Albert Einstein Medical Center Jobs

A total of 101 Albert Einstein Medical Center jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $53,834
Salary Range: $24,960

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Assistant Professor2$260k
Assistant Residency Director1$177kNA
Attending Physician1$170kNA
Assistant Residency Dir Emerg Med2$165kNA
Consultation Liaison Psychiatrist1$135kNA
Attending Physician Psychiatrist1$130kNA
Clinical Instructor Of Medicine1$125kNA
Clinical Instructor1$125kNA
Physician Surgeon All Others1$120kNA
Project Quality Manager1$99kNA
Quality Project Manager1$90kNA
Physical Therapist3$76k
Medical Scientist Epidemiologist1$70kNA
Resident Chief Resident1$70kNA
Night Chief Resident1$70kNA
Ressearch Scientist1$70kNA
Research Scientist2$70k
Institute Scientist1$68kNA
Chief Medical Resident2$68k
Institute Scientist I2$66k
Research Coordinator2$61k
Transplant Surgery Fellow1$60kNA
Chief Resident4$59k
Medical Resident Pgy VI1$57kNA
Medical Resident Pgy V1$55kNA
Kidney Transplant Fellow1$54kNA
Medical Resident Pgy IV1$54kNA
Medical Fellow16$53k
Infectious Disease Fellow2$53k
Interventional Cardiology Fellow1$53kNA
Medical And Health Services Manager1$52kNA
Nephrology Fellow3$51k
Medical Resident Pgy III10$51k
Medical Resident Pgy II2$50kNA
Resident Pgy21$50kNA
Resident Physician Fellow1$50kNA
Resident Fellow1$50kNA
Cardiology Fellow5$50k
Research Fellow3$50k
Pulmonary And Critical Care Fellow1$49kNA
Physician Medical Resident1$49kNA
Rheumatology Fellow2$49kNA
Medical Resident141$49k
Resident Physician5$49k
Hepatology Fellow1$48kNA
Pulmonary Critical Care Fellow1$48kNA
Pediatric Senior Resident1$48kNA
Medical Resident Pgy I6$47k
Senior Medical Resident1$47kNA
Physician And Surgeon All Other8$46k
Hepatology Fellowship Pg Y41$46kNA
Endodontic Resident1$45kNA
House Officer Medical Resident1$45kNA
Psychiatrist Geriatric Fellow1$44kNA
Gastroenterology Fellow1$44kNA
Senior Resident14$44k
Physician Psychiatry2$44k
Resident Physician Pgy IV2$44k
Adolescent Health Educator2$43k
Internal Medicine Resident Pgy II1$43kNA
Internal Medicine Resident Pgy21$43kNA
Life Physical And Social Science Technician1$42kNA
Medicine Resident2$42k
Senior Resident Physician1$42kNA
Internal Medicine Resident Pg Y12$42kNA
Internal Medicine Resident Pgy12$42kNA
Medical Resident Pediatrics1$42kNA
Medical Resident Obstetrics Gynecology2$42kNA
Medical Resident Ob Gyn1$42kNA
Research Assistant Fellow1$42kNA
Lead Clinical Research Coordinator2$41k
Clinical Research Coordinator2$41kNA
Psychiatry Resident Physician3$40k
Graduate Trainee In Obstetrics Gynecology2$40kNA
Pgy I Resident In Dept Of Obstetrics Gynecology1$40kNA
First Year Resident1$40kNA
Pgy I Resident1$40kNA
Internal Medicine Resident4$40k
Medical Doctor Pgy1$40kNA
Pediatrics Resident Physician1$39kNA
Medical Resident Pgy1 Pediatrics1$39kNA
Neurology Research Coordinator1$39kNA
Pgy2 Resident1$39kNA
Internal Medicine Pgy I III1$38kNA
Medical Researcher1$38kNA
Resident Physician Pgy I1$38kNA
Resident Internal Medicine Pgy I III1$38kNA
Pgy I Resident In Pediatrics2$38kNA
Medical Resident Pgy1 III Pediatrics1$38kNA
Pgy1 Resident1$38kNA
Clinical Fellow1$38kNA
Research Assistant Associate2$37k
Music Therapist4$37k
Research Associate4$36k
Clincial Research Coordinator1$35kNA
Research Assistant3$30k