Appalachian Regional Healthcare Jobs

A total of 62 Appalachian Regional Healthcare jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $124,418
Salary Range: $27,310

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Im Hem Oncologist3$350kNA
Physician Anesthesiologist5$306k
Physician And Surgeon All Other4$267k
Physician Hematologist Oncologist4$243k
Physical Medicine Rehabilitation Physician1$215kNA
Physician Orthopedic Surgeon2$210k
Obstetrics Gynecologist2$208k
Im Cardiologist6$203k
Obstetrician Gynecologist2$200kNA
Physician Obstetrician Gynecologist1$200kNA
Physician Physical Medicine And Rehabilitation6$197k
Orthopedic Surgeon1$190kNA
Hematologist Oncologist1$190kNA
Im Nephrologist2$189kNA
General Practitioner1$189kNA
Im Pulmonologist2$180k
Physician Ob Gyn6$178k
Internist General10$173k
Physician General Surgeon16$173k
General Surgeon12$172k
Colon Rectal Surgeon1$169kNA
Family And General Practitioners2$168k
Physician Obstetrician And Gynecologist1$166kNA
Infectious Diseases Im Physician1$166kNA
Ob Gyn1$166kNA
Infectious Diseases Physician1$159kNA
Im Hematologist Oncologist2$157kNA
Physician Infectious Diseases3$157k
General Colon Rectal Surgeon1$153kNA
Family Practice Physician2$152k
Physician Psychiatrist1$151kNA
Physician Pathologist4$143k
Pediatrician General2$140k
Physician Pulmonologist Critical Care Medicine1$135kNA
Physician Internist2$129k
Physician Im Hospitalist2$127kNA
Physician Pediatrician3$126k
Physician Im Pulmonary Medicine1$126kNA
Physician Im Infectious Diseases1$116kNA
Physician Family Medicine2$112k
Clinical Staff Pharmacist1$103kNA
Clinical Pharmacist4$99k
Physician Internist General1$94kNA
Physician Physical Medicine Rehabilitation1$70kNA
Staff Occupational Therapist1$61kNA
Staff Physical Therapist4$57k
Occupational Therapist10$56k
Physical Therapist26$56k
Registered Nurse2$51k
Medical And Clinical Laboratory Technologist3$46k
Staff Medical Technologist46$38k
Medical Technologist9$37k
Clinical Psychologist2$30kNA