Barclays Global Investors Jobs

A total of 197 Barclays Global Investors jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $108,529
Salary Range: $52,000

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Senior Director Of Risk Management1$228kNA
Senior Director Of Risk Management IT1$205kNA
Head Of Global Operations Enterprise Application1$200kNA
Mng Dir Global Head Of Equity Currency Trad1$200kNA
Managing Director Head Of Advanced Active Investm1$200kNA
Managing Dir Hd Of Fix Inc Adv Act St Res1$200kNA
Director Of Client Service Operations1$180kNA
Legal Advisor Counsel1$175kNA
Global Head Of Leadership Development1$175kNA
Director Of Financial Accounting1$163kNA
Director Of Technical Infrastructure1$163kNA
Legal Advisor Clerk1$160kNA
Principal Fixed Income Business Manager1$155kNA
Senior Architect3$150k
Knowledge Financial Engineer1$150kNA
Director Of Global Strategy3$150kNA
Principal Research Officer1$150kNA
Director Of IT Project Management1$150kNA
Principal Analytical Research Officer1$150kNA
Director Of Software Engineering1$148kNA
Senior Portfolio Manager1$145kNA
Research Officer4$144k
Software Engineering Lead2$142k
Business Finance Officer IT And Operations3$140kNA
Fixed Income Research Officer1$140kNA
Principal Global Business Strategist1$140kNA
Senior Engineer Manager1$140kNA
Director Of Product1$137kNA
Design And Development Manager2$137k
Senior Client Advisory Strategist1$135kNA
Principal Portfolio Manager2$135k
Currency Research Associate1$135kNA
Senior Quip Analyst Developer1$135kNA
Infrastructure Framework Architect1$135kNA
International Marketing Manager2$133k
Portfolio Manager Head Of Asset Allocation2$133k
Senior Specialist1$130kNA
Data Integration Developer1$130kNA
Senior Technologist1$130kNA
Associate Senior Java Developer1$130kNA
Infrastructure Roadmap Architect1$130kNA
Senior Business Analyst1$128kNA
Computer And Information System Manager1$128kNA
Portfolio Manager12$127k
Senior Risk Analyst1$125kNA
Global Strategy Associate2$125k
Web Market Research Specialist1$125kNA
Researcher Assistant Portfolio Mgr1$125kNA
Researcher Assistant Portfolio Manager1$125kNA
Research Associate Global Market Strategies1$125kNA
Operational Due Diligence Analyst1$125kNA
Financial Manager3$125k
Business Manager2$125k
Senior System Developer6$123k
Associate Credit Analyst2$123k
Financial Planning Analysis Manager1$120kNA
Senior Design Development Engineer12$120k
Principal Senior Manager Financial Accounting1$120kNA
Client Relationship Officer2$120k
Associate Senior Design Development Engineer1$120kNA
Credit Research Analyst1$120kNA
Senior Software Engineer Investment System3$119k
Investment Analytics Analyst3$118k
Senior Design And Development Engineer9$118k
Senior Software Engineer17$117k
Design Development Engineer2$117k
Head Of Asset Allocation Portfolio Management1$115kNA
Senior Network Engineer1$115kNA
Senior Production Engineer1$115kNA
Client Advisory Principal2$115kNA
Analyst Risk Researcher1$115kNA
Release Engineer1$115kNA
Senior Infrastructure Administrator2$113kNA
Senior Design Dev Engr2$112k
Market Risk Analyst3$112k
Project Manager Knowledge Management1$110kNA
Senior System Development Engineer1$110kNA
Research Analyst International Active Entities1$110kNA
Manager Investment Process1$110kNA
Portfolio Manager Global Emerging Markets1$110kNA
Business Development Officer1$110kNA
Sw System Engineer1$110kNA
Short Horizon Trader2$110kNA
Database Administrator2$110kNA
Senior Infrastructure Administrator Database1$110kNA
Senior Support Engineer1$110kNA
Associate Business Strategy And Planning2$110k
System Developer25$109k
Business Analyst5$108k
Test Engineer1$107kNA
Quality Assurance Lead1$106kNA
