Banc Of America Securities Jobs

A total of 283 Banc Of America Securities jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $93,582
Salary Range: $34,819

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Financial Manager Branch Or Department1$200kNA
Technology Executive Industrial Engineer1$190kNA
Manager Team Lead I Prod Spec High Grade Capmktus1$190kNA
Business Support Executive3$190kNA
Senior Technology Project Manager1$189kNA
Senior Short Term Fixed Income Marketer2$179k
Principal Senior Technology Mgr Apps Prgmmng1$178kNA
Treasurer Controller1$175kNA
Manager Team Lead Research1$165kNA
Vp Cnslut Bus Tech Intg2$165kNA
VP Investment Banking1$165kNA
Managing Director Specialty Finance Analyst1$165kNA
Assistant General Counsel Attorney Gcib Fixed Inc1$159kNA
Managing Director3$158k
Investment Banking Associate1$150kNA
Industrial Engineer1$150kNA
Senior Trader3$148k
Vp Capital Markets Back Office Application Manage1$146kNA
Financial Manager Branch Or Dept3$146k
Consultant System Architecture Analysis1$145kNA
Principal Analyst2$145k
Senior Technology Manager Apps Programming2$144k
Principal Us Equity Sales Trading1$140kNA
Associate Investment Banker Leveraged Finance1$140kNA
Senior Research Analyst1$140kNA
Specialty Finance Analyst1$140kNA
VP Product Specialist I2$140kNA
Senior Securities Product Specialist1$140kNA
Principal Quantitative Finance Analyst2$140kNA
Business Development Planning Executive2$140kNA
Equity Derivatives Trader3$140kNA
Principal Electronic Trading Services1$140kNA
Application Programming Consultant Capmkt Bckofc1$138kNA
Vp Application Programming Consultant1$136kNA
Securities Commodities Financial Services1$135kNA
VP Consultant System Arch Anly1$135kNA
Consultant System Arch Anly1$135kNA
Financial Manager4$132k
Apps Progr Manager Capmkt Bkofc1$130kNA
Trader I1$130kNA
Vp Team Mngr Database Admin Anly1$128kNA
Technology Mngr Apps Programming1$127kNA
Vp Technology Manager Database Administrator1$127kNA
Principal Investment Banking IV1$125kNA
Market Research Analyst1$125kNA
Pr Apps Prog Srmgr Capmkt Frt Ofc1$125kNA
Vp Prime Brokerage Risk And Trading1$125kNA
Sales Business Development Manager1$125kNA
Vp Securities Product Specialist1$125kNA
VP Application Programming Manager3$123k
Apps Prog Senior Cons Anly Capmkt Frntofc1$123kNA
Investment Banker II2$123k
Principal Investment Banking3$122k
Computer And Information System Manager2$121k
Technology Manager Application Programming1$121kNA
Vp Team Manager Apps Prog Gcib1$120kNA
Vp Technology Manager Ets1$120kNA
Investment Banker2$120k
Vp Team Mgr Apps Prog Gcib1$120kNA
Trader II5$120k
Computer Information System Mngrs2$118k
Senior Trading Strategist3$118k
Computer Software Engineer Apps1$117kNA
Computer Software Engineer Application2$117k
Computer Programmer2$116k
Channel Strategy And Dev Mgr1$115kNA
Vp Technical Project Consultant1$115kNA
Research Analyst5$115k
Developer Senior Consultant Apps Programming1$115kNA
Investment Banker III1$115kNA
Treasury Agency Specialist1$115kNA
Application Programming Manager1$115kNA
Investment Banker I Media And Telecom1$115kNA
Vp Investment Banker III1$115kNA
Vp Apps Prog Conslt Capmkt Bck Ofc Ops Tech1$115kNA
Equity Research Analyst2$114k
VP Capital Markets Strategies1$113kNA
Technology Manager Application Programmer1$113kNA
Consultant Team Lead1$113kNA
Vp Tech Mgr System Eng Arch Anly1$112kNA
Vp Consultant Application Programming5$112k
Vp Apps Prog Cnslt Cap Mkt1$112kNA
