Adea Solutions Salary

A total of 428 real salary data listed for Adea Solutions.

Salary Average: $71,717
Salary Range: $33,280

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TitleEmployerSalaryLocation / Date / Further Info
VPAdea Solutions$130kIrving, TX (12/2005)
Software DeveloperAdea Solutions$120kIrving, TX (11/2004)
Senior Director Technology Global Telecom PractAdea Solutions$120kIrving, TX (03/2008)
Project ManagerAdea Solutions$120kIrving, TX (02/2005)
ManagerAdea Solutions$119kIrving, TX (07/2010)
ManagerAdea Solutions$116kIrving, TX (06/2005)
Sales Manager Global Business GroupAdea Solutions$115kIrving, TX (03/2005)
Senior Software DeveloperAdea Solutions$112kIrving, TX (04/2010)
Programmer AnalystAdea Solutions$109kIrving, TX (01/2009)
Senior Technical Project ManagerAdea Solutions$105kIrving, TX (10/2006)
Software EngineerAdea Solutions$105kIrving, TX (01/2005)
Project ManagerAdea Solutions$104kIrving, TX (10/2010)
ManagerAdea Solutions$104kIrving, TX (01/2006)
Software EngineerAdea Solutions$100kIrving, TX (04/2005)
Project ManagerAdea Solutions$100kDallas, TX (04/2003)
Database AdministatorAdea Solutions$100kDallas, TX (05/2003)
Programmer AnalystAdea Solutions$98kIrving, TX (05/2005)
Team Technical LeadAdea Solutions$96kIrving, TX (09/2008)
Software EngineerAdea Solutions$96kHouston, TX (08/2006)
Software EngineerAdea Solutions$95kIrving, TX (04/2005)