Barclays Bank Plc Jobs

A total of 267 Barclays Bank Plc jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $114,336
Salary Range: $60,000

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Director Global Markets1$270kNA
Director Mxn Fx Spot Trader3$237k
Director Global Markets Portfolio Management1$220kNA
Director Global Trading Fixed Income Rates1$220kNA
Director Structured Notes Trader1$210kNA
Director Global Research Economic Research1$210kNA
Director Emerging Markets Trading1$210kNA
Head Of Latam Options Trading1$210kNA
Director Global Trading Structured Notes Trader1$210kNA
VP Fixed Income1$200kNA
Managing Director3$190k
VP Ibd Global Leveraged Finance1$175kNA
VP Global Markets1$175kNA
VP Global Trading Credit Opportunitie1$175kNA
VP U S Corporates Counterparty Risk1$175kNA
VP Global Trading Fixed Income Rates1$175kNA
Sales Agents Financial Services1$175kNA
Securities Commodities And Financial Services Sales Agents4$174k
Director Us Flow Interest Rate Options2$172k
Senior Lead Analyst Global Retail Bank1$170kNA
Director Global Distribution1$170kNA
VP Global Trading Emerging Markets6$168k
Sales Agents Securities And Commodities2$168k
Decision Science Lead1$166kNA
Director Global Research1$165kNA
VP Structured Capital Markets Group1$165kNA
VP Interest Rate Derivatives Trader1$165kNA
VP Global Trading Markets Ficc Soluti1$165kNA
VP Emerging Markets Currency Trader1$165kNA
VP Emerging Markets Trading1$165kNA
VP Fx Spot Trader1$165kNA
Financial Manager4$162k
Head Of High Risk Credit Performance1$160kNA
VP Markets Ficc Trading1$160kNA
Global Head Of Technical Analysis And Strategy1$158kNA
Associate Director Foreign Exchange Sales3$155k
VP Quantitative Analyst1$155kNA
Director Credit Derivatives2$150k
Director Fixed Income Trading1$150kNA
Director Global Financial Risk Management1$150kNA
Director Credit Derivatives Trading1$150kNA
Director Credit Option Trader3$150kNA
VP Global Trading U S Fixed Income E1$150kNA
VP Global Distribution Emerging Mark1$150kNA
VP Global Trading3$150kNA
VP Investment Banking Division1$150kNA
VP Structuring U S Structured Capita1$150kNA
VP Global Distribution1$150kNA
Manager Modeling And Analytics1$145kNA
Senior Decision Science Manager1$145kNA
Financial Manager Branch Or Department2$143k
Director Correlation Trader3$142k
Senior Credit Strategy Manager Credit Risk1$142kNA
Associate Director Structuring1$140kNA
Director Leveraged Finance2$140kNA
Assistant VP Structuring1$140kNA
Financial Analyst14$137k
Associate Director Emerging Markets Sales1$135kNA
Associate Director Emerging Markets1$135kNA
Senior Credit Strategy Manager1$135kNA
Senior Marketing Analytics Manager1$135kNA
Uk Cards Acquisitions Lead1$135kNA
Lead System Analyst1$134kNA
Assistant VP Global Trading Emerging1$130kNA
Senior Analyst Marketing Analytics1$130kNA
Software Developer Application1$130kNA
Associate Director Investment Banking Division2$130kNA
Lead System Developer1$130kNA
VP Relationship Director1$130kNA
Associate Director Investor Solutions1$128kNA
Associate Director Global Loans1$126kNA
Manager Global Loan Transactions1$126kNA
Associate Director Structured Credit Sales1$126kNA
Associate Director Risk Finance Product Control1$126kNA
Assistant VP Global Trading Ficc Tra1$125kNA
Manager High Yield Leveraged Finance3$125kNA
Lead Analyst Business Banking Modeling1$125kNA
Avp Global Trading Capital Liquidity Management1$125kNA
Global Retail Banking Manager1$125kNA
Marketing Lead Analyst1$122kNA
Fraud Analytics Lead1$120kNA
Lead Analyst2$120kNA
Associate Global Markets Fx Sales1$120kNA
