Bechtel Oil Gas Chemicals Jobs

A total of 144 Bechtel Oil Gas Chemicals jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $83,516
Salary Range: $42,780

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Senior Process Safety Engineer1$218kNA
Process Safety1$218kNA
Construction Manager Proposals1$212kNA
Project Controls Manager1$182kNA
Cfo Og C1$174kNA
Process Chief Engineer1$173kNA
Principal Scheduling Engineer1$167kNA
Hr Operations Manager1$160kNA
Deputy Cfo Og C1$149kNA
Human Resources Manager II1$148kNA
Senior Estimator III1$142kNA
Principal Mechanical Engineer1$140kNA
Senior Geographic Information System Analyst1$138kNA
Construction Manager1$137kNA
Senior Mechanical Engineer2$134k
Senior Control System Engineering Group Supervisor1$133kNA
Process Safety Senior Engineer1$128kNA
Senior Piping Designer1$126kNA
Senior Riser Engineer1$126kNA
Functional Chief Control System1$124kNA
Senior Engineering Specialist1$123kNA
Area Project Engineer2$122k
Environmental Services Manager1$121kNA
Lead Scheduler Engineer1$121kNA
Senior Mechanical Engineer III1$120kNA
Lead Flow Assurance Engineer1$120kNA
Senior Designer III2$119k
Mechanical Senior Vessel Engineer1$118kNA
Process Safety Engineering Group Supervisor1$115kNA
Cfd Engineering Specialist1$115kNA
Senior Hull Marine System Engineer1$110kNA
Module Superintendent1$110kNA
Senior Csa Estimator1$110kNA
Senior Project Engineer2$108k
Senior Engineer II2$108k
Project Field Engineer1$107kNA
Senior Process Engineer6$105k
Lead Civil Field Engineer1$105kNA
Senior Engineer5$104k
Field Piping Engineer1$104kNA
Senior Process Fires Safety Engineer1$104kNA
Senior Civil Structural Engineer1$104kNA
Senior Electrical Engineer2$103k
Materials Planning Supervisor2$103k
Process Engineer Advanced Simulation1$103kNA
Chemical Engineer Simulation Specialist1$103kNA
Senior Project Estimator II1$102kNA
Csa Senior Engineer3$102k
Engineering Specialist2$102k
Senior Designer II1$101kNA
Senior Supervising Designer1$101kNA
Process System Supervisor I1$99kNA
Traffic Logistics Supervisor1$98kNA
Met Engineer II1$96kNA
Senior Engineer III1$96kNA
Electrical Designer1$96kNA
Senior Process System Engineer1$96kNA
Project Supplier Quality Supervisor1$95kNA
Senior Cost Engineer2$94k
Senior Scheduling Engineer5$94k
Senior Designer1$92kNA
Senior Geotechnical Engineer2$91k
Chemical Enginner Engineering Specialist1$91kNA
Mechanical Package Engineer2$90k
Software Engineer Senior1$90kNA
Senior Engineer I7$89k
Senior Traffic And Logistics Specialist2$86kNA
Senior Csa Engineer1$85kNA
Electrical Designer Engineer1$85kNA
Cost Estimator4$85k
Purchasing Manager1$84kNA
Supplier Quality Specialist1$84kNA
Field Civil Structural Engineer2$83k
Civil Structural Design Engineer1$83kNA
Field Scheduler1$83kNA
Project Engineer III1$82kNA
Structural Engineer3$82k
Process Engineer12$81k
Senior Engineer I Senior Metallurgy Engineer1$81kNA
Subcontracts Cost Engineer Planner1$81kNA
Designer III1$80kNA
Offshore Mechanical Facilities Engineer1$80kNA
Process System Engineer I1$79kNA
Mechanical Engineer19$79k
Naval Architect1$79kNA
Control System Engineer15$79k
Scheduling Engineer3$78k
Offshore Engineer1$78kNA
Chemical Engineer5$77k
Control Sytems Designer Engineer1$77kNA
Dynamic Simulation Specialist3$77k
Engineer III Mechanical1$76kNA
Senior Materials Planning Specialist2$76k
Process Engineering Specialist2$76k
Engineer III9$75k
Civil Engineer9$75k
Process Engineer Specialist1$74kNA
Advanced Simulation Engineer1$74kNA
Pipe Stress Engineer3$74k
Electrical Engineer11$74k
Project Control Engineer II3$73k
Quality Control Quality Control Engineer1$72kNA
Cost Engineer1$72kNA
Senior Purchasing Specialist1$72kNA
Project Engineering1$72kNA
Project Controls Engineer III1$72kNA
Environmental Engineer3$71k
Project Controls Engineer Field Scheduler1$71kNA
Pc Engineer1$71kNA
Mechanical Vessel Engineer1$71kNA
Mechanical Fired Heater Engineer1$71kNA
Project Engineer21$71k
Fire Protection Safety Engineer1$68kNA
Process Safety Engineer2$68k
Pipeline Engineer1$68kNA
Process System Engineer6$68k
Engineer II11$68k
Met Engineer3$68k
Field Engineer1$67kNA
Mechanical Engineer Heat Transfer Pressure Vessel1$67kNA
Aspen Basic Process Engineering Specialist1$67kNA
Geotechnical Engineer1$66kNA
Purchasing Specialist II1$66kNA
Csa Engineer4$66k
Project Controls Engineer II2$65k
Csa Designer Engineer1$64kNA
Dcu2 Turnover Coordinator1$64kNA
Civil Structural Engineer2$64k
Geotechnical Hydraulic Engineer1$63kNA
Purchasing Specialist III1$62kNA
Computer Support Specialist1$61kNA
Engineer I5$61k
Application Support Engineer1$61kNA
Engineer II Mechanical Engineer1$60kNA
Mechanical System Engineer1$60kNA
Project Controls Engineer20$60k
Human Resources Representative2$60k
Project Controls Engineer I1$59kNA
Purchasing Specialist2$59k
Construction Engineer II1$56kNA
Expediting Specialist I1$53kNA
Expediting Specialist2$52k