97k
Finance Delivery Manager2$96k
Market Risk Data Analyst2$96k
Subsea Project Engineer1$95kNA
Chemical Engineering Researcher3$95k
Software Developer Application1$95kNA
Ngl Fundamentals Analyst3$95kNA
Process And Quality Manager1$95kNA
Hsse Data Analyst1$95kNA
Financial Analyst Crude Oil Trading1$95kNA
Reliability Engineer2$95k
Planning And Performance Manager1$94kNA
Subsea Engineer3$94k
Director Business Development1$94kNA
Risk Analyst5$94k
Fermentation Lab Manager2$93kNA
Reservoir Engineer Ss1$93kNA
Civil Structural Engineer1$93kNA
Flow Assurance Engineer3$92k
Mechanical Engineer3$92k
Business Development Coordinator1$92kNA
Chemist Researcher1$92kNA
Pv Cell Scientist2$92k
Research Engineer5$92k
Materials Management Specialist2$91k
Pscm Specialist Market Intelligence3$91k
Drilling Operations Team Leader1$91kNA
Market Intelligence Specialist1$90kNA
Manufacturing Engineer Casting And Wafering1$90kNA
Wellsite Leader Of The Future1$90kNA
Wellsite Engineer Lead1$90kNA
Process Engineer10$89k
Market Intelligence Project Manager4$89k
Market Risk Specialist2$89k
Drilling And Completions Engineer2$88k
Commercial Analyst9$88k
Application Support Analyst1$87kNA
Technical Support Analyst Service Line Leader1$86kNA
Em Geophysicist1$86kNA
Consumer Truck Brand Manager2$85k
Project Equipment Engineer1$85kNA
Om Data Analyst1$85kNA
Project Planning Engineer1$85kNA
IT S Business Intelligence Application Developer1$85kNA
Corrosion Engineer Specialist1$85kNA
Staff Scientist2$85k
Electrical Power System Engineer1$84kNA
Communications Manager1$84kNA
Rotating Equipment Specialist Petroleum Engineer1$84kNA
Senior Research Engineer7$84k
Materials Engineer2$84k
System Administrator4$83k
Production Chemist Flow Assurance Engineer1$83kNA
Marketing Manager1$83kNA
Well System Riser Engineer1$82kNA
Floating System Engineer6$82k
Reservoir Quality Geologist1$81kNA
Structural Geologist1$81kNA
Drilling Completions Engineer1$81kNA
Real Time Optimization Engineer2$81k
Senior Research Chemist4$80k
Appraisal Geologist1$80kNA
Fundamental Analyst3$80kNA
Synthetic Biologist2$80kNA
Rotating Equipment Specialist Engineer1$79kNA
Siebel System Administrator4$78k
Waste Technical Authority1$78kNA
Legal Coordinator South America1$78kNA
Module Assembly Procurement Specialist1$77kNA
Senior Applied Research Engineer1$75kNA
Petroleum Reservoir Engineer2$75k
Environmental Engineer1$75kNA
Quantitative Advisor1$75kNA
Subsea Materials Engineer2$75kNA
Operational Risk Analyst1$75kNA
Trading Development Program Analyst1$75kNA
Field Production Engineer1$75kNA
Regional Voyage Operations Manager Americas1$75kNA
Senior Chemical Research Engineer3$75k
Procurement Supply Chain Management Specialist1$73kNA
Manager Pre Trade Fundamentals1$72kNA
Commercial Services Specialist1$72kNA
Debt Administration Financial Analyst1$72kNA
Ertis Administator1$72kNA
Crude Oil Scheduler1$72kNA
Solar Cell Scientist1$70kNA
Manufacturing Engineer1$70kNA
Project Analyst1$69kNA
System Specialist1$68kNA
Digital Security Soc Analyst1$68kNA
Pricing Analyst2$66k
Reservior Petroleum Engineer1$66kNA
Trade Control Analyst1$65kNA
Commercial Interface Leader1$64kNA
Facilities Engineer1$64kNA
Production Reservoir Engineer1$64kNA
Business Analyst9$63k
Product Control Analyst1$62kNA
Product Development Engineer1$62kNA
Upstream Trading Coordinator1$62kNA
Silicon Scientist1$62kNA
Financial Analyst Consultant1$62kNA
Industrial Hygienist1$61kNA
Marketing Analyst2$61k
Performance Analyst1$60kNA
Fuels Research Scientist1$60kNA
Air Specialist Environmental Engineer1$60kNA
Commercial Business Analyst1$60kNA
Research Geophysicist1$60kNA
Commercial Financial Analyst1$60kNA
Remediation Project Engineer1$60kNA
Business And Market Development Analyst1$58kNA
Process Development Coordinator Specialist1$58kNA
Planning Business Analyst1$58kNA
Commercial Optimization Analyst Economist1$58kNA
Regional Pricing Analyst Business Analyst1$56kNA
Feedstock Analysis Specialist1$55kNA
Business Fuels Analyst1$54kNA
Financial Business Analyst2$53k
Research Associate2$51k
Document Control Specialist1$50kNA
International Operations Specialist1$48kNA
Risk Management Auditor1$46kNA
Geologist Geophysicist1$46kNA
Business Financial Analyst1$46kNA
Human Resources Consultant1$46kNA
Trading Specialist Financial Quantitative Analysi1$46kNA