Abercrombie Fitch Trading Jobs

A total of 78 Abercrombie Fitch Trading jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $74,194
Salary Range: $23,587

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Group VP Store Design And Constructio1$360kNA
Design Director Denim1$214kNA
Director IT1$170kNA
Senior Design Director Male Fashion Knits1$155kNA
Director Store Design1$150kNA
Design Director4$132k
Senior Cad Designer3$119k
Technical Design Manager1$108kNA
Concept Designer3$103k
Senior Telecom Engineer1$103kNA
IT Analyst Java1$100kNA
Senior Telecommunications Administrator1$100kNA
Database Administrator1$100kNA
Senior Designer15$100k
Websphere Commerce IT Analyst1$98kNA
Senior Concept Designer1$96kNA
Oracle Rms Developer1$95kNA
Senior IT Analyst Sterling Commerce1$95kNA
Senior IT Analyst Data Architect3$95k
IT Analyst Oms2$94k
Ecommerce Websphere Commerce Architect1$94kNA
Manager IT1$94kNA
Senior Technical Designer2$94k
Director Of Conceptual Design3$93k
Senior IT Analyst4$91k
IT Analyst Ecommerce1$90kNA
Programmer Analyst1$90kNA
Oms Analyst2$90k
Senior Graphic Designer6$89k
Ecommerce Analyst2$89k
IT Analyst Quality Assurance1$89kNA
Senior Store Designer1$88kNA
IT Analyst25$87k
Data Architect1$85kNA
Senior Conceptual Designer4$84k
Crm IT Analyst1$83kNA
Oracle Db2 Database Administrator1$82kNA
System Analyst1$77kNA
Associate IT Analyst7$76k
Designer A F Skirts And Dresses2$76k
Associate IT Analyst Java Developer1$75kNA
Manager Of Technical Design1$70kNA
Analyst Forecasting1$67kNA
Cad Designer3$66k
Technical Designer2$63k
District Manager1$62kNA
Graphic Designer8$61k
International Merchandiser2$61k
Industrial Designer2$60k
Associate Cad Designer2$58k
Leadership Development Program Information Techn1$57kNA
Associate Designer23$57k
Fashion Designer5$52k
Associate Graphic Designer2$52k
Financial Analyst1$51kNA
Leadership Development Program Finance1$50kNA
Assistant Analyst Inventory Management1$49kNA
Stores Recruiter1$48kNA
Associate Technical Designer6$47k
Quality Assurance Senior Technical Product Specialist1$47kNA
Senior Employee Relations Representative1$47kNA
Associate Concept Designer1$47kNA
Assistant Cad Designer3$46k
Associate Merchant2$44k
Command Center Specialist1$44kNA
Department Manager1$43kNA
Assistant Designer9$43k
General Manager2$39kNA
International Merchant2$38k
Associate Immigration Counsel1$37kNA
Store Manager3$36k
Assistant Technical Designer2$35k
Employee Relations Representative1$35kNA
Assistant Graphic Designer4$32k
Design Specialist1$31kNA
Assistant Manager2$25k