Acquisitions Manager1$120kNA
Manager Telecom Media Invest Banking Group1$120kNA
Manager Emerging Markets Trading1$120kNA
Manager Rates1$120kNA
Senior Fraud Analyst1$120kNA
Associate Director Fund Derivatives1$120kNA
Associate Director Debt Capital Markets3$119k
Vp Credit Portf Trader Global Credit Derivatives1$119kNA
Manager Structured Credit Sales1$117kNA
Manager Global Markets4$116k
Manager Client Connectivity Team1$115kNA
VP Emerging Market Sales1$115kNA
Manager Institutional Sales1$115kNA
Manager Emerging Markets Sales1$115kNA
Associate Director Fixed Income Trading1$115kNA
Market Research Analyst And Marketing Specialists1$114kNA
VP Global Research1$114kNA
Associate Director Credit Derivatives Trading1$114kNA
Senior Credit Analyst2$113k
Operations Research Analyst13$113k
Lead Marketing Analyst4$112k
Associate Director Equity Products Group1$111kNA
Assistant VP Marketing Analytics1$110kNA
Lead Data Analyst Credit Risk1$110kNA
Ecm Lead Analyst Credit Risk1$110kNA
Lead Credit Strategy Analyst Credit Risk1$110kNA
Limit Analyst Marketing Analytics1$110kNA
Lead Analyst Hram3$110k
Lead Analyst Corporate Risk1$110kNA
Manager Debt Capital Markets1$110kNA
Associate Director Global Credit Derivatives1$110kNA
Associate Director Global Financial Risk Management1$110kNA
Avp Emerging Markets Latin America Derivatives1$110kNA
Manager Leveraged Finance Division1$110kNA
Strategic Analytics Manager1$110kNA
Hram Lead Analyst Credit Risk1$110kNA
Lead Credit Strategy Analyst10$108k
Associate Director3$106k
Associate Credit Derivatives1$106kNA
Quantitative Analyst Credit Derivatives1$105kNA
Finance Analytics Partner1$105kNA
Senior Marketing Analytics Analyst1$105kNA
VP Global Research Fx Strategy1$105kNA
Hram Lead Analyst2$105kNA
Portfolio Manager Associate Director1$105kNA
Marketing Analytics Manager Analyst Lead2$105kNA
Acquisitions Analyst2$105kNA
Analytics Partner1$105kNA
Avp Global Research1$105kNA
Credit Strategy Analyst Credit Risk1$105kNA
Analyst Global Retail Bank2$105k
Associate Director Gfrm1$105kNA
Marketing Ecm Analyst4$104k
Assistant VP Global Trading Fixed Inc4$104k
Analyst Marketing Analytics2$104k
Assistant VP Strategic Analytics3$103k
Credit Analyst13$103k
Decision Science Lead Analyst5$103k
Collections Lead Analyst2$103k
Marketing Analytics Lead2$103k
Manager Investment Banking Division3$102k
Manager Us Cdo Group1$101kNA
Associate Investment Banking Division2$100kNA
Associate Global Finance Risk Management2$100kNA
Manager Fixed Income Strategy1$100kNA
Avp Global Distribution Fx Sales1$100kNA
Market Research Analyst Marketing Specialists1$100kNA
Associate Structured Capital Markets1$100kNA
Avp Global Research Foreign Exchange Strategy Re1$100kNA
Assistant VP Global Research1$100kNA
Associate Director Loans Syndications Distribution1$100kNA
Manager Corporate Finance Risk Manager1$100kNA
Manager Corporate Finance Risk Management1$100kNA
Manager Global Distribution1$100kNA
Manager Global Distribution Division1$100kNA
Manager Us Leveraged Finance Execution1$100kNA
Manager Sales And Trading1$100kNA
Associate Us Interest Rate Analyst1$100kNA
Marketing Analytics Manager Existing Customer Management1$100kNA
Manager Investment Solutions1$100kNA
Associate Research1$100kNA
Associate Fixed Income Strategy Research2$100kNA
Marketing Analytics Limit Manager2$100kNA
Avp Ficc Trading1$100kNA
Manager Portfolio Management1$100kNA
Avp Global Distribution Emerging Markets Sales1$100kNA
Manager Trading1$100kNA
Assistant VP Global Trading Fixed Income1$100kNA
