Ann Arbor Salary, MI

A total of 8,738 real salary data found within 10 miles of Ann Arbor, MI.

Salary Average: $63,832
Salary Range: $18,000

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TitleEmployerSalaryLocation / Date / Further Info
Manager Production PlanningRecellular$90kDexter, MI (08/2009)
Manager Production PlanningRecellular$90kDexter, MI (09/2009)
Manufacturing EngineerSweepster Harley Attachments$58kDexter, MI (03/2009)
Manufacturing EngineerSweepster Harley Attachments$63kDexter, MI (03/2009)
Technical Translator And InterpreterDexter Fastener Technologies$32kDexter, MI (04/2009)
Research EngineerMkp Structural Design Associates$62kDexter, MI (05/2009)
Senior Research ScientistRapid Biosense$80kDexter, MI (01/2010)
Director Of AcademyDexter Soccer Club$24kDexter, MI (08/2010)
Industrial EngineerSweepster Harley Attachments$92kDexter, MI (11/2012)
Phosphoramidite Research ChemistBerry Associates$100kDexter, MI (01/2011)
Manufacturing EngineerSweepster Harley Attachments$64kDexter, MI (10/2010)
Instructional CoordinatorDexter Soccer Club$43kDexter, MI (07/2011)
Operations ManagerSeaview Systems$100kDexter, MI (08/2011)
Mechanical EngineerValicor Separation Technologies$52kDexter, MI (03/2014)
Operations ManagerSeaview Systems$100kDexter, MI (03/2014)
Programmer AnalystBiopharmaceutical Research Consultants$39kDexter, MI (07/2003)
ChemistBerry Associates$70kDexter, MI (09/2003)
ChemistBerry And Associates$70kDexter, MI (09/2003)
Mechanical EngineerMartinrea International$70kDexter, MI (11/2003)
VP Of EngineeringAstro Cap Manufacturing$70kDexter, MI (12/2003)