Bloomberg Jobs

A total of 422 Bloomberg jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $101,427
Salary Range: $21,174

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Video Editor2$493k
Strategist Enterprise Solutions1$350kNA
Senior Quantitative Library Architect1$335kNA
Quant Library Architect1$325kNA
Equity Product Manager2$275k
Technical Product Manager Real Time Market Data1$270kNA
Creative Director3$253k
Senior Quantitative Researcher2$250k
Portfolio Risk And Analytics Researcher1$220kNA
Equity Derivatives Application Specialist1$200kNA
Toms Rates Business Manager1$200kNA
Head Of Power Services1$200kNA
Counsel Commercial Licensing1$195kNA
Global Travel Manager1$195kNA
Group Team Leader1$192kNA
Securities Counsel1$190kNA
Application Specialist1$186kNA
First Word Fx Rates Strategist1$180kNA
Bloomberg Risk And Valuation Quantitative Research1$175kNA
Global Mep Facilities Engineer1$174kNA
Legal Consultant3$173k
News Team Leader1$173kNA
Team Leader Media1$173kNA
Market Research Director1$170kNA
Quantitative Analyst Researcher1$170kNA
Manager R D1$170kNA
Fx Integration Specialist1$170kNA
Portfolio Risk Analytics Quantitative Researcher1$168kNA
Media Planning Manager2$167k
Senior Sql Data Warehouse Developer1$165kNA
Quantitative Developer7$161k
Product Research Regulatory Products1$160kNA
Global Manager1$160kNA
Application Senior Financial Products Recruiter1$160kNA
Project Manager2$160kNA
Senior Virtualization Solutions Architect1$160kNA
Derivatives Business And Sales Specialist1$157kNA
Senior Web Developer1$156kNA
Feeds Infrastructure Developer1$155kNA
Cross Platforms Strategic Program Manager1$155kNA
Financial Manager Branch Or Department1$151kNA
Regional Execution Agent1$150kNA
Machine Learning Quant1$150kNA
Data Privacy And Security Counsel1$150kNA
Sap Supply Chain Project Analyst1$150kNA
Equity Factor Modeler1$150kNA
Business Development Manager1$150kNA
Senior Sales Representative Bloomberg Vault1$150kNA
Web Penetration Tester1$150kNA
Senior Software Developer Peoplesoft3$148k
Team Leader69$148k
Senior Sap Basis Administrator1$148kNA
Senior Sap Abap Developer1$146kNA
Team Leader Software Developer2$145k
Sap Billing Project Analyst1$145kNA
Master Data Manager1$145kNA
Senior Software Sap Developer1$145kNA
Sap Fi Sd Project Analyst1$145kNA
Quantitative Researcher8$145k
Senior Peoplesoft Administrator1$145kNA
Team Leader News1$143kNA
Learning And Development Training Specialist2$143k
Toms Account Representative1$142kNA
System Analyst2$141k
Derivatives Specialist1$140kNA
Project Leader Charts Technical Lead1$140kNA
Hris Project Manager Business Analyst1$140kNA
Financial Information Services Rep Manager1$140kNA
Senior Learning And Development Specialist1$139kNA
Senior C Middleware Developer1$139kNA
Software Engineer Team Leader1$138kNA
Senior Software Developer Team Leader6$137k
Application Interest Rate Derivative Market Spec1$135kNA
Security Hardware Software Engineer1$135kNA
Legal Analyst2$135kNA
Market Specialist Hedge Accounting1$135kNA
Sap Procurement Analyst2$135k
Senior R D Tech Support1$135kNA
Software Developer Team Leader6$133k
Ruby On Rails Developer2$133k
Network Engineer9$132k
Senior System Security Analyst1$132kNA
Abap Developer3$132k
Financial Manager1$131kNA
Financial Information Services Representative Mul2$131kNA
Emerging Markets Ad Sales Rep1$131kNA
Financial Information Services Representative Mu1$131kNA
Emerging Markets Ad Sales Manager1$131kNA
Quantitative Analyst22$130k
Bvault Solutions Architect1$130kNA
Financial Information Services Team Leader1$130kNA
Project Leader Charts Techincal Lead1$130kNA
Online Wage Library1$130kNA
Sap Warehouse Analyst1$130kNA
Senior Peoplesoft Engineer1$130kNA
Integration Specialist Trading Solutions1$130kNA
Valuation Quantitative Analyst1$130kNA