Vp Application Program Manager1$112kNA
Vp Consultant Apps Prog1$110kNA
Vp Senior Analyst Application Programmer1$110kNA
Apps Prog Cnslt Capmkt Frt Ofc2$110k
Associate Investment Banking3$109k
Vp Global Structured Products1$109kNA
Analyst II Sytems Engineer Arch Analysis1$108kNA
Senior Analyst System Eng Arch Anly Gcib1$108kNA
Associate Global Corporate And Investment Banking2$108k
Senior Analyst Applcations Programming1$105kNA
VP Structured Credit Trading1$105kNA
Marketing Program Development Mgr II1$105kNA
Assistant VP Application Programmer1$105kNA
Consultant Appplications Programming1$105kNA
Associate III1$105kNA
Investment Banker I4$105k
Vp Senior Analyst System Engineer1$104kNA
Cons System Eng Arch Anly Gcib1$104kNA
Senior Programmer Analyst8$103k
Vp Application Programming1$103kNA
Avp Consultant Risk Technology1$102kNA
Team Manager Application Programming Gcib1$100kNA
Structured Product Specialist1$100kNA
Avp Senior Analyst Apps Prog1$100kNA
Vp Analyst II Application Programming1$100kNA
Technology Project Manager Cap Mkts1$100kNA
Vp Investment Banker II2$100k
Technology Project Manager Capital Markets1$100kNA
Apps Prog Mgr Cap Mkts1$100kNA
Client Services Representative Gcib1$100kNA
Trading Strategist1$100kNA
Vp Leveraged Acquisition Finance Group1$100kNA
Analyst Alternative Investment Advisors1$100kNA
Consultant Risk Technology1$100kNA
Vp Research Analyst II1$100kNA
Vp Publisher II1$100kNA
Vp Investment Banker I1$100kNA
Vp Cnslt Bus System Intg1$100kNA
Vp Consultant And Application Programming1$100kNA
Associate Securities Analyst1$100kNA
Associate II1$100kNA
Avp Consultant System Engineering2$100k
Financial Analyst14$98k
Vp Team Manager Data Mining Warehousing1$98kNA
Vp Associate2$98k
Associate Cnslt Apps Prog Gcib2$97kNA
Avp Consultant Application Programming1$95kNA
Associate VP1$95kNA
Associate Senior Consultant Apps Programming1$95kNA
Business Support Manager1$95kNA
Consultant Apps Prog1$95kNA
Vp Senior Tech Manager1$95kNA
Associated VP1$95kNA
Apps Prog Cons Cap Mkts Back Office1$95kNA
Vp Business Support Manager2$95kNA
Associate Analyst3$95kNA
VP Research Analyst I1$95kNA
Consultant Application Programming Gcib3$95k
Consultant Application Programming22$94k
Application Qual Assr Senior Anly Cap Mkts1$94kNA
Consultant Trading Support3$93k
Senior Analyst System Engineer Arch Anly1$93kNA
Computer Information System Manager2$93k
System Engineer Test Engineer Team Lead1$93kNA
Business Analyst2$93k
Senior Analyst Application Programmer2$93k
Business Support Lead II1$91kNA
Computer Software Engineer System Software2$90k
Vp Senior Analyst Application Programming1$90kNA
Research Associate Analyst1$90kNA
Associate Trader1$90kNA
Associate Cdo Structuring1$90kNA
Associate Consultant1$90kNA
Associate Corporate Banking Associate1$90kNA
Associate Developer1$90kNA
Senior Software Engineer1$90kNA
Analyst II System Administration Support1$90kNA
Analyst II System Admin Support1$90kNA
Senior Analyst Programmer1$90kNA
Quantitative Financial Analyst1$90kNA
Computer Software Eng Apps1$90kNA
Global Consumer1$90kNA
Middle Office Mgr Derivatives1$90kNA
Ldp Associate1$90kNA
Project Manager1$90kNA
Computer Info System Manager1$90kNA
Computer Information System Mngr1$90kNA
Consultant System Engineering2$89k
Senior Consultant Application Programming4$88k
Consultant System Architect Analyst1$88kNA
Cnslt Apps Prog Gcib1$88kNA
Associate Senior Cnslt Apps Prog1$88kNA
Application Prog Cnslt Cap Mkt Frt Ofc1$87kNA
