American Express Trs Jobs

A total of 182 American Express Trs jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $96,142
Salary Range: $42,016

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Vp Base II Audit Leader1$180kNA
VP Strategy1$176kNA
VP Treasury2$168k
Vp Marketing Research1$157kNA
Director Risk Information Management1$150kNA
Director Operational Excellence1$150kNA
VP Risk Management3$149k
Director Global Supply Management1$145kNA
Director Gns Risk And Decision Management1$141kNA
VP Business Development1$140kNA
Director Risk1$139kNA
Director Strategic Analysis Testing1$135kNA
Director Market Research1$133kNA
Global V P Worldwide Market Intelligence1$132kNA
Director Rib1$130kNA
Director Marketing3$127k
Director Risk Information Banking1$127kNA
Senior Manager Product Strategy Management1$125kNA
Director Business Performance1$125kNA
Senior Mgr Direct Marketing Capabilities Architec1$124kNA
Director Business Planning Product Management1$122kNA
Director Risk Management10$122k
Director Corporate Planning Business Analysis1$121kNA
Lead Application Developer1$121kNA
Director Programming Platform Advancement1$120kNA
Senior Software Engineer2$120kNA
Senior Data Engineer1$120kNA
Director Marketing Manager1$120kNA
Lead Technology Architect1$119kNA
Director Technical Delivery2$118k
Director Finance Business Analysis1$118kNA
Senior Manager Business Development2$117k
Senior Manager Risk Manager1$116kNA
Senior Manager Strategy Business Transformation1$115kNA
Manager Global Network Technologies1$115kNA
Senior Manager Strategic Planning1$113kNA
Big Data Senior Engineer2$113k
Senior Manager Pricing1$112kNA
Platform Development Manager1$112kNA
Director Finance5$110k
Data Scientist4$110k
Software Engineer Java1$110kNA
Lead Oracle Database Administrator1$110kNA
Risk Manager Modeling Analytics1$110kNA
Lead Business Architect Capabilities1$110kNA
Director Gns Privacy1$110kNA
Senior Manager Mr Analytics1$110kNA
Director Business Planning Analysis2$110k
Finance Business Analysis Director1$110kNA
Lead Software Specialist1$108kNA
Director Controller1$108kNA
Senior Manager Marketing Capabilities2$108k
Lead Technical Architect20$107k
Quality Assurance Manager2$107k
Senior Manager Risk Information Banking1$106kNA
Senior Manager Pima1$106kNA
Program Manager1$106kNA
Director Programming And Platform Advancement1$105kNA
Lead Business Architect Pega1$105kNA
Senior Manager Lending Business Analysis1$105kNA
Senior Manager Campaign Management1$105kNA
Manager Business Insights Merchant Acquisition1$105kNA
Senior Manager Marketing2$103k
Senior Manager Network Information Control Privacy1$103kNA
Senior Manager Strategy Planning1$103kNA
Senior Manager Open Strategy Business Transformatio1$102kNA
Senior Manager4$102k
Lead Software Architect1$101kNA
Manager Technologies1$100kNA
Senior Manager Compliance1$100kNA
Risk Manager12$99k
Director Intl Consumer Card Product Dev Mktg1$98kNA
Lead Developer9$98k
Senior Manager Business Transformation3$98k
Manager Direct Marketing Capabilities Architect1$98kNA
Information Security Specialist1$98kNA
Software Engineer12$97k
Senior Manager Risk Management9$97k
Director Risk Payment Capabilities Ied1$97kNA
Director Underwriting Risk Management1$97kNA
Lead Infrastructure Engineer1$97kNA
Manager Risk26$97k
Pricing Manager1$97kNA
Technical Relationship Manager1$96kNA
Director Network Data Analysis1$96kNA
