Bayer Healthcare Jobs

A total of 198 Bayer Healthcare jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $94,798
Salary Range: $44,512

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Executive VP President Consumer Ca1$610kNA
Svp President Global Hematology Business Unit1$430kNA
Head Of Region Latin America3$423k
President And Chief Executive Officer3$367k
Country Division Head1$319kNA
Chief Medical Officer1$290kNA
Director Global Policy And Public Affairs1$210kNA
Director Global Strategic Projects3$175k
Global Marketing Head1$170kNA
Chief Executive1$156kNA
Manager Launch Readiness1$148kNA
Director Global Strategic Marketing1$142kNA
Senior Manager Strategic Initiatives1$142kNA
Manager Manufacturing Sciences Purification2$142k
Manager Of Public Policy Communications1$140kNA
Project Manager Supply Chain1$139kNA
Senior Manager Bhc O I Global Security2$139kNA
Senior Manager Global Marketing Excellence3$138k
Patent Agent1$135kNA
Manager Long Term Planning3$130k
Associate Director Supply Chain Planning3$129k
Transportation Storage Distribution Manager1$128kNA
Princ Process Dvlp Scientist Manager Mfr Suppor1$127kNA
Medical Information Specialist1$125kNA
Manager Partner Management1$125kNA
Senior Brand Manager3$125k
Senior Marketing Manager2$124k
Senior Business Process Analyst3$118k
Director Of Public Policy And Communication1$117kNA
Senior Manager Global Medical Affairs1$113kNA
Marketing Manager8$112k
Senior Financial Specialist1$112kNA
Medical And Health Services Manager1$111kNA
Advantage Multi Brand Manager1$111kNA
Senior Consultant O I Coe Bus Intelligence1$110kNA
Staff Scientist1$110kNA
Manager Partner Management Nad2$110k
Staff Engineer Software1$110kNA
Marketing Communications Manager1$107kNA
Brand Manager2$107k
I Consultant2$106k
Financial Mgr Branch Or Dept1$104kNA
Research Scientist Analytical2$101k
Senior Edc Developer1$101kNA
Scientific Affairs Associate2$100kNA
Senior Demand Forecasting Specialist1$100kNA
Senior Plant Engineer1$100kNA
Product Supply Pace Program Manager1$100kNA
Senior Automation Engineer1$99kNA
Business Process Analyst1$98kNA
Principal Automation Engineer1$98kNA
Senior I Consultant Bhc Org Operational Compl1$97kNA
Process Quality Manager3$97k
Senior Specialist Quality Control Development1$97kNA
K IX Advantix Product Manager1$97kNA
Master Data Specialist1$96kNA
Senior Scientist2$96k
Director Scientific Affairs2$96k
Validation Manager2$95k
Senior Scientist Manufacturing Technology1$95kNA
Senior Process Development Scientist II3$95kNA
Associate Manager1$95kNA
Computer System Analyst2$95k
Staff R D Engineer2$95k
Computer Software Engineer System Software2$94k
Senior R D Engineer8$93k
Associate Brand Manager3$93k
Staff I Analyst1$92kNA
Marketing Manager Self Testing Segment2$92kNA
Qa Quality Specialist I1$90kNA
Scientist Process Development1$90kNA
Advantage Multi Brand Product Manager1$90kNA
Biostatistician II1$90kNA
Sales Force Automation Specialist1$90kNA
Sales Manager1$90kNA
R D Engineersr1$90kNA
Mechanical Engineer1$90kNA
Quality Assurance Specialist4$89k
Senior Research Scientist2$89k
Chemical Engineer1$88kNA
Quality Control Senior Scientist I1$88kNA
Associate Manager Enterprise Application1$88kNA
Senior Staff R D Engineer1$88kNA
Supervisor Analytical Support1$87kNA
Assistant Brand Manager1$87kNA
Senior Quality Assurance Specialist1$87kNA
Master Planner Production1$87kNA
Planner Scheduler I1$87kNA
Senior Manager Product Integration Delivery1$86kNA
Research Scientist3$85k
Computer Software Engineer Application1$85kNA
Senior Financial Analyst1$85kNA
Financial Specialist5$84k
