Alstom Power Jobs

A total of 111 Alstom Power jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $83,987
Salary Range: $45,000

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Sales Manager1$150kNA
Business Sales Manager Thermal Power Gas Business1$150kNA
Electrical Specialist Engineer2$130kNA
Lead Commissioning Manager1$118kNA
Control System Supervisor1$117kNA
Technology Manager Co21$113kNA
R D Principal Engineer Controls Software1$113kNA
Senior Project Engineer2$111k
Electronics Engineer Except Computer1$110kNA
Powermax Solution Specialist3$106k
Technology Manager1$106kNA
Chemical Engineer1$106kNA
Technical Service Manager1$105kNA
Technical Sales Manager1$105kNA
Customer Service Manager1$105kNA
Technology Manager Advanced Process Controls2$105kNA
Manager Global Business Process1$101kNA
Project Planner1$101kNA
Purchasing Manager1$101kNA
Senior Project Manager1$100kNA
Consulting Process Engineer3$100k
Sales Engineer2$99k
Proposal Manager Generator Services1$98kNA
Software Controls Engineer3$98k
Mechanical Manufacturing Engineer3$97k
Senior Project Planner2$96kNA
Consulting R D Process Control Engineer1$95kNA
Regional Marketing Manager Global Product Manager1$94kNA
Manager Controls Engineering1$94kNA
Infrastructure Support Engineer2$94k
Senior Sourcing Specialist1$93kNA
Management Analyst1$93kNA
Engineering Manager3$93k
R D Principal Engineer1$92kNA
Computer System Analyst1$91kNA
Tendering Manager2$90k
Manager Project Quality3$90k
Business Development Manager2$90k
Power Plant Center Front End Engineer1$89kNA
Project Engineer4$89k
Gas Turbine Reconditioning Engineer1$88kNA
Research And Development Thermal Specialist1$88kNA
Senior Process Development Engineer2$88k
Steam Turbine Engineer1$88kNA
Process Development Engineer4$87k
Research Engineer4$87k
Controls System Product Engineer1$86kNA
Consulting Engineer1$85kNA
Senior Field Engineer2$85k
Gas Turbine Product Engineer1$85kNA
Consulting Research Development Engineer1$85kNA
Gt Performance And Diagnostics Engineer1$85kNA
Chief Mechanical Technical Field Advisor1$85kNA
Senior Process Engineer1$84kNA
Environmental Engineer1$84kNA
Plant Support Center Front End Engineer3$84k
Electrical Engineer6$83k
Mechanical Engineer19$82k
Lead Control System Engineer1$82kNA
Product Manager1$81kNA
Industrial Engineer3$81k
Controls Engineer1$80kNA
Senior R D Engineer3$80k
Project Control Coordinator II1$80kNA
Welding Engineer2$80k
Senior Mechanical Engineer1$80kNA
Field Support Engineer1$80kNA
Mechanical Designer1$80kNA
Project Planning Coordinator II2$79k
Materials Engineer2$79k
Metallurgical Engineer2$78k
Cost Estimating Manager1$78kNA
Process Control Engineer1$78kNA
Senior Mechanical Design Engineer1$77kNA
Senior Piping Stress Engineer1$77kNA
Data Analyst2$76k
Field Engineer Chilled Ammonia Process1$75kNA
Design Engineer2$75k
Senior Engineer Stress Analysis1$74kNA
Commissioning Engineer I C2$74k
Research Engineer Pilot2$74k
Balancing Vibration Engineer2$74k
Senior Engineer8$74k
Process Owner Engineer3$73k
R D Process Control Engineer1$73kNA
Gas Turbine Performance And Diagnostics Engineer1$73kNA
Gt Performance Monitoring Engineer1$70kNA
Structural Engineer4$68k
Senior Project Accounting Analyst1$68kNA
Procurement Agent1$67kNA
Aerodynamics Engineer II1$67kNA
Senior Research Development Engineer3$66k
Design Engineer II4$65k
Cost Estimator2$65kNA
Engineer I1$65kNA
R D Engineer II1$65kNA
Cost Engineer1$65kNA
Electrical I C Engineer1$65kNA
Cost Optimization Manager1$65kNA
R D Engineer1$64kNA
Process Engineer Engineer II1$64kNA
Process Engineer1$64kNA
Control System Product Engineer3$64k
Mechanical Design Engineer1$63kNA
Controls Commissioning Engineer1$63kNA
Process And Controls Engineer1$62kNA
Inspection Assessment Engineer1$62kNA
Aerothermal Engineer2$60kNA
System Analyst1$60kNA
Transportation Analyst1$45kNA