Avon Products Jobs

A total of 196 Avon Products jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $104,149
Salary Range: $41,000

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
VP For Supply Chain1$300kNA
Vp Global Business Units Business Support Funct1$281kNA
VP Color1$265kNA
Executive Director Regional Finance1$245kNA
VP Skincare1$233kNA
VP Scincare1$233kNA
Executive Director Of Finance Latin America1$220kNA
Executive Director Communications Public Govt Af1$215kNA
Chief Executive3$213k
Regional VP Finance3$202k
Marketing Manager2$186k
VP Global Skincare1$175kNA
Financial Manager1$175kNA
Director Of Finance For The Latin America Region1$175kNA
Director Compensation And Benefits1$174kNA
Attorney Assistant Gen L Counsel Intl1$165kNA
IT Analyst Us IT1$150kNA
Sap Integration Architect Smt1$150kNA
Director Business Development1$150kNA
Senior Manager Fico Lead Configurator1$150kNA
Compliance Counsel Global Business Units North1$148kNA
Director Analytics1$145kNA
Senior Manager Global Marketing1$145kNA
Senior VP President Latin America1$142kNA
Sap Data Services Architect1$140kNA
Websphere Commerce Architect Commerce Smt1$140kNA
Sap Sd Technical Manager Lead Otc1$140kNA
Exec Dir Of Finance Latin America Supply Chain1$138kNA
Ecommerce Sap Integration Architect1$135kNA
Senior Manager Supply Chain Solution Design Archit1$133kNA
Jde E1 Architect1$130kNA
Sap Sd Specialist1$130kNA
Senior Manager Shopper Insights1$129kNA
Assistant General Counsel1$128kNA
Sap Basis Administrator1$125kNA
Sap Security Controls Specialist1$125kNA
Manager Application Architect1$123kNA
Senior IT Specialist4$122k
Manager Global Internal Audit1$122kNA
Sap Sd Pricing Specialist3$122k
Lead Financial Analyst1$121kNA
Sap Crm Senior Business Analyst1$120kNA
Manager Internal Audit1$120kNA
Senior Manager Logistics2$120k
Manager Global Consumer Insights1$119kNA
Software Developer System Software1$119kNA
Quality Assurance Lead1$118kNA
Senior Developer1$118kNA
Sap System Specialist4$118k
Senior Manager Marketing Intelligence1$117kNA
Microstrategy Designer1$117kNA
Manager Consumer Insights3$116k
Network And Computer System Administrator2$115k
Associate Application Development Project Manager1$115kNA
International Treasury Manager1$115kNA
Application Architect1$115kNA
Cms Lead Architect1$115kNA
Dir Of Internal Audit No America1$115kNA
Sap Bobj Data Services Integration Developer1$115kNA
Abap Developer3$113k
Information Technology Specialist4$112k
Associate System Project Manager1$112kNA
Senior IT Specialist Data Warehouse2$112k
Pmo Application Architect2$111k
Computer System Analyst10$110k
Microstrategy Designer Bi Dw1$110kNA
Associate Qa Project Manager1$110kNA
Sap Master Data Management Specialist1$110kNA
IT Business Analyst Webe1$110kNA
Market Analyst Color1$110kNA
Sap Sd Pricing Rtom Specialist1$110kNA
Software Developer Application5$110k
Websphere Commerce Developer1$109kNA
IT Data Architect Specialist1$108kNA
Jde Business Analyst Mrp Senior Specialist2$108k
Senior Supply Chain Manager1$107kNA
Associate Centers Of Excellence Global Project Man1$106kNA
Associate Business Project Manager1$105kNA
Senior Smt Support Analyst1$105kNA
Sap Fscm Configuration Analyst1$105kNA
Teamsite Developer1$105kNA
Project Manager2$103k
Computer Software Engineer Application3$103k
Brand Manager2$102k
Lead Information Techonolgy Development Analyst1$102kNA
Web Engineer1$101kNA
Manager Quality Assurance Analyst1$101kNA
Manager Global Strategy1$101kNA
Program Manager1$100kNA
Regional VP For Supply Chain1$100kNA
Senior Analyst Business Innovation1$100kNA
Manager Women S Health Well Being1$100kNA
