American Bureau Of Shipping Jobs

A total of 74 American Bureau Of Shipping jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $76,097
Salary Range: $39,068

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Product Development Manager1$145kNA
Architectural And Engineering Manager1$133kNA
Cfd Specialist1$125kNA
Propeller Design Specialist1$125kNA
Manager Of Ship Engineering Department1$121kNA
3d Product Development Manager1$118kNA
Principal Engineer2$118k
Principal Marine Surveyor1$102kNA
Senior Engineer Surf Offshore Technology1$101kNA
Senior Engineer Managing Principal Engr1$99kNA
Principal Surveyor1$98kNA
Civil Structural Engineer1$94kNA
Senior Engineer II11$94k
Civil Structural Mechanical Riser Engineer2$93k
Senior Surveyor III1$93kNA
Senior Surveyor1$93kNA
Structural Engineer2$91k
Senior Machinery Engineer1$90kNA
Senior Engineer II Principal Engineer1$89kNA
Cfd Engineer1$87kNA
Senior Engineer8$84k
Electronics Engineer Except Computer1$81kNA
Engineer II Offshore Engineering Dept1$80kNA
Marine Mechanical Engineer2$80kNA
Mechanical Engineer5$80k
Engineer II Sed Ship Structures1$80kNA
Senior Surveyor I2$80k
Senior Surveyor Lead Auditor1$79kNA
Senior Engineer I32$79k
Electrical Engineer2$78k
Software Developer Application1$78kNA
Control System Engineer2$78k
Surveyor II6$77k
Marine Architect4$77k
Civil Engineer6$76k
Marine Surveyor II6$75k
Engineer II Oed1$75kNA
Proposal Engineer1$75kNA
Engineer II33$75k
Engineer II Corporate Technology1$75kNA
Surveyor I2$74k
Marine Engineer And Naval Architect16$73k
Marine Engineer22$73k
Senior Surveyor II1$73kNA
Manager Office 20003$72k
Ims Naval Architect1$70kNA
Marine Casualty Response Center Operations Coordin1$70kNA
Rotational Engineer2$70kNA
Engineer II Tonnage1$69kNA
Engineer I11$69k
Marine Engineer Naval Architect1$68kNA
Senior Marine Surveyor1$67kNA
Structural Engineer Esd1$67kNA
Naval Architect3$67k
Senior System Analyst4$65k
Engineer Hydrodynamic Analysis1$65kNA
Engineer I Corporate Technology3$64k
Software Engineer1$64kNA
Marine Surveyor9$64k
Associate Engineer1$64kNA
Machinery Technical Engineering Analyst1$63kNA
Engineering Specialist1$62kNA
Condition Assessment Program Coordinator1$62kNA
Naval Architect Offshore Engineering1$59kNA
Marine Engineer And Naval Architecture1$59kNA
Marine Engineer Offshore Engineering Department1$57kNA
Engineer Offshore Stability1$57kNA
Engineer Houston Oed Stability Safety System1$51kNA
Hsqe Engineering Specialist1$50kNA
Tonnage Engineer1$47kNA
Scientific Technician1$40kNA