Blizzard Entertainment Jobs

A total of 153 Blizzard Entertainment jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $83,866
Salary Range: $28,121

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Director Global Corporate Application2$168kNA
Director Platform Operations1$161kNA
Senior Software Engineer Engine1$150kNA
Vfx Art Director1$145kNA
Lead Software Engineer7$144k
Platform Operation Director China1$136kNA
Computer And Information System Manager4$136k
Art Director 3d Cinematics1$130kNA
Character Props Modeling Supervisor1$126kNA
Art Director 2d Cinematics1$126kNA
Senior Concept Artist II1$126kNA
Lead Designer Console Diablo2$123kNA
Senior Software Engineer II14$123k
Global Manager Localization2$122k
Manager Bons Pmo1$122kNA
Senior Animator II1$121kNA
Art Manager1$117kNA
Lead Animator1$117kNA
Lead Web Designer1$115kNA
Senior Artist II6$113k
Senior Lighting Compositing Artist II1$113kNA
Senior Predictive Analytics Researcher1$111kNA
Senior Cinematic Artist1$110kNA
Lead Designer1$110kNA
Engineering Department Manager2$109k
Manager Global Product Planning Operations1$109kNA
Senior Network Engineer I1$108kNA
Senior Software Engineer15$108k
Unix System Engineer1$108kNA
Senior Cinematic Artist II3$107k
Senior Graphic Designer II1$106kNA
Senior Lighting Compositing Artist1$106kNA
Senior Software Engineer I13$106k
Lead Artist2$105k
Manager Global Product Planning And Operations1$105kNA
Lead Project Manager1$105kNA
Senior Producer I1$105kNA
Network Engineer1$105kNA
Senior Animation Artist II2$103k
Cinematic Artist II1$103kNA
Senior User Research Analyst1$103kNA
Senior Software Engineer I Platform1$100kNA
Senior Game Designer I1$100kNA
Lead Web Developer1$100kNA
Art Director10$100k
Senior Ui Artist II1$99kNA
Senior Animation Artist I Cinematics1$98kNA
Supervisor Character Props1$97kNA
Senior Business Intelligence Developer1$96kNA
Senior Technical Artist I2$95k
Lead Tools Software Engineer1$95kNA
Predictive Analytical Researcher1$95kNA
Cinematic Artist I1$94kNA
Senior Lighting Compositing Artist I3$94k
Senior Animator I1$94kNA
Bons Lead Project Manager1$93kNA
Senior Animator5$93k
Program Manager Analytics1$92kNA
Senior Web Designer I3$92k
Senior Modeling Artist1$91kNA
Software Engineer Billing2$91k
Senior Technical Artist1$90kNA
Senior Artist1$90kNA
Senior Producer1$90kNA
Senior 3d Character Artist1$90kNA
Predictive Analytics Researcher1$90kNA
Senior Cinematic Artist I4$90k
Senior Artist I1$90kNA
Software Developer System Software3$89k
Computer Graphic Artist4$89k
Senior Graphic Designer Animator1$88kNA
Senior Ui Artist I2$88k
Senior Front End Engineer1$88kNA
Senior Illustrator1$87kNA
Technical Director Back End1$87kNA
Software Engineer15$86k
Associate Project Manager1$85kNA
Software Engineer Graphics1$85kNA
Senior Level Designer1$85kNA
Computer Graphci Designer1$85kNA
System Analyst Animator1$85kNA
Senior Character Artist I2$84k
Senior 3d Artist I2$84k
Cinematic Modeller1$81kNA
Information Security Analyst Web Developer And Computer Network Architect5$81k
Senior Graphic Designer1$80kNA
Computer Graphic Producer1$80kNA
Human Resources Manager1$80kNA
Software Developer Application13$78k
Senior Concept Artist1$78kNA
Senior Fx Artist II1$75kNA
Senior Matte Painting Artist I1$74kNA
Business Intelligence Analyst1$72kNA
Technical Writer1$72kNA
3d Artist4$71k
Computer Graphic Designer15$70k
Cinematic Artist12$70k
Graphic Designer Battle Net1$70kNA
Senior Internal Communications Specialist1$70kNA
Cinematic Tools Programmer1$70kNA
Computer Software Engineer Application10$70k
Network And Computer System Administrator3$70k
Technical Artist5$69k
Cinematic Artis1$65kNA
Concept Artist1$65kNA
Associate Producer1$62kNA
Associate User Experience Designer1$61kNA
Exterior Level Designer1$61kNA
Computer Support Specialist2$60k
Multimedia Artist And Animators10$60k
Software Engineer Tools1$60kNA
Environmental Artist2$60kNA
Global E Community Specialist1$60kNA
Modeling Artist1$57kNA
Graphic Designer3$56k
Level Designer1$56kNA
Manager Community Development Sports1$56kNA
Associate Software Engineer4$55k
Computer Animator1$55kNA
Associate Environmental Artist1$55kNA
Game Designer1$55kNA
Multi Media Artist And Animators19$55k
Computer System Analyst6$54k
Web Front Engineer1$53kNA
Web Front End Engineer1$53kNA
Associate Cinematic Artist1$50kNA
Computer Graphic Designer Animator1$50kNA
Associate 3d Artist2$49k
Associate Web Front End Engineer1$49kNA
Associate Web Designer1$49kNA
Associate Graphic Designer1$48kNA
Associate Artist1$48kNA
Public Relations Specialist2$47k
Localization Game Design Analyst III1$47kNA
Associate Community Manager1$47kNA
Software Quality Assurance Engineer And Tester1$46kNA
Localization Analyst III2$46kNA
Assistant Software Engineer1$46kNA
Associate Financial Analyst1$45kNA
Localization Analyst II2$42kNA
Assistant Community Manager3$42kNA
Computer Game Analyst III1$40kNA
Qa Analyst III2$39k
Computer Programmer1$39kNA
IT Quality Assurance Analyst1$38kNA
Assistant Project Lead Qa1$36kNA
Qa Analyst II2$35k
Personnel Recruiter1$33kNA
Qa Global Analyst Tester2$31k
Localization Qa Analyst1$29kNA
Localization Analyst I1$28kNA