Manager Sales Process4$84k
Senior I Consultant Bhc O I Delivery Management1$84kNA
Senior Software Engineer3$83k
System Analyst1$83kNA
Manager Engineering Quality2$83kNA
Compliance Manager1$82kNA
Manager Service Parts Supply Chain Planning1$82kNA
Business Analyst Bus Intelligence Process Mappi1$81kNA
Development Scientist2$81k
Senior Engineer Software1$81kNA
Senior Scientist II1$80kNA
Information Design Project Leader1$80kNA
Senior Engineer7$80k
Research And Development Engineer1$80kNA
Process Support Engineer1$80kNA
Regional Regulatory Manager1$80kNA
International Marketing Management Trainee1$80kNA
Qa Product Quality Specialist II1$80kNA
Business Unit Controller1$80kNA
Packaging Development Scientist2$79k
Process Development Scientist16$79k
R D Engineer14$79k
Health Safety Specialist1$79kNA
Product Manager Hematology Cardiology1$78kNA
Research Development Engineer2$78k
Senior Validation Specialist Purification Process1$78kNA
Associate Brand Specialist Mkt Research Analyst1$77kNA
Process Development Engineer8$77k
Senior Qa Product Quality Specialist1$76kNA
Senior Engineer Central Utilities Department1$76kNA
Civil Engineer1$76kNA
Computer Software Engr Application1$75kNA
Senior Associate Software Test Engineer1$75kNA
Senior Associate Research Scientist1$75kNA
Senior Quality Control Supervisor I1$75kNA
Information Design Specialist2$74k
R D Engineer Software1$74kNA
Process Engineer1$74kNA
Senior Product Support Engineer2$74k
Senior Process Engineer1$73kNA
Qa Product Quality Specialist I1$73kNA
Principal Engineer Software1$72kNA
Quality Engineer1$72kNA
Process Unit Conformance Specialist1$72kNA
Principal Supplier Quality Engineer1$72kNA
Senior Associate R D Engineer9$72k
Qa Stability Scientist1$70kNA
Method Validation Quality Control Specialist1$70kNA
Product Manager Advantage1$70kNA
Process Development Specialist1$70kNA
Engineer Plant Automation Infrastructure1$70kNA
Production Planner3$70k
Financial Rebate Analyst1$69kNA
Industrial Engineer5$69k
Demand Planning Analyst2$68k
Senior Associate Scientist3$68k
Associate Scientist Analytical Development1$66kNA
Proces Quality Specialist1$66kNA
Supply Chain Product Analyst2$66k
Pcs Engineer1$66kNA
Business Planning Strategy Specialist1$66kNA
Business Analyst3$65k
Master Planner1$65kNA
Training Specialist1$65kNA
Statistical Specialist1$65kNA
Technical Care Consultant2$65k
Senior Statistician1$64kNA
Associate R D Engineer5$64k
Senior Associate Research Scientist II1$64kNA
Senior Quality Control Associate2$64k
Associate Process Development Scientist II1$63kNA
Customer Development Analyst1$62kNA
Analyst I1$62kNA
Senior Ass Process Development Engineer1$61kNA
Quality Control Microbiology Lab Supervisor I1$60kNA
Market Insight Analyst1$60kNA
Senior Associate Process Dev Scientist1$60kNA
Marketing Intern1$60kNA
Customer Logistics Specialist1$59kNA
Manufacturing Engineer III3$59k
Senior Field Service Engineer1$57kNA
Senior Electrical Instrumentation Designer2$57k
Engineer II1$56kNA
Quality Control Senior Associate Scientist1$56kNA
Customer Logistics Financial Analyst1$55kNA
Reimbursement Specialist Eligibility Interviewer1$55kNA
Qa Discrepancy Investigator2$54k
Quality Control Associate Chemist2$54k
Financial Analyst3$54k
Quality Control Associate II1$53kNA
Process Quality Specialist1$53kNA
Customer Sales Analyst1$52kNA
Associate I Analyst5$51k
Qa Associate Scientist2$50kNA
Field Service Engineer1$49kNA
Engineer I Iq Oq2$48k
Supply Chain Coordinator1$47kNA
Quality Control Associate2$46k
Associate Research Scientist1$46kNA
Category Analyst2$46k
Senior Associate Process Development Scientist1$45kNA