Biogen Idec Jobs

A total of 286 Biogen Idec jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $103,524
Salary Range: $40,200

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Executive VP Global Commercial Operat1$600kNA
Senior Vp Commercial Operations International1$440kNA
VP Medical Research1$300kNA
Senior Vp Oncology Strategic Business Unit3$300k
Senior Medical Director Clinical Development1$285kNA
Global Marketing Head Of Launch Brands1$265kNA
Senior Director Marketing1$254kNA
VP Health Economics1$250kNA
VP Marketing1$250kNA
Director Medical Research1$240kNA
General And Operations Manager1$238kNA
Senior Director Medical Research1$225kNA
Director Marketing1$210kNA
Director Medical Communications1$199kNA
Director Tysabri Global Commercial Strategy1$197kNA
Director Medical Writing2$191k
Director Drug Safety2$190kNA
Director Of Medical Research1$180kNA
Associate Director Competitive Brand Strategies1$175kNA
Associate Director Medical Information Services1$175kNA
Medical Case Reviewer Drug Safety1$175kNA
Associate Director Drug Safety1$172kNA
Physician And Surgeon All Other1$170kNA
Director Medical Research Neurology1$170kNA
Associate Medical Director Avonex1$165kNA
Associate Director Global Marketing Tecfidera1$160kNA
Senior Product Manager Franchise1$156kNA
Associate Director Medical Coding1$155kNA
Medical Scientist1$153kNA
Associate Director Market Research1$153kNA
Associate Director Medical Writer1$152kNA
Associate Director New Products Oncology Marketing1$150kNA
Senior Manager Health Economics Outcomes Resear1$150kNA
Senior Manager Healthcare Economics1$150kNA
Senior Manager Global Marketing Fampridine1$145kNA
Senior Manager Accounting Analysis2$145kNA
Natural Sciences Manager1$145kNA
Marketing Manager7$145k
Director Of Regulatory Affairs1$140kNA
Director New Product Commercialization1$140kNA
Associate Director Development Planning And Operation1$140kNA
Associate Director Bioanalytical Chemistry1$139kNA
Senior Manager Information Technology2$138k
Associate Director Global Marketing1$138kNA
Lead Biostatistician2$137k
Associate Director Development Planning Operations1$135kNA
Senior Manager Business Intelligence Operations H1$135kNA
Senior IT Developer Engineer Technical Lead Crm1$134kNA
Senior Manager Medical Publications1$133kNA
Senior IT Developer Engineer1$131kNA
Associate Director Quality Control1$130kNA
Associate Director Of Research Pathology1$130kNA
Senior Manager Medical Affairs1$130kNA
Senior Analyst III Statistical Programming2$128k
Lead System Administrator2$127k
Senior Manager IT1$127kNA
Project Manager Global Launch Excellence1$125kNA
Lead Business Intelligence Data Analyst1$125kNA
Senior Manager Market Research4$123k
Enterprise Integration Soa Development Lead1$122kNA
Senior Technical Architect Crm Application2$122k
Senior Analyst III System Admin Backup Recovery1$120kNA
Senior Manager1$120kNA
Senior Analyst IT Application1$120kNA
Associate Dir Development Planning Operations1$120kNA
Associate Director Partner Strategy Oper Analysis1$120kNA
Software Developer Application2$119kNA
Senior Analyst III Application1$118kNA
Senior Biostatistician12$116k
Senior IT Analyst IT Quality Regulatory Complia1$116kNA
Industrial Production Manager1$116kNA
Manager Unit Finance1$115kNA
Senior System Administrator1$115kNA
Associate Director Partner Services And Strategy1$115kNA
Senior Scientist Molecular Discovery2$115k
Project Lead1$115kNA
Senior Analyst III Sql Server Database Administration1$115kNA
Senior Technical Lead Commercial Data Warehouse1$115kNA
Associate Director R D Compliance Audit1$115kNA
Manager Clinical Logistics1$114kNA
Database Administrator2$114k
Manager Business Planning1$114kNA
Corporate Executive Search Specialist Ctl Team1$114kNA
Manager New Product Commercialization1$113kNA
Informatica Team Lead2$113k
