Activision Publishing Jobs

A total of 128 Activision Publishing jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $93,018
Salary Range: $36,337

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
VP Product Production1$220kNA
VP Engineering1$200kNA
VP Studio Planning1$200kNA
Finance Director2$185k
Chief Technology Officer1$178kNA
Chief Financial Officer1$168kNA
Director Design Technology2$168k
Principal Programmer1$165kNA
Director Digital Operations1$161kNA
Lead Software Engineer2$148k
Director Stock Plan Admin Compensation Complia1$146kNA
Director Of Digital Content1$145kNA
Director Of Technology1$140kNA
Director Digital Business1$140kNA
Art Director Technical1$135kNA
Lead Programmer Analyst1$135kNA
Technical Director Graphics1$135kNA
Lead Designer2$135k
Marketing Manager3$131k
Senior Network Operations Engineer1$125kNA
Computer Audio Director1$125kNA
Lead Technical Designer Manager1$124kNA
Senior Programmer Analyst18$123k
Lead Technical Designer1$123kNA
Senior Game Designer4$123k
Software Engineer Game Design2$123k
Compensation And Benefits Manager1$122kNA
Senior Manager Stock Plan Administration1$122kNA
Database Administrator3$122k
Senior Software Engineer13$121k
Technical Engineering Progam Manager1$120kNA
Oracle Apps Database Administrator1$120kNA
Senior Manager Business Development Licensing1$118kNA
Senior Business Analyst1$115kNA
Graphics Programmer1$115kNA
Sales And Supply Chain Bi Analyst2$115kNA
Art Director4$114k
Senior Oracle Database Administrator2$114k
Senior Oracle Application Database Administrator2$113k
Business Analyst1$112kNA
Senior Business Analyst Oracle3$112k
Computer And Information System Manager2$112k
Senior Database Administrator1$110kNA
Senior Engine Programmer2$110k
Oracle Hrms Application Developer1$110kNA
Manager Consumer Analytics1$110kNA
Senior Engineer1$108kNA
Internal Audit Manager1$107kNA
Lead Storyboard Artist1$106kNA
Sound Engineering Technician1$106kNA
Senior Oracle Developer1$106kNA
Senior Fx Artist2$106k
Senior Producer Central Technology1$105kNA
User Testing Engineernig Lead1$105kNA
Business Analyst Oracle Supply Chain1$105kNA
Manager Consumer Reporting1$105kNA
IT Business Intelligence Reporting Analyst1$105kNA
Senior Mgr Business Development Licensing1$105kNA
Senior Computer Application Analyst1$105kNA
Senior Artist3$104k
Back End Web Engineer2$102k
Manager Consumer Marketing1$100kNA
Oracle Application Database Administrator1$100kNA
Senior Rendering Engineer1$100kNA
Salesforce Developer2$100k
Oracle Database Administrator1$100kNA
Clarity Business Analyst1$98kNA
Senior System Administrator3$98k
Application Developer2$98k
Senior Programmer5$97k
Unity Engineer1$95kNA
Senior Multiplayer Programmer1$95kNA
Senior Lighting Artist1$95kNA
Software Engineer Mobile2$95kNA
Lead Level Designer1$95kNA
Manager Treasury1$95kNA
Computer System Analyst3$93k
Financial Analyst3$91k
Online Engineer1$91kNA
Network And Computer System Administrator1$90kNA
Computer Graphic Artist2$90k
Senior Computer Graphic Designer1$90kNA
Oracle Application Developer1$90kNA
Tibco Developer1$90kNA
Programmer Analyst25$89k
Software Developer Application10$89k
Software Engineer69$87k
Data Analyst1$85kNA
Senior Sox Auditor1$85kNA
Marketing Analyst Brand1$85kNA
Game Statistician1$85kNA
Senior Data Analyst1$85kNA
Senior Level Designer2$84k
Business Operations Specialist4$82k
Technical Artist1$82kNA
System Analyst Product Development1$81kNA
Design Specalist1$80kNA
Graphic Design Specialist7$78k
Design Specialist Game Design2$77k
Producer And Director1$76kNA
Software Engineer I5$76k
Design Specialist Technical Artist1$76kNA
Graphic Designer4$75k
Design Specialist56$75k
Software Developer System Software6$72k
Senior Supply Chain Analyst1$70kNA
Supply Chain Analyst1$70kNA
Treasury Analyst1$70kNA
Game Designer8$70k
Level Designer2$68k
Software Engineer Entry Level1$66kNA
Concept Artist1$65kNA
Programmer Analyst Entry Level1$65kNA
Programmer Analyst I1$65kNA
Associate Programmer1$65kNA
Associate Software Engineer1$64kNA
System Administrator3$64k
Computer Design Specialist14$63k
Web Application Developer1$60kNA
Multimedia Artist And Animators6$57k
Design Specialist Multimedia Artist2$51k
Computer Design Specialist I3$50k
Sytems Analyst Product Development I1$50kNA
Marketing Analyst1$48kNA
Associate Producer1$41kNA
Multi Media Artist And Animators1$36kNA