Project Manager Global Web Enablement1$100kNA
Smt Solutions Manager1$100kNA
Lead Information Technology Development Analyst3$99k
Associate Manager Strategy And Analytics1$99kNA
IT Specialist4$99k
Technical Specialist Advanced Planning System1$98kNA
Continuous Process Improv T Cpi Train G Manager1$98kNA
Technical Architect1$98kNA
Senior Product Designer Innovation1$98kNA
Manager Business Analyst Web Enablement1$97kNA
Information Technology Development Specialist2$96k
Continuous Process Improvment1$96kNA
Continuous Process Improvement Engineer1$95kNA
Associate Brand Manager Global Activation1$95kNA
IT Business Specialist1$95kNA
Vendor Manager Process1$95kNA
Lead IT Analyst7$95k
Senior Business Analyst2$94k
Market Research Senior Associate2$94kNA
Associate Brand Manager2$93k
Senior Research Scientist3$93k
Lead Information Technology Analyst8$92k
Senior Financial Analyst2$92k
Manager North America Marketing Intelligence1$92kNA
Manager Shopper Insights1$92kNA
Senior Chemist1$91kNA
Designer Business Intelligence Data Warehouse1$90kNA
Associate Manager Marketing1$90kNA
Senior Database Administrator1$90kNA
IT Business Analyst1$90kNA
Continuous Process Improvement Training Manager2$90kNA
Manager Product Forecasting1$90kNA
IT Specialist Jd Edwards1$90kNA
Senior Quality Assurance Analyst1$90kNA
Senior Research Scientist Bioscience1$89kNA
Corporate Strategy Business Develop Analyst1$88kNA
Senior Auditor2$88k
Biochemist And Biophysicists1$87kNA
Senior Toxicologist1$87kNA
Senior Clinical Research Scientist1$87kNA
Developer Mis1$87kNA
Technical Manager Webmaster2$86k
Biochemist Biophysicists1$86kNA
IT Technical Specialist1$85kNA
Senior Audit Analyst1$85kNA
Associate Brand Manager Skincare1$85kNA
Chief Program Analyst Lead IT Analyst1$85kNA
Deployment Manager1$85kNA
Senior Marketing Analyst1$84kNA
Lead IT Development Analyst2$83k
Chief Programmer Analyst Senior IT Analyst1$81kNA
Lead Software Quality Assurance Engineer1$80kNA
Senior Analyst Strategic Planning1$80kNA
Contract Manufacturing Planner1$80kNA
Optical And Materials Scientist1$80kNA
Sourcing Manager Chemicals Fragrances1$80kNA
Fp A Consolidation Analyst1$80kNA
Senior Analytical Chemist1$80kNA
Research Scientist Physical Science1$78kNA
Manager Grants And Program2$78k
Manager Marketing Penetration Analysis3$77k
Senior IT Support Analyst1$77kNA
Research Scientist4$77k
Research Scientist Strategic Alliance1$77kNA
Research Associate Global Insights1$77kNA
Senior Analyst Marketing Intelligence2$77k
Human Resources Manager2$77k
Senior Analyst International Treasury Planning1$75kNA
Toxicologist II2$75kNA
Senior Research Associate Market Research Group1$75kNA
Clinical Research Scientist II2$75kNA
Senior Analyst3$75k
Market Research Analyst5$75k
Senior Analyst Global Marketing Intelligence1$74kNA
Senior Information Technology Analyst2$73k
Development Chemist2$70k
Research Scientist Biosciences1$70kNA
Marketing Associate1$70kNA
Senior Compensation Analyst1$70kNA
Research Toxicologist1$69kNA
Research Scientist Chemist2$66k
Associate Marketing Manager Fragrance3$65k
Consumer Research Analyst1$65kNA
Analyst Marketing Intelligence1$65kNA
Senior IT Analyst1$65kNA
Account Administration Analyst1$64kNA
Computer Support Analyst1$60kNA
Webe Release Analyst1$60kNA
Sales Analyst1$60kNA
Computer Operations Analyst1$60kNA
Junior Administrator1$59kNA
Analyst Strategic Planning4$59k
Chemical Engineer1$59kNA
Compensation Analyst2$56k
Merchandising Assistant Personal Care1$55kNA
Global Marketing Associate1$54kNA
Security Analyst1$50kNA
Materials Management Analyst1$50kNA
Hr Specialist Immigration Manager1$50kNA
Senior Technician R D New Product Innovation1$41kNA