Board Of Regents Of The University Of Nebraska Jobs

A total of 88 Board Of Regents Of The University Of Nebraska jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $55,271
Salary Range: $24,440

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Hpc Application Specialist1$600kNA
Assistant Professor Of Finance2$163k
Research Professor1$150kNA
Chair In Survey Methodology Professor1$144kNA
Assistant Professor Of Economics2$125kNA
Sap Business Technologies Lead1$104kNA
Business Accelerator Director1$100kNA
Business Technologies Lead2$100k
Associate Professor1$98kNA
Assistant Professor Of Geography1$95kNA
Assistant Professor Of Agricultural Firm And Commo1$90kNA
Assistant Professor Of Behavioral And Experimental1$85kNA
Advanced Sensing System Scientist Engineer1$84kNA
Assistant Professor Electromagnetics1$83kNA
Indentity Management Specialist1$82kNA
Assistant Professor53$80k
Oracle Data Base Administrator1$80kNA
Assistant Professor Food Lipid Chemistry And Fun1$80kNA
Assistant Professor Theoretical Quantitative Genet1$80kNA
Assistant Professor Extension Specialist1$78kNA
Food Safety Risk Assessment Assistant Professor1$78kNA
Sap Abap Programmer Analyst Developer1$75kNA
Sap Abap Programmer Analyst1$72kNA
Assistant Professor Of Molecular Genetics1$70kNA
Tier III Research System Administrator1$69kNA
Bioinformatics Specialist Core Director1$69kNA
Assistant Professor Of Public Affairs1$68kNA
Research Electrical Engineer1$68kNA
Assistant Professor Of English And Women S And Gen3$62k
Bioinformatics Core Director1$62kNA
Assistant Director Of Operations1$60kNA
Analytics Application And Development Support Ana1$60kNA
Assistant Professor Of Political Science2$60kNA
Visiting Assistant Professor1$58kNA
Research Assistant Professor36$58k
Information System Specialist1$57kNA
Assistant Professor Of History1$57kNA
Research Engineer1$56kNA
Senior Research Associate Laser Scientist1$56kNA
IT Specialist1$55kNA
Materials Research Specialist1$55kNA
Meaningful Use Epidemiologist2$54k
Assistant Extension Educator2$53k
Institutional Research Analyst II1$53kNA
Health Surveillance Specialist4$52k
Postdoctoral Field Research Director1$52kNA
Nano Fabrication Facility Specialist1$51kNA
Assistant Professor Or Practice1$50kNA
Assistant Professor Of Practice1$50kNA
Remote Sensing Geographic Information System Scie1$50kNA
Database Developer And Analyst1$50kNA
Lecturer Of Chemistry1$49kNA
Grant Accountant1$49kNA
Information Technology Specialist2$48k
Assistant Research Professor1$48kNA
Business System Analyst2$47k
Bioinformatician Computational Biologist3$45kNA
Postdoctoral Scholar Research Scientist Exercise P1$44kNA
Research Scientist III1$44kNA
Postdoctoral Fellow2$43k
Senior Research Associate17$43k
Research Chemical Engineer3$42k
Postdoctoral Research Assistant2$42k
Instructional Design Technology Specialist6$42k
Postdoctoral Research Associate146$41k
Mapping Gis Analyst1$41kNA
Database Administrator Programmer2$40k
Research Analyst1$40kNA
Information Technology Coordinator1$38kNA
Research Manager1$37kNA
Research Technologist II6$36k
Biomedical Computing Technical1$35kNA
Research Technologist5$34k
Research Technologist L21$34kNA
Research Technologist I2$34k
Posdoctoral Research Associate1$34kNA
Residential International Student Coordinator1$33kNA
Research Technician III5$30k
O S Temporary Worker E Learning Developer1$26kNA
Multimedia Associate1$26kNA
Assistant Mens Tennis Coach1$26kNA
Education Outreach Associate1$24kNA