Desktop Build Group Americas Team Leader1$130kNA
Gateway Feeds Specialist1$129kNA
Financial Engineer Derivatives2$129k
Global Communications Manager1$128kNA
Senior Software Devleoper1$128kNA
Senior Java Developer2$128k
Senior Software Developer745$127k
Senior Financial Application Developer2$127k
Senior Editor1$127kNA
Mobile Ux Designer3$127k
Senior Sap Security Analyst2$126k
Implementation Manager Team Leader1$125kNA
Art Director1$125kNA
Quantitative Financial Software Developer1$125kNA
Senior Telecommunications Engineer1$125kNA
Senior Informix Database Administrator1$125kNA
Quantitative Research Analyst5$125k
Senior Software Developer System Administrator2$125k
Public Relations Manager1$124kNA
Information Security Analyst Web Developer And Computer Network Architect2$124k
Fis Representative3$123k
Senior System Administrator8$122k
San Engineer4$122k
Senior Database Administrator3$121k
Bloomberg Regulatory Analyst1$120kNA
Derivatives Multi Asset Risk System Junior Special1$120kNA
Team Leader Fixed Income Analytics1$120kNA
Equity Quantitative Developer1$120kNA
Pricing Evaluator1$120kNA
Financial Information Services Representative Te1$120kNA
Computer And Information Manager1$119kNA
Linux System Engineer1$118kNA
Aim Account Manager1$118kNA
Senior System Administrator Software Developer1$118kNA
Product Technical Manager1$118kNA
Senior Network Design Engineer1$118kNA
Senior News Editor1$118kNA
Marketing Program Manager3$117k
Rmbs And Cmbs Modeler2$116k
Strategic Risk Junior Analyst1$115kNA
Sales Manager1$115kNA
Sap Business Warehouse Analyst5$115k
Corporate Finance Reporter1$115kNA
Senior Financial Information Services1$115kNA
Storage Area Network Engineer1$115kNA
Implementation Specialist1$114kNA
Financial Information Sales Representative Data2$114k
Fis Representative Account Manager1$113kNA
Senior Financial Information Services Representati1$113kNA
Financial Engineer2$111k
Interaction Designer5$110k
Manager International Tax Services1$110kNA
Training And Development Manager1$110kNA
Securuty Software Engineer1$110kNA
Senior Qa Automation Test Engineer1$110kNA
IT Governance Risk And Compliance Analyst1$110kNA
Reporter Team Leader1$110kNA
Senior User Experience Designer1$110kNA
Manager Global Asset Management2$109k
Editorial Director5$108k
News Director2$107kNA
Project Leader12$107k
Computer Information System Manager11$107k
Editor Statistics1$107kNA
Mortgage Modeler8$106k
Marketing Representative1$106kNA
Management Analyst2$106k
Marketing Manager4$106k
Economy Reporter1$106kNA
Financial Information Services Manager1$105kNA
Sap Security Administrator1$105kNA
Data Support1$105kNA
Senior Manager Of Communications1$105kNA
Senior Oracle Database Administrator1$105kNA
Team Leader Network Operations1$104kNA
Aim Integration Specialist1$104kNA
Senior Financial Information Services Representative1$103kNA
External Communications Coordinator3$102k
Computer Scoftware Engineer Application1$102kNA
Implementation Team Leader1$102kNA
Financial Reporter1$102kNA
Senior Software Engineer2$102kNA
Relationship Manager6$101k
Computer And Information System Manager80$100k
Production Build Release Engineer2$100k
Senior Financial Inofrmation Product Specialist1$100kNA
Advanced Specialist1$100kNA
Legal Financial Information Services Representativ1$100kNA
Aim Implementation Specialist1$100kNA
Implementation Manager3$100k
Senior Tech Support Engineer1$100kNA
Analyst Wealth Product Development1$100kNA
Desktop Financial Developer1$100kNA
Team Leader Finiancial Information Services Rep1$100kNA
Team Leader Finiancial Information Services1$100kNA
Europe Speed Reporter1$100kNA
Pricing And Liquidity Analyst1$100kNA
Delegate Sales Manager1$100kNA
Tsci Integration Specialist2$100k
Team Leader Financial Information Services1$100kNA
Software Developer1063$99k
Senior Software Quality Assurance Analyst2$99k
