Barnes Noble Jobs

A total of 116 Barnes Noble jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $122,534
Salary Range: $44,000

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Senior Director Of Product Management1$240kNA
Senior Director Supply Chain Development2$230kNA
Computer And Information System Manager2$217k
Director Product Planning2$195kNA
Nook Application Architect2$185kNA
Director Development Portal1$185kNA
Senior Ux Designer1$180kNA
Platform Architect3$180kNA
Director Of Engineering1$180kNA
Director Developer Portal2$178k
Manager Nook Cloud Engineer1$170kNA
Director Database Administration1$160kNA
Bsp Architect1$160kNA
Sales Engineer1$158kNA
Senior Linux Bsp Development Engineer1$156kNA
Product Manager Device Development3$155kNA
Graphics Software Engineer2$155k
Senior Bsp Engineer3$153k
Software Architect2$153k
Senior Technical Program Manager1$150kNA
Senior Java Services Test Engineer1$150kNA
Director Information Security1$150kNA
Application Architect1$150kNA
Build Engineer2$148k
Windows Engineer1$148kNA
Manager Database Engineering1$145kNA
Senior Javascript Web Developer1$145kNA
Android Framework Developer1$145kNA
Computer Software Engineer System Software3$145k
Senior Java Services Developer2$143k
Platform Multimedia Engineer1$140kNA
Linux Bsp Platform Engineer1$140kNA
Cloud Services Whitebox Qa Engineer1$140kNA
Software Development Engineer Sdk1$140kNA
Senior Android Software Engineer1$140kNA
Senior Software Engineer9$139k
Technical Lead1$138kNA
Senor Java Software Engineer1$135kNA
Ruby On Rails Engineer1$135kNA
Availability Analyst1$134kNA
Java Server Engineer1$134kNA
Computer Software Engineer Application4$133k
Senior Board Support Package Engineer3$132k
Electronics Engineer Except Computer1$131kNA
Platform Software Engineer1$130kNA
Platform Quality Assurance Engineer1$130kNA
Sap Fi Co Business Analyst1$130kNA
Senior Database Analyst2$130kNA
Sap Specialist2$130k
Senior Android Framework Developer2$125kNA
Platform Engineer1$125kNA
Web Application Engineer1$125kNA
Tech Lead1$125kNA
Software Developer System Software8$123k
Senior Oracle Database Administrator2$123k
Ios Software Engineer1$122kNA
Software Engineer7$122k
Industrial Engineer1$120kNA
Product Manager1$120kNA
Senior Front End Software Developer1$120kNA
Software Engineer Search Personalization2$120kNA
Engineering Manager1$120kNA
Senior Performance Engineer1$120kNA
Senior Software Developer3$120kNA
Sap Fi Co Configuration Specialist2$119k
Microstrategy Developer1$117kNA
Java Build And Release Engineer1$117kNA
Data Mining Analytics Specialist1$115kNA
Senior System Analyst3$115k
Database Administrator7$113k
Senior Front End Developer1$112kNA
Senior Front End Web Developer2$112kNA
Software Developer Application17$112k
Cloud Services Blackbox Qa Engineer1$110kNA
Senior Android Developer1$110kNA
Art Director2$110kNA
Database Engineer1$107kNA
Senior Qa Engineer2$106k
Windows System Administrator1$105kNA
Computer System Analyst5$102k
Senior Platform Qa Engineer1$100kNA
Application Developer1$100kNA
Whitebox Qa Engineer1$100kNA
Senior Software Qa Engineer1$100kNA
Availability Manager1$100kNA
Network Administrator2$100k
Senior Software Quality Assurance Engineer1$99kNA
Software Qa Engineer6$98k
Data Warehouse Developer3$90kNA
Client Developer1$90kNA
Web Device Analyst1$90kNA
Market Research Analyst And Marketing Specialists1$87kNA
Visual Designer1$87kNA
Quality Assurance Engineer1$85kNA
Senior Programmer1$85kNA
Ruby On Rails Developer1$85kNA
Oracle Database Administrator1$85kNA
Marketing Manager1$85kNA
Qa Engineer3$83k
Affiliates Marketing Manager Analyst2$83k
Senior Visual Designer1$82kNA
Software Developer4$82k
Security Operations Manager1$80kNA
Industrial Engineer Manager1$80kNA
C Software Engineer1$75kNA
Java Programmer1$75kNA
Online Marketing Associate1$70kNA
Assistant Manager Marketing Operations2$70kNA
Senior Designer1$70kNA
Demand Planning Analyst1$70kNA
Database Marketing Analyst1$70kNA
Product Planning Analyst1$65kNA
Assistant Manager Database Marketing1$60kNA
Market Research Analyst And Marketing Specialist1$60kNA
Release Programming Engineer1$52kNA