Competitive Intelligence Analyst1$105kNA
Channel Strategist1$105kNA
Production Engineer1$105kNA
Test Engineer Qa Analyst1$105kNA
Messaging Application Developer1$105kNA
Financial Analyst13$103k
System Development Engineer3$103k
Research Analyst7$101k
Associate Design Development Engineer2$100k
Client Advisory Strategist2$100kNA
Analyst Asia Group1$100kNA
Senior Test Engineer2$100kNA
Research Associate4$100k
Desktop Packager1$100kNA
Principal Investment Relationship Manager1$100kNA
Associate Corporate Development Group1$100kNA
Associate Derivatives Researcher1$100kNA
Research Associate U S Fixed Income Group1$100kNA
Associate Senior Windows System Engineer1$100kNA
Associate Team Leader Global Market Data Tech1$100kNA
Equity Trader2$100k
Fixed Income Research Analyst1$100kNA
Developer Design Development Engineer1$100kNA
Associate Research Analyst Canadian Markets1$100kNA
Credit Analyst1$100kNA
Design And Development Engineer5$99k
Associate System Developer3$98k
Software Engineer7$98k
Emerging Markets Research Associate2$98k
Associate Research Analyst11$97k
Investment Analytics Associate1$96kNA
Research Analyst International Active Equities1$95kNA
Strategy Associate1$95kNA
Associate Trading Research Analyst3$95kNA
Associate U S Market Neutral Strategies Division1$95kNA
Associate Assistant Portfolio Manager1$95kNA
Portfolio Manager Allocations And Solutions1$95kNA
Senior Marketing Coordinator2$95kNA
Emerging Markets Research Analyst1$95kNA
Associate Client Advisory Group3$95k
Associate Research Analyst Asia Markets1$95kNA
Investment Strategist2$95k
Investment Relationship Manager1$95kNA
Research Developer1$95kNA
Associate Global Finance Strategist1$95kNA
Business Development Associate3$95kNA
Associate Equity Research Analyst1$95kNA
Computer Software Engineer System3$94k
Senior Financial Analyst4$94k
Senior Reporting Analyst1$92kNA
Associate Agile Test Enginneer1$90kNA
Market Research Analyst1$90kNA
Support Engineer Hedge Fund Data Integration1$90kNA
Analyst U S Fixed Income Research1$90kNA
Communications Specialist1$90kNA
Investment Strategy Analyst1$90kNA
Associate Research Technologist1$90kNA
Fixed Income Derivatives Operations Associate1$90kNA
System Developer Data Warehousing Specialist1$90kNA
Computer System Analyst3$89k
Trading Research Analyst6$89k
Support Engineer1$85kNA
Data Research Analyst1$85kNA
Associate Investment Technology1$85kNA
Senior Derivative Operations Developer1$85kNA
Operations Research Analyst2$84k
Associate Finance Sox1$82kNA
Quantitative Product Manager1$82kNA
Infrastructure Administrator2$82k
Assistant Portfolio Manager1$80kNA
IT Business Analyst Lead1$80kNA
Research Assistant1$80kNA
Hedge Fund Liaison2$80kNA
Asset Allocations Portfolio Manager1$80kNA
Cash Derivative Operations Analyst1$80kNA
Derivatives Product Controller1$80kNA
System Analyst2$78k
Computer Support Specialist1$78kNA
Product Specialist1$75kNA
Data Analyst Knowledge Management1$75kNA
Associate Investment Relationship Manager2$74k
Associate Client Advisory Division1$70kNA
Data Analyst1$70kNA
Source And Vendor Analyst1$67kNA
IT Operations Associate1$67kNA
Financial Support Analyst1$67kNA
Associate Product Services Specialist2$66k
Computer Software Engineer Application1$66kNA
Business Analyst Computer System1$65kNA
Associate Financial Analyst1$65kNA
System Developer And Data Warehousing Specialist1$65kNA
Associate Computer System Analyst1$65kNA
Associate Investment Services2$65k
Client Relationship Associate3$64k
Financial Product Services Specialist1$60kNA
Associate Client Reporting Group2$59k
Associate Technology Analyst2$57kNA
Transitions Reporting Analyst1$57kNA
Technology Analyst Development Engineer1$57kNA
Client Information Associate1$52kNA