Blackrock Investment Management Jobs

A total of 97 Blackrock Investment Management jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $82,288
Salary Range: $38,958

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Director Attorney1$166kNA
Managing Director1$162kNA
VP Senior Quantitative Analyst1$150kNA
Analyst Associate1$150kNA
Director Risk And Quantitative Analysis1$150kNA
Securities Commodities And Financial Services Sales Agents1$140kNA
Marketing Manager1$140kNA
VP Blackrock Solutions1$140kNA
Director Retail Sales Americas3$138k
VP Portfolio Risk Management Gr1$125kNA
Associate Rqa Fixed Income1$116kNA
Software Developer Application10$116k
Quantitative Analyst1$115kNA
Software Developer Application See H 141$115kNA
VP System Developer2$115kNA
Associate Blackrock Solutions Group1$110kNA
Accountant And Auditor2$110k
Financial Analyst8$109k
VP Legal And Compliance1$106kNA
Computer Software Engineer Application1$105kNA
VP Internal Audit Manager1$105kNA
Computer System Analyst1$104kNA
Associate Sybase Database Administrator1$100kNA
Assistant VP1$98kNA
Associate Software Endingeer1$97kNA
Associate Portfolio Management Group2$96k
Associate Database Administrator1$95kNA
Technology Analyst Fixed Income2$93kNA
Associate Rqa Fi1$92kNA
Associate Junior Portfolio Mgr Bond Financial Insti1$90kNA
Associate Financial Institutions Business Develop1$88kNA
Associate Risk Quantitative Analysis1$87kNA
Associate Research Analyst1$87kNA
Associate Implementation Reporting2$87kNA
Associate Java Developer1$86kNA
Associate Software Engineer3$85k
Associate Java Web Developer1$85kNA
Associate Software Developer2$82k
Associate Apg Pmt Index Data1$82kNA
Associate Apg Ds Dev Product Data Platform1$82kNA
Associate Business Analyst3$81k
VP Account Management Group2$81k
Associate Finanical Modeling1$80kNA
Windows Server Administrator2$80kNA
Risk And Performance Analyst1$76kNA
Associate Bus Ops Investment Services1$73kNA
Analyst At Tech Corp Application1$71kNA
Associate Financial Institutions Group2$71k
Associate Senior Mortgage Modeler1$69kNA
Associate Automation Analyst1$68kNA
Analyst Br Solutions Product Mngmt Group1$67kNA
Analyst Apg1$67kNA
Blackrock Investment Management Llc1$67kNA
Analyst As Eq Sae Strategy Us Asia Em1$64kNA
Business Analyst2$64k
Analyst Bai Hedge Fund1$64kNA
Analyst Gcg Fig1$64kNA
Associate Operational Due Diligence Analyst1$64kNA
Analyst Market Intelligence Strategy1$64kNA
Associate Aladdin Technology1$62kNA
Analyst Software Engineer1$62kNA
Associate Portfolio Compliance1$62kNA
Senior Portfolio Accountant1$62kNA
Analyst Global Corporate Development1$62kNA
Implementation Analyst1$62kNA
Senior Specialist3$61k
Risk And Quantitative Analyst1$61kNA
Associate Account Management Group1$61kNA
Senior Specialist Business IT1$58kNA
Analyst Global Client Group1$56kNA
Risk Quantitative Analysis Performance Analyst1$54kNA
Analyst Portfolio Analytics Group2$54k
Analyst Sybase Database Administrator1$54kNA
Analyst Apg Ds Product Mgmnt Web Data1$54kNA
Lead Developer1$53kNA
Portfolio Data And Implementation Analyst1$53kNA
Analyst Data Integrity Group1$52kNA
Analyst Portfolio Management Group2$51k
Assistant VP Account Management Group1$51kNA
Analyst Portfolio Specialist1$50kNA
Automation Analyst2$50kNA
Portfolio Compliance Analyst1$50kNA
Automation Analyst Portfolio Analytics Group1$50kNA
Analyst Aladdin Portfolio Services Group1$50kNA
Web Graphic Designer3$50k
Analyst Aladdin Portfolio Solutions Group2$49k
Analyst Aladdin And Technology3$49k
Analyst Portfolio Automation Implementation1$49kNA
Portfolio Automation Implementation Analyst1$49kNA
Financial Modeling Analyst1$49kNA
Analyst Solution Center2$48k
Analyst Solutions Center3$48k
Analyst Account Management1$48kNA