Abington Memorial Hospital Jobs

A total of 68 Abington Memorial Hospital jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $61,250
Salary Range: $28,558

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
General Surgeon1$300kNA
Physician And Surgeon All Other2$243k
Hospitalist Physician2$155k
Physician Hospitalist3$148k
Physician Daylighter Hospitalist2$119k
Physician Daylighter6$107k
Physician Internal Medicine7$101k
Staff Physician Internal Medicine1$100kNA
Internal Medicine Geriatric Physician1$100kNA
Daylighter Physician1$100kNA
Internist General27$76k
Intern Pharmacist1$65kNA
Chief Resident6$59k
Cheif Resident Pgy4 Internal Medicine1$59kNA
Chief Resident Pgy4 Internal Medicine5$59k
Resident Physician 5th Yr Post Md Internal Med1$58kNA
Chief Resident Internal Medicine1$58kNA
Geriatric Fellow2$53kNA
Upper Year Resident34$52k
Medical Resident1$51kNA
Geriatric Fellow Pgy42$51k
Upper Year Resident Pgy4 Internal Medicine1$51kNA
Dental Resident1$51kNA
Surgical Intern1$51kNA
Upper Year Medical Resident Pgy4 Im1$50kNA
Surgery Intern Preliminary Pgy11$50kNA
Medical Intern26$50k
Upper Year Resident Pgy4 Geriatric Fellow1$49kNA
Upper Year Resident Pgy3 Internal Medicine3$49k
Upper Year Resident Pgy2 IV Surgery1$49kNA
Upper Year Resident Pgy2 III Family Medicine1$49kNA
Family And General Practitioners1$49kNA
Preliminary Medical Intern2$49k
Upper Year Medical Resident Pgy3 IV Ob Gyn1$49kNA
Medical Intern Preliminary Pgy1 Surgery1$48kNA
Fellow In Geriatrics Pgy41$48kNA
Upper Year Resident Pgy2 III Internal Resident1$47kNA
Upper Year Resident Pgy2 IV General Surgery1$47kNA
Medical Intern Pgy1 Surgery2$47k
Upper Year Resident Internal Medicine7$46k
Medical Intern Pgy1 Internal Medicine17$46k
Upper Year Medical Resident Pgy2 III1$46kNA
Upper Year Resident Pgy22$46kNA
Medical Intern Pgy1 Family Medicine1$46kNA
Chief Resident Internal Medicine Pgy42$45kNA
Upper Year Resident Pgy2 III Internal Medicine23$45k
Upper Year Resident Pgy II III Internal Medicine3$45k
Medical Intern Pgy I Internal Medicine1$44kNA
Medical Resident Pgy1 General Surgery1$44kNA
Dental Resident Pgy11$44kNA
Upper Year Resident 2nd 3rd And 4th Post Md Year3$44kNA
Upper Year Resident Pgy II III Family Medicine2$44k
Upper Year Resident Pgy2 IV Ob Gyn7$43k
Upper Level Resident Pgy2 III Internal Medicine1$43kNA
Medical Intern Pgy I1$42kNA
Medical Resident Pgy1 IV Ob Gyn1$42kNA
Medical Resident Pgy I1$42kNA
Medical Resident Pgy1 Surgery2$42k
Medical Resident Pgy1 Ob Gyn3$42k
Medical Resident Pgy2 III Internal Medicine1$42kNA
Medical Resident Pgy1 Internal Medicine15$41k
Resident Department Of Surgery3$40kNA
Medical Resident Pgy11$40kNA
Surgery Intern1$29kNA