Beckman Research Institute Jobs

A total of 54 Beckman Research Institute jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $44,942
Salary Range: $23,361

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Medical Physicist1$118kNA
Assistant Professor Principal Investigator1$100kNA
Assistant Professor Senior Biostatistician1$96kNA
Cis Testing Analyst1$95kNA
Assistant Professor Biostatistics1$95kNA
Associate Professor1$91kNA
Research Scientist2$89k
Assistant Research Professor5$82k
Visiting Investigator2$81k
Radio Immuno Labeling Specialist1$80kNA
Assistant Professor2$80k
Senior Biomedical Informatics Specialist1$80kNA
Associate Director1$80kNA
Medical Technologist1$78kNA
Assistant Research Scientist7$75k
System Analyst1$69kNA
Director Office Of Technology Licensing1$69kNA
Biomedical Information Specialist1$68kNA
Quality Assurance Officer1$65kNA
Scientific Writer2$64k
Technology Transfer Specialist1$60kNA
Biostatistician I5$57k
Pact Data Coordinator1$57kNA
Senior Research Associate1$56kNA
Staff Scientist4$55k
Senior Research Fellow1$55kNA
Genetic Counselor I1$55kNA
Regulatory Affairs Specialist1$55kNA
Clinical Research Associate1$54kNA
Support Scientist2$50k
Dps Clinical Research Assistant II1$49kNA
Program Coordinator2$48k
Assistant Physicist1$48kNA
Clinical Social Worker1$47kNA
Quality Assurance Associate II1$46kNA
Manufacturing Associate1$45kNA
Dps Clinical Research Assistant I1$45kNA
Marketing Coordinator1$44kNA
Reserach Fellow1$44kNA
Data Analyst1$43kNA
Research Scientist Virology1$42kNA
Clinical Research Associate II5$42k
Research Fellow Investigator1$40kNA
Research Associate II21$40k
Biostatistician Programmer Analyst2$39k
Research Fellow134$38k
Research Follow4$37k
Visiting Scientist1$36kNA
Pediatric Clinical Researcher1$36kNA
Research Associate I9$34k
Laboratory Animal Medicine Fellow2$33k
Research Associate19$32k
Clinical Research Assistant I1$23kNA