Analyst II Software Developer1$87kNA
Associate Research2$87kNA
Application Programmer Consultant4$87k
Quantitative Finance Analyst5$86k
Senior Analyst Application Programming9$85k
Dol Soc Wage Library1$85kNA
Corporate Banking Associate1$85kNA
Business Support Lead2$85kNA
Software Developer1$85kNA
V P Consultant Application Programming1$85kNA
Senior Quality Assurance Analyst1$85kNA
Corporate Investment Banking Bus Mgr1$85kNA
Senior Research Associate1$85kNA
Associate Trader I1$85kNA
Research Associate10$85k
Trading Associate1$85kNA
Credit Products Officer1$85kNA
Associate Product Development1$85kNA
Senior Analyst System Engineer1$84kNA
Business Analyst Consultant Capmkt Frt Ofc1$84kNA
Consultant Apps Programming Gcib2$84k
System Engineer Test Engineer1$84kNA
Avp Cnslt Application Programming1$84kNA
Analyst II Apps Programming1$83kNA
Consultant System Engineer Arch Anal1$82kNA
Senior Anlt Apps Prog Gcib2$82k
Consultant System Eng Arch And Analys1$82kNA
Vp Senior Analyst Apps Programming1$81kNA
Associate Sales Trader I1$80kNA
Associate Business Analyst3$80k
Analyst Trading1$80kNA
Application Programmer Senior Analyst Cap Mkts1$80kNA
Associate Development Portfolio System2$80k
Application Programmer Analyst1$80kNA
Senior Analyst System Engr Architect Anyls1$79kNA
Senior Middle Office Analyst2$79k
Senior Analyst2$79k
Consultant Application Programmer3$78k
Application Developer Consultant1$78kNA
Application Programmer1$78kNA
Senior Analyst Apps Prog Gcib3$78k
Quantitative Analyst3$75k
Vp Product Specialist II1$75kNA
Consultant System Ops Mid Range1$75kNA
Developer Integrator1$75kNA
Direct Investments Analyst1$75kNA
Senior Middle Office Analyst Exotic Derivatives1$75kNA
Gcib Associate1$75kNA
Quality Assurance Engineer1$75kNA
Gcib Technical Associate1$75kNA
Senior Analyst Apps Prog2$74k
Global Markets Technology Associate15$73k
Technical Project Manager1$72kNA
Technology Project Consultant1$71kNA
Op Analyst Structured Credit Products1$70kNA
Tech Associate Cap Mkt1$70kNA
Avp Cnslt Apps Prog1$70kNA
Equity Derivatives Analyst1$70kNA
Senior Developer Application Database Support1$70kNA
Risk Management Analyst III1$70kNA
Assistant VP1$69kNA
Analyst II Application Programming5$69k
Consultant Apps Programming7$69k
Analyst I Application Programming1$67kNA
Credit Analyst Tax Credit Management1$65kNA
Apps Prog Senior Anlyt Capmkts Front Office1$65kNA
Research Analyst I1$65kNA
Operations Research Analyst II1$65kNA
Computer Software Eng Application1$65kNA
Technology Analyst Gcib1$64kNA
Market Risk Analyst1$63kNA
Operations Analyst1$63kNA
Consultant System Software Qa1$62kNA
Associate Application Programmer1$62kNA
Treasury Managment Sales Officer1$61kNA
Analyst II System Engineering1$60kNA
Fund Accountant1$60kNA
Senior Analyst System Admin Support1$60kNA
Analyst II Apps Prog1$59kNA
Gcib Analyst7$58k
Quantitative Management Associate1$57kNA
Analyst Gcib1$56kNA
Avp Risk Management Analyst II1$56kNA
Account Executive1$55kNA
Trading Assistant1$55kNA
Foreign Exchange Analyst1$52kNA
Investment Banking Analyst2$52kNA
Cib Analyst1$51kNA
Operations Research Analyst2$51k
Application Programming Analyst II2$48k
Trust Analyst I1$47kNA
Corporate Investment Banking Analyst1$46kNA
Research Assistant I1$46kNA
Analyst II Apps Prog Gcib1$45kNA
Public Finance Analyst1$45kNA
Analyst II Application Programmer1$44kNA
Premier Client Manager1$43kNA
Documentation Analyst Derivatives1$42kNA
Credit Analyst1$40kNA
Field Examiner II1$40kNA