Lead Analyst High Risk Account Management1$100kNA
Assistant VP Global Trading Foreign E1$100kNA
Lead Analyst Collections Strategy1$100kNA
Assistant VP Fx Structuring Americas1$100kNA
Analyst Card Acquisitions1$100kNA
Assistant VP Global Trading1$100kNA
Assistant VP Fixed Income Dcrm1$100kNA
Associate Residential Mortgage Backed Securities1$100kNA
Assistant VP Execution1$100kNA
Assistant VP Junior Fx Structurer1$100kNA
Decision Science Senior Risk Analyst1$100kNA
Lead Risk Analyst2$100kNA
Avp Structuring U S Structured Capital Markets1$100kNA
Avp Risk And Pricing Analytics Developer1$100kNA
Avp Junior Rates Trader1$100kNA
Associate Director Credit Risk Measurement1$100kNA
Lead Decision Science Analyst4$100k
Assistant VP U S Structured Capital1$100kNA
Lead Analyst Marketing Analytics3$99k
Exotics Interest Rates Trader Emerging Mkts1$99kNA
Fraud Lead Analyst2$98k
Lead Decision Science Senior Analyst1$95kNA
Assistant VP Global Fraud1$95kNA
Avp Decision Science Lead Analyst1$95kNA
Lead Fraud Analyst1$95kNA
Risk Lead Analyst1$95kNA
Collections Strategy Lead Analyst1$95kNA
Risk Strategy Lead Analyst1$95kNA
Assistant VP Lead Analyst1$95kNA
Avp Derivative Counterparty Risk Management1$94kNA
Credit Analyst Manager2$93k
Fraud Senior Analyst1$92kNA
Marketing Analytics Lead Analyst2$91k
Management Analyst2$91k
Manager Global Credit Products3$91k
Avp Investment Grade Loans Group1$90kNA
Analyst Global Retail Banking1$90kNA
Manager Credit Analyst Gfrm1$90kNA
Uk Cards Analyst1$90kNA
Analytics Partner Bp A1$90kNA
Manager Investor Solutions Structuring2$89k
Exotics Interest Rates Trader Emerging Markets2$89k
Manager Credit Analyst4$88k
Credit Risk Manager Global Financial Risk Management1$87kNA
Decision Science Analyst6$87k
Fraud Analyst Credit Risk2$86k
Collections Risk Lead Analyst1$85kNA
Capital Modeling Analyst1$85kNA
Marketing Analytics Analyst1$82kNA
Credit Analyst Global Financial Risk Management1$80kNA
Collections Analyst2$80k
Avp Global Trading Capital And Liquidity Managem1$80kNA
Lead Data Analyst1$80kNA
Analyst Global Markets1$80kNA
Avp Fixed Income Rates1$80kNA
Analyst Global Markets Index Trading1$80kNA
Fraud Analyst2$80k
Credit Strategy Analyst6$79k
Analyst Trading1$78kNA
Fraud Analytics Analyst1$75kNA
Modelling Analyst1$75kNA
Analyst Investment Banking Division5$73k
VP Financial Institutions1$72kNA
Analyst Telecom Media Investment Banking Group1$70kNA
Executive Ibd Energy1$70kNA
Analyst Global Trading Markets Ficc Solutions1$70kNA
Analyst Global Trading Ficc Trading1$70kNA
Analyst Global Trading Emerging Markets1$70kNA
Analyst Global Research1$70kNA
Analyst Global Trading Primary Bonds1$70kNA
Analyst Global Distribution Emerging Markets Sale1$70kNA
Assistant VP Global Corporates1$70kNA
Analyst U S Structured Capital Markets1$70kNA
Central Analytics Analyst1$70kNA
Strategic Analyst Existing Customer Management1$70kNA
Credit Risk Modeling Analyst1$70kNA
Analytics Analyst1$70kNA
Executive Foreign Exchange Trading5$68k
Credit Risk Analyst2$68k
Associate Investor Solution Sales1$65kNA
Analyst Bank Debt Management1$65kNA
P L Analyst Marketing Analytics1$65kNA
Executive Investment Banking Division2$65kNA
Executive Fixed Income Trading1$65kNA
Analyst Us Leveraged Finance Group1$65kNA
Analyst Investment Banking1$65kNA
Analyst Sales1$61kNA
Analyst Portfolio Development1$61kNA
Executive Global Financial Risk Management1$60kNA
Analyst Global Financial Risk Management1$60kNA
Payment Acceptance Fraud Analyst1$60kNA
Human Resources Specialist1$60kNA
Recruitment Coordinator Human Resources2$60kNA