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About Us

Jobs-Salary.com is the combination of a convenient real salary search tool and a comprehensive community for reviewing employers/careers, exchanging interview questions, searching jobs, and discussing related issues.

Jobs-Salary.com is operated by Maple Tech International LLC. We focus on building and operating free public information and services websites within our expertise.

About the salary data on this site

Each salary record on this site associates with a specific person's salary at a specific time. Same job title at the same location, the same company, and the same time can have very different salary number—just like your salary is usually different from that of your coworker.

The salary data on this site is not a statistical average of the situation it represents. It is very possible that the salary data is biased due to the limited number of data available and the way they were collected. In many cases, the data is inaccurate and/or incomplete for the case it represents. The data may not contain bonus and other compensation. Please use selectively.

We respect the privacy of companies and individuals seriously. Therefore, we only use public information. The data on this site was obtained from the United States Department of Labor under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). The same data can be searched and downloaded from the United States Department of Labor website and some other commercial websites. We did not collect or generate any of the data. We only filtered, reorganized, and presented the data into a much user-friendly format for the ease of the public use. Since we directly import data from the Department of Labor, for data integrity, we can not add or remove data at this moment.

Contact Us

We can be reached via cs@jobs-salary.com. Due to the free service nature of this site, we are unable to provide phone support yet. Due to the high volume of e-mails, we may not be able to reply each and every e-mail we received.