Manager Global Data Management1$96kNA
Director Network Service Strategy1$96kNA
Lead Project Manager3$95k
Lead Programmer Analyst46$95k
Director Technologies2$95k
Manager Digital Capabilities1$95kNA
Lead Business Architect2$95kNA
Lead Project Manager Aet1$95kNA
Lead Program Manager Technologies1$95kNA
Service Delivery Manager2$95k
Dir Sales Solution Process Management2$95kNA
Manager International Production Support1$94kNA
Lead Business Analyst5$93k
Manager Business Development1$93kNA
Manager Risk Manager1$92kNA
Manager Business Transformation1$92kNA
Senior Manager Interactive Development1$92kNA
Financial Reporting Mgr1$92kNA
Lead Technologies Vendor Management1$92kNA
Director Lac Marketing Platforms1$91kNA
Manager Risk Management27$91k
Senior Manager Consumer Card Services1$91kNA
Senior Manager Strategic Analysis Testing1$91kNA
Pega Programmer Analyst2$90k
Senior Database Administrator1$90kNA
Manager Finance31$90k
Marketing Manager1$90kNA
Manager Strategic Analysis Testing3$88k
Senior Manager Metrics Portfolio Analysis1$88kNA
Senior Developer3$87k
Service Delivery Lead Analyst2$87k
Senior Manager Customer Marketing Capabilities1$87kNA
Programmer Analyst Senior1$87kNA
Manager Information Security Internal Control1$86kNA
Regional Travel Manager1$85kNA
Quality Assurance Analyst1$85kNA
Software Quality Assurance Engineer1$85kNA
Senior Manager Information Analysis2$85k
Lead Project Manager Technologies3$84k
Manager Customer Information Management1$84kNA
Finance Transfer Pricing Mgr1$84kNA
Senior Manager Risk1$84kNA
Senior Manager Customer Analytics1$83kNA
Project Manager Lead Business Analyst1$83kNA
Senior Manager Database Marketing1$82kNA
Manager Network Development1$82kNA
Manager Business Analysis3$81k
Lead Analyst Quality Assurance1$81kNA
Manager Account Development2$81k
Global Product Manager1$80kNA
Manager Analysis Testing2$80kNA
Senior Manager Customer Information1$80kNA
Senior Manager Customer Management1$80kNA
Senior Programmer Analyst25$80k
General Manager Global Corporate Travel Services1$79kNA
Manager Purchasing1$79kNA
Manager Service Delivery Maintenance1$79kNA
Manager Global Fraud Risk Management1$78kNA
Manager Ww Fraud Risk Management1$78kNA
Manager Underwriting Portfolio Analysis1$78kNA
Manager Decision Support1$77kNA
Senior Manager Customer Information Analysis1$77kNA
Senior Manager Customer Inform Analysis1$77kNA
Senior Manager Cust Information Analysis1$77kNA
Project Manager Finance1$77kNA
Senior Program Analyst1$76kNA
Operations Manager Gns1$76kNA
Operations Research Analyst1$75kNA
Manager Econometrician2$75k
Lead Business System Analyst1$75kNA
Marketing Analyst1$75kNA
Project Manager Six Sigma Black Belt1$75kNA
Lead Software Engineer1$74kNA
Manager Campaign Designer1$73kNA
Service Delivery Performance Analyst1$73kNA
Senior Analyst Marketing1$73kNA
Analyst Digital Acquisition Capabilities1$71kNA
Manager Underwriting2$70k
Manager Information Management1$68kNA
Manager Consumer Small Business Servcs1$67kNA
Programmer Analyst5$67k
Computer Programmer1$66kNA
Financial Analyst1$65kNA
Senior Business System Analyst1$65kNA
Manager Co Brand Acquisitions1$65kNA
Project Manager Technologies2$63k
System Analyst2$62kNA
Financial Analyst I1$62kNA
Industrial Engineer I1$60kNA
Business Analyst1$58kNA
Category Analyst1$53kNA
Finance Analyst1$49kNA
Industrial Engineer2$47k
Project Analyst II1$47kNA
Office Coordinator Personal Travel1$45kNA