Software Developer System Software5$99k
Marketing Specialist2$99k
Technical Leader2$98k
Aim Back Office Implementation Specialist1$98kNA
Software Engineer2$98k
Account Manager2$98k
Network Operations Engineer13$97k
Web System Administrator1$97kNA
Research Data Expert2$97k
Legal Business Contract Analyst1$97kNA
Reporter Translator1$97kNA
Computer System Analyst7$97k
Computer And Info System Manager1$96kNA
Deputy Team Leader Headline Editor1$96kNA
Comp Info System Manager1$96kNA
Software Developer System Administrator2$95kNA
Productive Build Release Engineer1$95kNA
Data Services Support Representative1$95kNA
Ux Analyst1$95kNA
Financial Information Sales Rep Data Products1$95kNA
Wealth Quantitative Analyst2$95kNA
Desktop Financial Application Developer1$95kNA
Senior Financial Reporter1$95kNA
Data Analyst Software Quality Assurance1$95kNA
Data Acquisitions Operations Officer2$95k
Graphic Designer7$94k
Personal Financial Advisors3$94k
Financial Analyst18$93k
Financial Application Developer26$93k
Securities Commodities And Financial Services Sales Agents5$93k
Alpha Quality Assurance1$93kNA
Marketing Terminal Sales1$93kNA
Network Operations Technician2$91k
Financial Services Sales Agents1$91kNA
China Markets Reporter1$91kNA
Global Head Of Design3$90kNA
Sales Agents Financial Services4$90k
Senior IT Analyst1$90kNA
Fis Representative Alpha Specalist1$90kNA
Sales Client Relationship Manager1$90kNA
Eps Sales Operations Manager1$90kNA
Information Graphic Designer1$90kNA
Information Graphic Artist1$90kNA
Aim Trading Solutions Software Qa Analyst1$90kNA
Computer Security Specialists1$90kNA
Junior Financial Information Services Representati1$90kNA
Learning Specialist1$90kNA
Junior Business Analyst1$90kNA
Client Development Support Specialist1$90kNA
Online Marketing Manager1$90kNA
Computer Software Engineer System Software38$90k
Manager All Other3$90k
Translator Japanese Language2$90k
Quality Control Financial Engineer1$90kNA
Software Developer Application81$89k
Network And Computer System Administrator7$89k
Database Administrator14$88k
Research Analyst4$88k
Revenue Analytics Analyst2$87kNA
Credit Financial Engineer1$87kNA
Training And Development Specialist1$87kNA
Producer And Director2$87k
Senior Technical Supoprt Representative1$87kNA
Computer Software Engineer Application99$86k
Blaw Financial Information Services Representative1$85kNA
Quality Assurance Analyst1$85kNA
Blaw Financial Information Services1$85kNA
Financial Reporting Representative1$84kNA
Data Services Support Analyst5$84k
Computer Programmer2$83k
Research Associate4$83k
Unix System Administrator1$83kNA
Quality Assurance Engineer1$83kNA
Anchor Producer1$82kNA
Business System Analyst1$82kNA
Senior Quality Analyst3$82k
Global Data Account Manager Contributions1$82kNA
Global Agriculture Business Manager2$81k
Senior Trading System Escalation Rep1$81kNA
Technical Support Representative1$81kNA
Political Scientist1$81kNA
Software Developer Web Application1$80kNA
Technical Writer1$80kNA
Senior Data Analyst Economics1$80kNA
Software Quality Assurance Engineer1$80kNA
Financial Modeler1$80kNA
Desktop Financial Application Developer Sales1$80kNA
Fx Quality Assurance Tester1$80kNA
Headline News Editor1$80kNA
Network System And Data Communications Analyst1$80kNA
Application Specialist News And Research1$80kNA
Health Policy Analyst2$79k
Sales Engineer3$79k
Alpha Specialist1$78kNA
Reporter Bonds1$78kNA
Financial Information Services Representative79$78k
Operations Research Analyst12$77k
Technical Translator Japanese Business News1$77kNA
Software Architect1$77kNA
Headlines Editor2$77k
Software Quality Assurance Representative5$76k
Team Leader North America Equity Analyst1$76kNA
Associate Producer1$75kNA
Foreign Legal Consultant1$75kNA
Sales Representative2$75k
