Allergan Sales Jobs

A total of 145 Allergan Sales jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $106,745
Salary Range: $44,750

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Chief Medical Officer1$335kNA
VP Clinical Research Retina1$285kNA
VP Development Urology2$272k
Vp Global Medical Affairs Global Neuroscience1$270kNA
Vp Global Medical Affairs Global Neurosciences1$250kNA
VP Corporate Communications1$203kNA
Senior VP Drug Safety Evaluation1$197kNA
Senior Director Clinical Dermatology1$194kNA
Natural Sciences Manager3$175k
Senior Clinical Development Director V P Dermatolog1$171kNA
Director Medical Medical Safety Physician1$170kNA
Director Clinical Development2$166k
Senior Manager Clinical Programming1$163kNA
Director Biopharmaceutical Process Sciences1$157kNA
Senior Strategic Communications Manager Product Manag1$148kNA
Senior Manager Programming1$145kNA
Consultant Erp Services1$136kNA
Senior Strategic Communications Manager1$135kNA
Manager Regulatory Affairs2$135kNA
Principal Scientist1$135kNA
Director Manufacturing1$134kNA
Manager Mhc Contracting And Financial Controls1$132kNA
Architect Information Security1$132kNA
Project Mgr Information Services Human Resourc1$130kNA
Manager Biostatistics3$129k
Information Security Architect1$128kNA
Erp System Consultant Sap Crm1$126kNA
Project Manager I S Hr1$125kNA
Manager I Biostatistics3$122k
System Consultant3$121k
Medical And Health Services Manager1$121kNA
Principal Statistical Programmer1$121kNA
Principal Clinical Research Scientist Opthalmolo1$120kNA
Publication Planning Specialist1$120kNA
Manager Mhc Contracts And Control1$120kNA
Computer Security Specialists1$120kNA
Engineering Manager1$120kNA
Architectural And Engineering Manager1$119kNA
Senior Scientist Clinical Pharmacokinetics1$119kNA
Senior System Analyst Sap Srm1$118kNA
Manager Programming Clinical1$118kNA
Computer Software Engineer Application2$118k
Senior Scientist1$116kNA
Software Developer Application1$116kNA
Business Intelligence Architect1$115kNA
Engineer Senior Project1$115kNA
Senior Scientist Chemistry1$114kNA
Senior Scientist Microbiology1$114kNA
Senior Scientist Fermentation1$113kNA
Medical Scientist Except Epidemiologists3$113k
Senior System Analyst Sap Crm1$112kNA
Manager I Clinical Data Management1$112kNA
Engineer Project Quality2$110k
Senior System Analyst Sap Fico1$110kNA
Principal Global Health Outcomes Research Associat1$110kNA
Manager Programming1$109kNA
Natural Science Manager1$108kNA
Senior System Analyst3$108k
Scientist Clinical Pharmacokinetics1$106kNA
Principal Health Outcomes Research Associate4$105k
Senior Analyst System Application1$105kNA
Associate Epidemiologist1$105kNA
Principal Biostatistician8$104k
Scientist Pharmacokinetics3$104k
Principal Clinical Programmer2$104k
Medical Scientist1$103kNA
Engineer Project Quality Sustaining1$103kNA
Principal Programmer5$103k
Consultant System Application1$102kNA
Project Manager1$102kNA
Principal Publications Planning Specialist1$102kNA
Principal Global Health Outcomes Strategy Resear2$102k
Computer System Analyst8$102k
Manager Engineering Product Development1$102kNA
Principal Programmer Clinical System1$102kNA
Scientist Pharmaceutical Sciences Physical Chem1$101kNA
Scienstist Biochemist1$100kNA
Scientist Pharmaceutical Sciences7$98k
Senior Pharmacovigilance Analyst1$95kNA
Senior Development Engineer1$95kNA
Senior Auditor1$95kNA
Compliance Officer1$94kNA
Senior Professional Supplier Compliance Auditor1$94kNA
Project Engineer3$94k
Scientist Pharmacokinetics Drug Metabolism1$93kNA
Scientist Biochemist1$93kNA
Scientist Analytical Services1$93kNA
Senior Textile R D Engineer1$93kNA
Software Quality Engineer1$92kNA
Senior Quality Engineer1$92kNA
Clinical Veterinarian1$92kNA
Chemical Engineer1$92kNA
Scientist Biomaterials Development1$91kNA
Scientist Pharm Sci Analytical Sciences1$91kNA
Senior Biostatistician4$91k
Quality Engineer1$90kNA
Associate Project Manager1$89kNA
Principal Clinical Study Management Associate1$89kNA
Senior Engineer Product Development1$87kNA
Engineer Quality1$87kNA
Engineer Software Quality1$87kNA
Computer Software Engineer System Software1$87kNA
Computer Programmer2$86k
Senior Clinical System Programmer Spotfire1$86kNA
Senior Statistical Programmer2$86k
Senior Clinical Data Analyst3$85k
Biomedical Engineer1$85kNA
Analyst Bpm Reporting1$85kNA
Materials Engineer1$85kNA
Engineer Senior Product Development1$84kNA
Senior Sas Programmer7$84k
Senior Analyst Bpm Reporting1$83kNA
Senior Professional Pharmaceutical Sciences4$82k
Engineer Project1$81kNA
Senior Analyst Business Intelligence1$81kNA
Scientist Biology1$81kNA
Specialist Risk Management1$80kNA
Senior Clinical Research Associate1$80kNA
Senior Professional Pharmacokinetics1$79kNA
Senior Professional Biomaterials1$77kNA
Senior Professional Biomaterials Research2$77k
Senior Engineer1$77kNA
Senior Manufacturing Engineer1$77kNA
Professional Senior1$76kNA
Senior Professional Biology3$75k
Professional Microbiology1$74kNA
Analyst Bpm Process Integration1$73kNA
Sas Programmer1$73kNA
Industrial Engineer2$72k
Biochemist And Biophysicists2$72k
Professional Pharmaceutical Sciences2$70k
Statistical Programmer2$69k
Professional Biology2$66k
Professional Biology Neuroscience1$65kNA
Biostatistician Quality Control Specialist1$62kNA
Qa Compliance Specialist1$60kNA
Lab Technician II1$45kNA