Senior Associate II1$111kNA
Senior Analyst II Statistical Programming1$111kNA
Senior Analyst III2$111k
Process Engineer1$111kNA
Senior Business Analyst2$110k
Scientist II Technical Development1$110kNA
Manager Global Marketing1$110kNA
Essbase Database Programmer1$110kNA
Manager Commercial Effectiveness1$110kNA
Senior Analyst II Sabr Database Strategy Management1$110kNA
Medical Science Liaison Medical Affairs3$110k
Data Management Project Manager1$110kNA
Computer System Analyst3$110k
Senior Analyst II Management Reporting1$110kNA
Senior Medical Writer2$110k
Senior Engineer II Biopharm Development1$109kNA
Senior Manager Planning Metrics2$109k
Senior Manager Business Analytics Decision Support1$108kNA
Principal Associate Scientist2$108k
Senior Engineer II Process4$108k
Senior Clinical Programming Analyst1$108kNA
Computer Software Engineer Application5$107k
Senior Scientist3$107k
Scientist II Pharmacokinetics1$106kNA
Senior Associate Scientist Tech Development1$106kNA
Scientist II Bioassay1$105kNA
IT Developer Engineer1$105kNA
Scientist II Cell Biology1$105kNA
Scientist I Clinical Pk1$105kNA
Corporate Executive Search1$105kNA
Manager Supply Quality1$104kNA
Manager Public Affairs1$104kNA
Senior Analyst II2$103k
Scientist I Technical Development1$101kNA
Senior Analyst II Application1$100kNA
Senior Software Developer1$100kNA
Industrial Engineer1$99kNA
Manager Of Regulatory Affairs3$98k
Senior Analyst II Neurology Planning1$98kNA
Senior Analyst II Accounting Research Developmen1$98kNA
Clinical Programmer1$98kNA
Manager Business Analytics Decision Support1$97kNA
Human Resources Training And Labor Relations Specialists All Other2$96kNA
Lead Operations Research Analyst1$96kNA
Scientist I Drosophila Neuroscientist1$96kNA
Senior Engineer I Technical Development3$95k
Senior Biostatistician Clinical Development1$95kNA
Senior Biostatistician Medical Research1$95kNA
Scientist II Pharmacology1$95kNA
Associate Scientist III Cmc Analytical Development1$95kNA
Scientist I Molecular Discovery4$94k
Scientist II Bioanalytical Sciences1$94kNA
Scientist I Bioanalytical Sciences1$94kNA
Biochemist And Biophysicists7$93k
Senior Engineer I Bio Pharm Development1$93kNA
Senior Engineer I1$93kNA
Senior Engineer II2$93k
Senior Analyst I Statistical Programming4$93k
Scientist Biopharma Development1$92kNA
Senior Associate I Clinical System Software Eng1$92kNA
Supervisory Senior Accountant1$92kNA
Scientist I Chemistry3$92k
Scientist I Biopharm Development5$92k
Scientist II10$91k
Senior Associate Scientist Pharmacology2$91k
Senior Engineer I Cell Culture2$90k
Senior Associate III Drug Compliance2$90kNA
Analyst Health Economics Outcomes Research1$90kNA
Senior IT Analyst Regulatory Compliance1$90kNA
Scientist II R Pd1$90kNA
Senior Engineer I Biopharm Develop1$90kNA
Senior Associate I Quality Control1$89kNA
Scientist Bioanalytical Chemistry1$89kNA
Associate Scientist III Chemistry1$88kNA
Scientist I Bioanalytical Development1$88kNA
Market Research Analyst And Marketing Specialists1$88kNA
Scientist I10$88k
Senior Engineer I Biopharm Development3$88k
Biological Scientist All Other1$87kNA
Senior Statistician1$87kNA
Senior Associate III Contract Mfg Management1$87kNA
Business Operations Specialist1$87kNA
Cell Culture Development Engineer1$87kNA
Scientist I Pharmacokinetics2$87k
Application Analyst III3$87k
Engineer III Manufacturing Sciences4$86k
Senior Analyst III Market Research3$86k
Senior Analyst R D Finance1$86kNA
Senior Associate II Regulatory Affairs2$86k
Senior Analyst I Statistical Application2$85k
Senior Associate III Contract Manufacturing Management2$85kNA
Senior Analyst II Business Analysis1$85kNA
Senior Engineer I Process1$85kNA
Application Developer1$85kNA
Staff Network Engineering Analyst1$85kNA
IT Reporting Analyst2$85kNA
Manager Supply Chain Quality1$85kNA