Technology Policy Analyst1$75kNA
Billionaires Reporter1$75kNA
Senior Data Quality Assurance Analyst Alpha1$75kNA
Headlines Assignment Editor1$74kNA
Build Team Database Andministrator1$73kNA
Compensation Benefits Job Analysis Specialists1$73kNA
Business Analyst2$72k
Data Analyst Team Leader1$72kNA
Software Qa Analyst1$72kNA
Senior Financial Information Services Rep1$72kNA
Producer Reporter7$72k
Software Quality Assurance Analyst4$72k
Headline Editor7$71k
Representative Installations Department1$71kNA
Installations Representative1$71kNA
Multimedia Producer1$71kNA
Trade Desk Analyst3$70k
Product Manager News Functionality1$70kNA
Revenue Analyst1$70kNA
Manager Pharmaceutical1$70kNA
Operations Reasearch Analyst1$70kNA
Finanical Information Services Representative1$70kNA
Project Manager News1$70kNA
Clean Energy Analyst1$70kNA
Data Expert6$69k
Financial Information Services3$69k
Field Service Engineer3$68k
Escalated Technical Support1$68kNA
Broadcast News Analyst3$67k
Field Service Technician2$67k
Equity Earnings Estimates Analyst1$67kNA
Editor Multimedia1$67kNA
News International Reporter1$67kNA
Id And Symbology Analyst1$67kNA
Producer Writer2$67k
Segment Producer6$66k
Reporter And Correspondents38$66k
Training Specialist Team Leader1$66kNA
Oes Online Wage Library1$66kNA
Market Research Analyst And Marketing Specialists2$65k
News Writer1$65kNA
Audio Video Editor1$65kNA
Segment Producer Asia Tv1$65kNA
Rotational Program Reporter1$65kNA
Asset Analyst1$65kNA
Senior Financial Information Product Specialist1$65kNA
Enterprise Solutions Product Support Representativ1$65kNA
Mutual Fund Data Analyst1$65kNA
Web Customer Services Manager1$64kNA
Supply Chain Analyst1$64kNA
Film And Video Editor2$64k
Junior Feeds Analyst1$63kNA
Corporate News Headline Editor1$63kNA
Feeds Analyst1$63kNA
Multimedia Producer Reporter3$63kNA
Electronic Trading Installations Representative1$63kNA
Equity Fundamentals Analyst4$62k
Washington Policy Associate1$62kNA
Terminal Sales Representative3$62k
Financial Information Services Associate5$62k
Technical Translator13$62k
Equity Fundamentals Data Analyst1$62kNA
Production Coordinator1$60kNA
Human Resources Training And Labor Relations Specialists All Other1$60kNA
Blaw Legal Research Analyst1$60kNA
Community Moderation Specialist1$59kNA
Transactional Support Representative1$59kNA
Asian Financial Reporter1$59kNA
Human Resources1$59kNA
Datascreen Editor2$59k
Quality Analyst1$58kNA
M A Ipo Analyst1$58kNA
Senior Data Analyst2$58k
Purchasing Coordinator1$57kNA
Data Analyst210$57k
Financial Specialists All Other7$56k
Financial Info Services Representative1$56kNA
Human Resources Information System Analyst1$55kNA
Carbon Capture And Storage Analyst1$55kNA
News Markets Analyst2$55kNA
Data Quality Assurance Analyst1$55kNA
News Analyst2$55k
Training Specialist47$54k
Financial Information Services Rep3$54k
Exchange Management Support Analyst1$53kNA
Sales Representative Services All Other3$52kNA
Sales Representative All Other1$52kNA
Analytics Specialist1$52kNA
Analyst Core Product News Content1$52kNA
Financial Report Developer2$52k
Multimedia Producer Editor1$51kNA
Financial Analyst All Other2$51kNA
Junior Engineer1$51kNA
Global Data Analyst2$50k
Production Assistant6$49k
Corporate News Headline Writer1$49kNA
Global Technical Support Representative6$48k
Sales And Related Worker All Other4$48kNA
Terminal Implementation Representative1$46kNA
Data Anaylst3$45k
Senior General Assignment Reporter North America1$45kNA
Digital Desk Editor1$45kNA
Sales Fis Reps1$45kNA
Global Technical Support1$42kNA
Hr Representative Shared Services2$41k
Customer Support Representative1$40kNA
Global Customer Support Team Leader1$40kNA
Global Customer Support Representative2$40kNA
Electrical And Electronic Engineering Technician1$39kNA
Interpreters And Translator4$36k