Scientist II Molecular Discovery1$85kNA
Senior Analyst I Business Analysis2$85kNA
Supervisor Manufacturing1$84kNA
Senior Associate Scientist2$84k
Associate Scientist III Cmc Analytical Develpmnt1$84kNA
Computer System Administrator1$83kNA
Scientist I Bioanalytical Chemistry2$83k
Process Engineer III4$82k
Senior Project Planner I1$82kNA
Associate Scientist III Research1$82kNA
Associate III Quality Control1$81kNA
Associate Scientist III Biopharm Development2$81k
Market Research Analyst4$80k
Senior Analyst Unit Finance1$80kNA
Senior Analyst I Business Analytics1$80kNA
Analyst III Statistical Programming1$80kNA
Technical Specialist1$80kNA
Supervisor Pharmaceutical Manufacturing1$80kNA
Associate Scientist Biopharm Development1$80kNA
Quality Assurance Specialist1$80kNA
Scientist I Tumor Immunology1$80kNA
Scientist I Pharmacology1$80kNA
Senior Analyst II Planning1$80kNA
Biopharmaceutical Development Engineer1$79kNA
Manufacturing Supply Chain Analyst1$79kNA
Bioinformatics Scientist1$79kNA
Associate Scientist III Technical Development1$78kNA
First Line Supervisor Of Production And Operation Worker1$77kNA
Engineer II Manufacturing Sciences1$76kNA
Senior Analyst I3$76k
Engineer II Process1$76kNA
Engineer II Automation1$75kNA
Associate III Contract Manufacturing1$75kNA
Senior Engineer I Biopharmaceutical Development1$75kNA
Associate Scientist II Histology1$74kNA
Engineer I Biopharm Development1$74kNA
Senior Analyst III Accounting1$73kNA
Electronic Submission Specialist2$73k
Process Engineer II1$72kNA
Associate Scientist III Pharmacokinetics2$71k
Associate Scientist2$71k
Associate III Supplier Quality1$70kNA
Associate Scientist III Molecular Discovery1$70kNA
Engineer III1$70kNA
Associate Scientist III Moleculart Discovery1$70kNA
Senior Associate II Process Sciences1$70kNA
Senior Analyst I Capital Project Accounting1$70kNA
Associate Scientist Bioanalytical Chemistry1$69kNA
Chemical Engineer1$69kNA
Associate Scientist II Chemistry3$68k
Associate Scientist III3$68k
Associate II Validation3$67k
Associate Scientist II Biopharmaceutical Dvlpmnt1$67kNA
Associate Scientist II Molecular Discovery3$67k
Associate Logistics Specialist1$67kNA
Engineer I Process1$67kNA
Associate II Quality Control Microbiology3$66k
Associate Scientist II Biopharm Development3$66k
Associate Scientist II Technical Development3$66k
Senior Engineer Cell Culture Development1$66kNA
Associate Scientist III Analytical Sciences1$65kNA
Associate III Quality Assurance1$65kNA
Associate II Quality Control1$65kNA
Engineer I Manufacturing Sciences1$65kNA
Associate II Technical Product Complaints1$63kNA
Quality Assurance Associate III1$62kNA
Associate Supply Chain Planner1$61kNA
Associate Scientist II6$61k
Process Engineer I1$60kNA
Senior Analyst I Planning1$60kNA
Postdoctoral Scientist Neurology Research1$60kNA
Associate I Product Complaints1$59kNA
Associate Business Analyst2$59k
Neurology Science Intern1$58kNA
Engineer III Biopharmaceutical Development1$58kNA
Engineer I Biopharmaceutical Development1$57kNA
Postdoctoral Scientist3$56k
Associate Scientist I Pharmacology1$56kNA
Principal Scientist Mol Disc Neurobiology1$55kNA
Associate Scientist II Biopharmaceutical Dev T1$55kNA
Associate Scientist I1$55kNA
Associate II Molecular Oncology2$55kNA
Analyst II Accounting1$53kNA
Biochemistry Fellow1$52kNA
Associate Scientist I Molecular Discovery1$52kNA
Postdoctoral Scientistst1$52kNA
Associate Scientist I Biopharm Development1$52kNA
Purchasing Op Specialist1$51kNA
Senior Operator Manufacturing Operations1$50kNA
Associate I Biopharm Development Engineer1$50kNA
Quality Control Associate I1$48kNA
Purchasing Associate Agent1$47kNA
Analyst I Accounting1$47kNA
Manufacturing Associate III1$46kNA
Operator II Manufacturing Operations1$45kNA
Reg Affairs And Drug Safety Risk Mngmnt Fellow1$40kNA